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Stunning at slaughter: Is your hard work going to waste?
Dr Lauren Edwards, University of Melbourne, discusses some of the stunning methods currently used at slaughter...
Trends in the continental meat industry
David Houghton and Susie White from Winterbotham Darby talk conti-meat trends, food safety and consumer trust....
Research: Complete Workflow Solution for SIV Testing
GLOBAL - Swine influenza virus (SIV) is a highly contagious viral infection of pigs, resulting in significant...
Tagging Animals for Identification
Why and how to tag sows and other pigs are explained by BPEX in No.11 in its 'Work Instructions' series....
How Commercial and Non-commercial Swine Producers Move Pigs in Scotland
Scotland's commercial pig producers are not isolated from the non-commercial sector and may frequently interact,...
Canada's National Swine Traceability Programme
The final pillar of the national traceability programme - tracking of animal movements - comes into effect...



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