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Big Dutchman offers an extensive product line of exhaust air chimneys and corresponding built-in fans for optimal exhaust air removal. Thanks to the flow-optimised chimneys, the air rate of the fans is increased and the power consumption is reduced by up to 20 %.

The Ziehl Abegg fans which are well-adapted to our chimneys have an exceptionally high quality, are corrosion-free, winterproof and have low energy requirements. There are different types of fans available. Our product range includes both standard fans (FC) and sickle-shaped fans (FE). These are even more pressure-resistant, operate at a low noise level and, as all ZA-fans, are equipped with die-cast blades.

Also, we recommend installing three-phase fans as these are very pressure-resistant and much more efficient (up to 10% less power requirements). Based on the building conditions and the special requirements, the following chimneys and connected systems can be installed:

  • exhaust air chimneys CL 600 and CL 920
  • BD exhaust air chimneys VC
  • MultiStep┬«
  • EC-blue
  • chimney silencer
  • DynamicAir
  • guide vane
  • centralised exhaust air removal

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