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EUROVIX? : From Nature to Nature
Waste/Odor Solutions for Swine Production Operations
EUROVIX develop biotechnologies to improve the quality of life and safeguard the environment, and for the past have been conducting a campaign to increase awareness of the immense advantages and benefits of using enzymes. We have products designed specifically for the swine industry which can help eliminate: Problems of pig sewage disposal; Unpleasant odours from pig farming and sewage tanks; The risk of polluting the ground and ground water; and the need for storage tanks.
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EUROVIX provides services in Europe, America and throughout the rest of the world.


EUROVIX? : From Nature to Nature

"We develop biotechnologies to improve the quality of life and safeguard the environment."

  • We improve the air you breathe thanks to special enzymes that reduce the smell and germs from rotting organic material.
  • We purify sewage and optimise the normal purification processes in a natural way.
  • We regenerate your soil using products that provide the necessary nutrients.
  • We propose ways of reducing the environmental impact of waste disposal and recycling systems
  • We improve the development and well being of your animals and provide them with better, healthier living conditions.

Range of Products for Productive Livestock

A natural, effective way to save money.
A revolutionary new method that protects the environment.

Designed specifically for the livestock industry, this range of products can be used with pigs, cattle, poultry and rabbits.

Sanitation :

  • Micropan Solution
    - Biological Activator
    - Sanitizer
    - 100% soluble at 20?C
    - 100% biodegradable

Floor disinfection and treatment:

  • Normal Micropan
    - Agronomic valorisation of farm sewage
    - Helps prevent the spread of bacteria and parasites
    - Improves the micro-climate and reduces unpleasant odors
    - Prevents the formation of encrustation and clogging of channels
    - Reduces washing water consumption and hence the amount of sewage and disposal costs
    - Prevents the formation of pathogenic bacterial flora in the system

Product for permanent litter, on a slope, and pig sewage composting plant:

  • Micropan LE.S. and Starter LE.S. eliminate:
    - problems of pig sewage disposal
    - unpleasant odours from pig farming and sewage tanks
    - the risk of polluting the ground
    - the risk of polluting ground water
    - the need for storage tanks
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