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HIPRA is a veterinary pharmaceutical company dedicated to the research, production and marketing of products for Animal Health.

We are a leading company in Animal Health, especially in Biologicals. Our history spans more than half a century. We currently occupy one of the top positions amongst pharmaceutical companies producing Biologicals for the veterinary industry worldwide.

Research is a priority at HIPRA. We dedicate 9% of our annual turnover to R&D , the activity of which is aimed at obtaining high-tech products, especially in the fields of immunology, microbiology, genomics, proteomics, molecular biology, pharmaceutical technology and pre-clinical and clinical trials.

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Business culture
Our core values are excellence, service to livestock farms and commitment to our people, society and to the environment...

Mission and Vision
We are a reference in prevention with differentiated products for Animal Health...

Our team
We share enthusiasm and passion for innovating and investigating...

We believe in the future
We have the knowledge, experience and suitable facilities to face the challenges that the future will present..

All images tagged for SEO
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