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About AB Vista

We are an animal nutrition technology company bringing pioneering products, technical services and new ways of thinking to the global animal feed industry.

First established in 2004, we have grown rapidly to be a top-three player in feed enzymes and one of the largest suppliers of live yeast and natural betaine to the global animal nutrition industry.

We are dedicated to advancing energy and nutrient efficiency, keeping scientific integrity at the heart of everything we do. Through close collaboration with customers and research partners, we aim to create an open forum for discussion to identify new opportunities for improved feed and animal performance.

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Are we ignoring dietary calcium? Interview with Dr Hans Stein & Dr Ravi Ravindran

International Phytate Summit

In an exclusive interview with AB Vista, Hans Stein and Ravi Ravindran discuss projected changes in future feed formulation, with a focus on digestible calcium and digestible phosphorus.

Unlike for phosphorus, there is currently no system to allow pig nutritionists to accurately formulate for digestible or available Ca. Being presently limited to just total Ca values tends to result in oversupply to avoid deficiency, a situation compounded by the relatively low cost of Ca and the often unaccounted for use of limestone as a flow agent in soya bean meal.

Analysed total Ca is frequently up to 25% higher than formulated, with some recent data showing that approximately 0.24% Ca in the diet is not included in the feed formulation. With excess Ca negatively affecting the digestibility of more expensive nutrients such as P and amino acids, the development of an accurate digestible Ca system could substantially improve both feed efficiency and animal performance. AB Vista is collaborating with Hans Stein and the University of Illinois to develop the foundation of a working digestible Ca system for use in commercial pig diet formulations.

This research is likely to bring benefits across the industry. By measuring standard total tract digestibility (STTD) for Ca in pigs, it has been possible to develop a better understanding for the Ca requirements, as well as values for Ca availability, content and variation in common feed ingredients.

These are the early stages of a continuing research effort designed to lead to the development of a working digestible Ca system for pig diet formulation.

Ultimately, it will enable more precise nutrient supply, resulting in improved P, amino acid and Ca digestibility, and subsequently have a major positive influence on growth performance, skeletal integrity and feed efficiency.

Hans Stein recently presented this research at the third International Phytate Summit in Miami, Florida, November 2016. The summit brought together experts in animal nutrition to further knowledge and understanding of phytate and identify advances in diet formulation.

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We provide a range of services designed to complement our products and help you identify inefficiencies and opportunities across the feed production process, maximising performance and ensuring consistency.

  • Feed Quality Service - a web-based service utilising our in-house expertise in Near Infra-Red spectroscopy to deliver accurate predictions of the nutritional components of raw materials, supporting optimal feed formulation
  • Lab Service - our Lab Service uses the latest assay technology to measure enzyme activity in premix, feed and product samples, helping to ensure consistent product quality.
  • Engineering Service - to help fully exploit the advantages of using liquid additives versus granular products we offer expertise in dosing system support.

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