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Operations Manager – Based In Russia - Gvardia LLC

Jobs from Russia Moscow, Russia


  • This Job Description establishes Functional Duties, Rights and Liability of the Operations Manager.
  • The Operations Manager is the Deputy Executive Director for operational issues of the Piggery Complex.
  • The Operations Manager reports directly to the Executive Director of the Piggery Complex.
  • A person with higher vocational education and minimum 5 years work experience is assigned to the position of the Operations Manager.

Functional Duties:

  • To provide day-to-day supervision of operations of the Company in accordance with the instructions and responsibilities given by the Executive Director.
  • To organize the work and effective collaboration of all business units of the Complex.
  • To provide:
    • Carrying out the instructions of the Executive Director for operations issues;
    • Organization of work of the business units with regard to implementation of the approved plans;
    • Compliance with and implementation of approved regulations, provisions and instructions;
    • Keeping a record of meeting the performance targets;
  • The Operations Manager together with the Executive Director should develop and implement day-to-day production planning standards.
  • To provide the Company with required technical documentation, zootecnical and veterinary equipment, instruments, goods and feeding stuffs.
  • To coordinate work of warehouses.
  • To perform methodological work with managers of the operating and support units.
  • To develop programs for renovation and modernization of production capacities of the Company.


The Operations Manager has the following rights:

  • To take decisions of questions that fall within his competence.
  • To instruct specialists thus pursuing a policy of the Executive Director. In case the Operations Manager denies the policy, he shall then address the General Manager of Gvardia, LLC, the Board of Directors and shareholders.
  • To participate in the work of collegial bodies when considering operational issues.
  • To submit proposals regarding work process improvement at the Piggery Complex.


The Operations Manager shall be liable for the following:

  • Carrying out the functional duties prescribed by this description within the limits of labor laws and laws of the Russian Federation.
  • Quantitative and qualitative indicators of the produce and its production cost.
  • Financial and physical damage caused to the Employer within the limits of civil and labor laws of the Russian Federation.
  • Consequences of actions taken by him that exceed his authority.

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