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Could we improve animal welfare by harnessing human culture?
Interview with the author: "Animal Welfare Science, Husbandry and Ethics: The evolving story of our relationship...
How can precision feeding reduce aggression in your pig herd?
Aggression and abnormal biting behaviour in pigs is a multifaceted problem, however, changes in feeding methods...
Top tips for reducing aggression in sows and boars
Uncontrolled aggression in pigs, both towards conspecifics and towards humans, can be catastrophic. Irene...
The profits of good mothers
Good sows are the basis of a good pig herd. Investing in sow health and calm behaviour will pay off in terms...
Four senses: a guide to recognising disease in your herd
Early recognition is the first step to successfully managing a disease outbreak or illness in your herd but...
Tag-team farming: the benefits of franchise production
A number of pig farmers in the Netherlands are enjoying the benefits of joining forces, having forged a united...





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