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Profitable Pig Production using SupaPol 1220 from Natratec
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SupaPol 1220TM
Profitable Pig Production

SupaPol 1220TM is a new concept in pig production and its incorporation in the diets of growing pigs has shown the following benefits:

  • Up to 30% improvement in growth rate
  • The opportunity to improve throughput by up to 10%
  • Completely safe to use
  • No side effects

In trials with growers at both Walford College in Shropshire and Bishop Burton College in East Yorkshire, significant improvements in daily live weight gain have been achieved:

Trial Results

Trial 1: Growing Pigs

  Control group Trial group
Start weight (kgs) 23.10 22.00
Day 34 weight (kgs) 41.26 45·31
Total gain (kgs) 18.16 23.31

Performance Difference plus 28.36%

Source: Walford College, Shropshire, UK, Spring 1996

Trial 2: Growing Pigs

  Control group Trial group
Start weight (kgs) 14·34 13.04
Day 34weight (kgs) 33·36 38.05
Total gain (kgs) 19.02 25.01

Performance Difference plus 31.49%

Source: Walford College, Shropshire, UK, Winter1996/7

Trial 3: Growing Pigs

  Control Group Treatment Group
Number in 174 160
Weight in (kgs) 2768 2675
Number out 174 160
Weight out (kgs) 5239 5775
Total days 5544 5395
Total gain (kgs) 2471 3100
DLWG (grms) 445.71 574.61

Performance Difference plus 28.90%

Source: Bishop Burton Pigs, East Yorkshire, UK, September 1997

Although SupaPol 1220 was fed for a limited period only, during the grower stage, even after the product had been withdrawn from their diets animals continued to grow at a faster rate than the control groups.

Trial 1:

  Control Treatment
Trial end weight (kgs) 41.26 45.31
Slaughter weight (kgs) 82.78 82.83
Days - trial end to slaughter 50 36
Gain per day (grms) 830.4 1042.2
Performance difference plus 25.5%

Trial 2:

  Control Treatment
Trial end weight (kgs) 33.36 38.05
Slaughter weight (kgs) 81.92 95.1
Days - trial end to slaughter 50 50
Gain per day (grms) 971 1141
Performance difference plus 17.5%

For many years man has relied heavily on plants and their extracts for wellbeing. Even today, it is estimated that two thirds of the world's population relies solely on naturally sourced products to maintain health and help fight illness. Modern medicine also recognises the value of the plant kingdom; over 25% of medication in use today has its origins in plants.

SupaPol 1220 contains ingredients from plant origin carefully selected for their known beneficial properties. Carefully controlled processing of the ingredients in SupaPol 1220 ensures that maximum activity is retained, so ensuring optimum effectiveness. Users can be reassured that the product is non toxic and completely safe to use, with no side effects. No claim is made that SupaPol is a medicine or a drug.

For further information we can be contacted at the address below:

The Holdings,
Shropshire SY11 4HT
Telephone & Fax 01691-610764

or E-mail Us

SupaPol is a Trademark of Natratec

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