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Effects of Dietary Potassium Diformate in Piglets and Fatteners Under Tropical Conditions
Dietary potassium diformate (KDF) has been widely applied in pig production for almost 20 years and has been...
Weaning Pigs Agree: “Change is Hard”
How would you feel if one day – seemingly out of the blue – someone took away your favorite beverage and...
Does Circulating Antibody Play a Role in the Protection of Piglets Against Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea Virus?
The Coronaviridae is a large and complex family of enveloped, single-stranded, positive-sense RNA viruses...
Pig Farming - Feeding for Successful Offspring
The swine industry has made great strides in swine reproduction; most specifically in the areas of increased...
Variation in Pig Growth Rate and Live Weight
Measuring variation in live weight in a population of pigs is conceptually very simple but problematic because...
Evaluation of Electrostatic Particle Ionization Technology for Decreasing Airborne Pathogens in Pigs
Influenza A virus (IAV), porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus (PRRSV), porcine epidemic diarrhea...



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