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Post-mortem/Lab Photographs (1)

NOTE: Gross lesions can be extremely variable depending upon any secondary infections. Such lesions include enlarged lymph glands, particularly the inguinal (Groin) ones which are often visible, enteritis, peritonitis with fibrin deposits, enlarged liver, pleurisy, pericarditis and severe pneumonias. Oedema (fluid) in the lungs and between the lobes in the lungs are often an early diagnostic picture.

Secondary bacterial infection
Interstitial pneumonia (lighter areas) with
secondary bacterial infection (darker areas)
Interstitial pneumonia
Lung showing small areas only of normal healthy
tissue (knife). Severe oedema and interstitial
pneumonia throughout most of the lung.
No evidence of secondary infection.
Enlarged inguinal lymph nodes
Enlarged inguinal lymph nodes. Left, normal size,
centre and right hand enlarged.
Cut section of lung
Cut section of lung showing severe
interstitial pneumonia
Severe oedema
Severe oedema and interstitial pneumonia,
almost all of lung affected
Intra cytoplasmic inclusions
PMWS intra cytoplasmic inclusions (pinky-red areas)


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