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Introducing Elanco
Elanco Animal Health is a global research-based company that produces products to improve the health of animals. Elanco discovers, develops and markets proprietary products to producers of animals worldwide. Elanco products are used by producers, ranchers, farmers, veterinarians and others who care for the animals that provide food, fiber and comfort. Elanco employs approximately 2100 people and markets its products in over 100 countries.

What Elanco Does
Customer focus is a top concern of Elanco, since its business is to create value for its customers. Elanco places a high value on innovation, both in scientific research and daily operations. Other critical capabilities are development expertise and cost competitiveness.
     Elanco concentrates on four therapeutic classes: antibacterials, parasiticides, anitcoccidials and productivity enhancers.
     Elanco operates globally, with key operations in North America, Europe, the Middle East and Africa, the Asia Pacific area Latin America. Globally targeted species include beef, dairy, pork and poultry with certain other species dealt with locally.

Benefits Provided by Elanco
Elanco helps supply the world with abundant food that is safe, affordable and of high quality. Elanco people, products and services benefit consumers and producers worldwide in four principle areas:
Food Safety and Quality
By reducing harmful pathogens, Elanco products contribute to improved food safety and quality. Extensive analysis by Elanco scientists ensures that our products meet or exceed food safety, food quality and withdrawal standards around the world.
Animal and Environmental Well-being
Elanco cares about animals, people and the environment we all live in. Our mission is to discover and develop new ways to protect animal health and safely improve performance. Healthy animals are comfortable animals. Healthy animals are also more productive. They require less feed to produce meat, eggs or milk and fewer animal wastes are produced. Thus fewer resources are needed to house and feed animals.
     Elanco enhances animals' health and, by doing so, supports a healthier environment for both animals and people worldwide.
Precision Products
Elanco products provide prudent and effective treatment for targeting specific pathogens. Our animal-only, precision therapy approach ensures reliable efficacy and avoids resistance concerns.
By safely improving animal health and production efficiency, Elanco products help producers keep pace with the ever-changing needs of the marketplace and produce the most meat, eggs or milk at the best return on their investments.
NOTE: Product registrations, usage instructions and availability may vary by country. Contact your local Elanco office for more information. Elanco Animal Health, Indianapolis, IN, USA.
Elanco Swine Products        More...
TYLAN®        More... (Tylan Premix)
This was the first antibiotic developed by Elanco, introduced in 1961. It's also the first antibiotic developed exclusively for agricultural use. It was named "Tylan" because it was made from an organism from a soil sample found in Thailand. Tylan is one of the world's leading agricultural antibiotics and is supplied in several forms: a dry form for mixing in feed, a soluble form for mixing in drinking water, and an injectable form. Each form is used for a special purpose.
The dry form of Tylan is added to the feed of pigs, cattle, and poultry. At a higher dose, it prevents or treats diseases such as dysentery, liver abscesses, and respiratory disease. At lower rates, it improves the absorption of nutrients from the animals' feed, allowing them to grow faster on less feed. When mixed with sulfa, it provides an effective treatment for certain respiratory diseases of pigs.
The soluble form of Tylan is mixed into drinking water for chickens and turkeys to treat chronic respiratory disease.
The injectable form of Tylan is used in cattle and pigs to treat respiratory disease and certain other ailments.
Tylan® is a trademark for Elanco's brand of tylosin.
PAYLEAN®        More...
PAYLEAN®: pays in more ways than one. It is a feed ingredient that directs nutrients to increase the amount of quality meat in high-value cuts and improves production efficiency. Feed Paylean at 9 g/ton so that the majority of pigs receive it for approximately 4 weeks prior to marketing and you’ll get paid for heavier carcasses, increased carcass yield and higher lean premiums. You’ll also save money on production costs by getting your pigs to market on less feed. It all adds up to $2-$5 more per pig on these factors alone. Don’t leave money on the table. Contact your local nutrition supplier now to start cashing in on Paylean.
SURMAX® / MAXUX®        More...
Different parts of the world have different names for the same product. Surmax or Maxus is mixed into the feed of pigs and poultry to improve their growth efficiency. This actually increases the amount of meat produced by a given amount of feed. This product is available in nearly every agricultural country in the world, but not yet in the United States or Australia.
Maxus® and Surmax® are trademarks for Elanco's brand of avilamycin.
PULMOTIL®        More...
Pulmotil is an effective, convenient feed medication for pigs at risk of respiratory disease. This feed medication was introduced in the United States in 1997 and is now widely available in this country and in several others around the world. In the U.S., Pulmotil is the first product to be approved in the Veterinary Feed Directive (VFD) category, with a veterinarian indicating the use of the product.

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