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PIC 359

The All New Natural Service Sireline

The All New PIC 359 Natural Service boar is a high libido crossbred boar derived from PIC's two most successful sirelines, the 337 and 327. The PIC 359 is a proven sire in the US providing not only excellent product performance to heavier slaughter weights, but also product integrity as a chaser boar to support the 337 and 327 GT products.

Being introduced to the UK market lo exploit its strengths of:

  • Excellent growth rate and feed efficiency
  • Low backfat levels and high lean content
  • High heterosis
Genetic Standards

PIC strives to deliver a continually improving range of sireline products to meet the needs of the developing UK market. PIC’s product development programme incorporates a global genetic base, utilising traditional selection and molecular biology to deliver exceptional genetic improvement for the producer.

PIC sirelines are selected from a programme with emphasis on lifetime daily gain, feed efficiency, low backfat and high lean meat. Individual boar data, when combined with progeny and relatives' performance (both pure and crossbred), provides increased accuracy of breeding values giving confidence that excellent results will be realised at commercial level

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