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Management and breeding strategies to reduce aggression
Presenting at a recent meeting of the North Yorkshire Pig Discussion Group, Dr Simon Turner, based at SRUC...
Review: Achieving sustainable production of pig meat
Volume 2: Animal breeding and nutrition ...
Northern Ireland pig herd shows resilient ‘bounce back’ ability
Using more prolific genetics as well as increasing the feed intake to lactating sows has helped boost the...
Dietary Potassium Diformate in Sow Nutrition in Latin America – Impact on Sows and Piglets
Potassium diformate, a double-salt of formic acid, has been shown in numerous trials to improve health and...
Evaluating Lameness in Sows
There has been an increase in the culling of sows due to lameness. Three presentations discussed this topic...
Evaluation of Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome Virus (PRRSV) Challenge Dose in Vaccinated Pigs
The swine industry continues to experience significant losses due to PRRSV infections. The infectious dose...





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