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The Vietnam Swine Crisis: This Little Piggy Probably Won’t be Going to Market!
Swine farming plays an integral part in Vietnam’s agricultural output. Between 2013 and 2016, Vietnam’s...
Inside a Thriving Jamaican Pork Farm
Pig products are big in Jamaica – it’s not just Usain Bolt who loves his jerk pork. But what’s the current...
Research: Validation of African Swine Fever Real-time PCR Kit
GLOBAL - African Swine Fever Virus (ASFV) is a notifiable, highly contagious disease that can cause significant...
Effect of Diet Composition and Particle Size on Nutrient Excretion of Finishing Pigs and Propensity to Cause Manure Pit Foaming
Fibre composition in soybean hulls has a greater impact on manure-foaming capability than the fibre in DDGS,...
Deep Pit Flash Fires and Explosions: Sources, Factors and Management
Robert Burns of Iowa State University has carried out a literature review on the sources, occurrence, factors...
Danes Investigate How to Trap More Odour and Ammonia from Pig Farms
Researchers at Aarhus University are leading a project on the biological air purification of livestock housing...



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