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Welcome to the Pig section of

BOCM PAULS has a major presence in each component part of the market - breeding, weaning and finishing.

The pig team at BOCM PAULS can advise on every farm situation. Whether the customers are using complete feeds, concentrates, pre-mixes or balancers, we can provide the products and nutritional expertise to meet their exacting requirements.

Our innovative and unique Pig Growth Simulator programme produces profit forecasts which take into account every aspect of an individual farm from genetics, buildings, feeding systems, diets used and numbers of pigs housed.

BOCM PAULS was the first company to adopt a species specific approach with dedicated pig and poultry only mills.

BOCM PAULS are also the sole supplier of ViraMatrixTM in the UK.

For more information on BOCM Pauls and our products just click on a link in navigation bar to the left. This will take you to the relevant section of the BOCM Pauls web site where you can begin your navigation.

ViraMatrix® is a registered trademark of Park Tonks Limited

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