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Our systems for the effective reduction of emissions from pig houses. Nowadays, the approval of new pig houses increasingly requires exhaust air treatment. This brochure contains detailed information on different solutions for effective exhaust air treatment from Big Dutchman, including the exhaust air washers HelixX & MagixX
A single-stage exhaust air cleaning system for the reduction of dust and ammonia emissions

HelixX is a newly-developed compact exhaust air cleaning system for pig houses from Big Dutchman. It removes ammonia and dust from the house air. HelixX basically consists of a nozzle holder in the exhaust air channel installed on top of a water collection spiral, a fan and a central water treatment device.

Through the nozzles acidified wash water is sprayed on the exhaust air thus binding dust and ammonia. The wash water then slides down the spiral into a gain gutter from where it is then led into a central collector.

The collected wash water is then processed to be reused for another cycle. All processes take place fullyautomatically.

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