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Muscle Tearing

This is a common condition in sows in which the muscle fibres are torn away from their attachment to the bones of the inner surfaces of the elbow and knee joints and the pelvis.


Sows, Weaners & Growers
  • Painful inflammation of bone and periosteum.
  • Affected sows often adopt a dog sitting position.
  • Pigs cannot stand.
  • Reluctance to move.
  • Lameness.
  • Incoordination.
  • Shivering.
  • Piglet can not stand - legs spread laterally.

Causes / Contributing factors

  • Torn muscles arise as a sequel to OCD.
  • Trauma.
  • Fighting.
  • Slippery floors.
  • Weak bones.
  • Splay leg in piglets.


This is by clinical signs.

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