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Sound management will get your piglets through winter
As temperatures drop, winter management practices in farrowing barns and nurseries become critical components...
Evaluation of Electrostatic Particle Ionization Technology for Decreasing Airborne Pathogens in Pigs
Influenza A virus (IAV), porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus (PRRSV), porcine epidemic diarrhea...
General Ventilation Principles to Maximise Pig Productivity
Pig production around the globe has become very sophisticated with well-controlled environments that, if controlled...
A Guide to Ventilating Pig Buildings
The pig building ventilation guide from AHDB Pork aims to help producers provide optimum living conditions...
Overcoming Heat Stress in Pigs Through Nutrition
Heat stress affects the pig industry in tropical climates and temperate regions as well. Economic losses due...
How to Straw Up at Farrowing to Protect Your Piglets
This guide from AHDB Pork explains how to protect piglets from the cold by strawing up farrowing arcs....





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