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Pig, Hog, Swine Feed and Ingredients
Primary Nutrition - Click for more information

Primary Nutrition supply high quality pre-starter and starter feeds for piglets from weaning to 30lbs.
Because baby pig feeds are the only products supplied, the business is totally focused on developing and manufacturing products that achieve maximum performance and, therefore, profitability for US swine producers.
 Our product range has been divided into 4 categories to suit swine producer's requirements:

  • The Red Range - to maximise growth and ensure fast and efficient development.
  • The White Range - for best cost per lb of gain.
  • The Blue Range - delivering performance whilst meeting cost targets.
  • The Care Range - sensitive, for piglets suffering stress through disease or environment.
  • Each range is highly palatable with unparalleled digestibility. Carefully balanced nutrients are designed specifically to optimize energy levels giving high, cost-effective growth rates.
    Our latest US research demonstrates that our products give better returns than our competitors - visit our web site and click 'trials' for further information.
    WE SUPPLY: Our pre-starter and starter diets throughout the US and Canada
    Take me to Park Tonks

    Park Tonks Limited supply Nutritional Ingredients to the food and feed industries. We are probably one of the leading small biotech companies serving the feed industry, by developing lateral and downstream distribution for specific products in niche market opportunities.
         Speciality Pig Products include ViraMatrix® and pig feed supplement high in nautral antioxidents to help boost the pigs immune system. ViraMatrix® contains a combination of Bioflavonoids, Anthrocyanins and Essential oils chosen to provide a range of activities in the gut and lungs.
         We also produce Pig Breakfast® a blend of dehydrated vegetables, fruits and herbs designed to replicate naturally available nutrients which stabilise gut flora and develop hind gut integrity.

    WE SUPPLY: Throughout the UK and Europe from our UK Based manufacturing facilites
    Take me to NatuPro
    brought to you by:
    Take me to Devenish Nutrition

    NatuPro is a nutritionally enhanced protein alternative suit-able for incorporation into pig and other animal/fish diets.
    The Key Features and Benefits of NatuPro are as follows:
    - Nutritionally enhanced vegetable protein
    - Replicates growth factors present in animal protein
    - Controlled release amino acid mechanism
    - Improves efficiency of production
    - Improves availability and absorption of amino acids
    - Improves electrolyte balance & energy utilisation
    - Optimum ratio of omega-3:omega-6 fatty acids
    - Reduced overall dietary potassium
    - Reduced nitrogen excretion
    Devenish are also the sole supplier of ViraMatrix? in Ireland.

    WE SUPPLY: Ireland, UK and throughout Europe from our Irish Based manufacturing facilites
    Take me to BOCM Pauls

    BOCM PAULS is the UK's leading animal feed manufacturer. Farmers consider that the performance and physical quality of our products lead the field.
         Our strong emphasis on research and development keeps us in the lead with new products, new feeding regimes and new services which assist our customers to manage their farms profitably. Our modern mills are strategically located throughout the UK producing either cattle or pig and poultry feed. Our annual production and turnover exceed two million tonnes and ?500m respectively.
    BOCM PAULS are also the sole supplier of ViraMatrix® in the UK.

    WE SUPPLY: Nutritional Ingredients across the world

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