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Newsletter 5th January 2004's Weekly Swine Industry Newsletter's Weekly Swine Industry Newsletter
Monday 5th January 2004
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Jon Caspers - President, NPPCSr Nildemar Secches, CEO, Perdigão speaks exclusively to ThePigSite
Click here to read what he has to say on some key industry issues.

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Welcome to this weeks newsletter

Happy New Year to all our readers.

We hope everyone had a great seasonal break and are looking forward to 2004.
     Every once in a while we have a newsletter "purge" and today is one such time. We are aware that our newsletter needs to be as concise as possible but as we try to fit more in it gets bigger, less concise and takes longer to write. We are also launching newsletter in the coming weeks, thus it is purge time.
     Generally, the information in our newsletter is a summary of the new information added to the web site over the week. Our plan is to try(!) to more concisely summarize the key news and feature items, with direct links to the articles in question. We shall also be keeping the popular Practical Tips section but will provide a link to the tip on the web site.
     We hope you like the new look (shorter) newsletter and can manage to find the time to read it!

* News Overview (link to ALL this weeks news)

It has all been happening in the US recently following the identification of a cow with BSE just before Christmas. One of the questions this problem poses is "How will this affect the hog market". Opinion on this appears to be mixed, but generally the feeling is a negative one. The big issue being how deeply Americans' confidence is shaken in the safety of the overall meat supply.
     More on this subject, plus all the latest BSE related news can be found on our special BSE news page which is updated daily.

What do the latest statistics suggest? Check them out for yourself by reading the Hogs and Pigs (plus comment), and Pork Outlook Reports for December 03.

A recent University of Georgia study reports new technology could turn farm by-products into power, Reuters confirms that the US livestock tracking system may begin mid-2004, whilst in Iowa, Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry says family farmers need the chance to compete for funding.

In Canada, Farmscape reports on research showing that management style and constant mixing affect breeding sow productivity. The Western Producer reports Pork exports are sizzling and demand at home is strong.

In Europe, FWi comments that Brussels has sanctioned greater freedom to member states to grant state aids to their farmers as part of a drive to cut red tape. On the price front things are not looking so good with "EU pig prices continuing to move lower".

In Portugal, according to OIE, one farm in the region of Beira Litoral has suffered an outbreak Swine Vesicular Disease resulting in over 1750 pigs being destroyed.

French pig farmers are to receive a further Euro 4 millions to help the industry following an announcement by Agriculture minister Hervé Gaymard.

In the UK, there's mixed news for farmers. DEFRA have announced farmers are set to reap the benefits of more Government grants, however the grants relate to grain and their benefit to pig farmers is to be seen. On the price front FWi are forcasting that UK prices are set to slide, although the NPA's Chairman says he expects British pig prices will hold steady in the new year, despite tumbling prices on the continent. For the latest stats on UK market information see the latest BPEX update.

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* Feature Articles Overview (link to features listings)

We have 3 new features this week all of which are statistical in nature. We have the most recent report from BPEX reviewing the UK and EU market and two reports from the USDA.

Pork Outlook Report - December 2003
By U.S.D.A., Economic Research Service - This article is an extract from the December 2003: Livestock, Dairy and Poultry Outlook Report, highlighting Global Pork Industry data. The report indicates that Fourth-quarter hog slaughter so far...

UK/EU Pig Market Update - December 2003
By the British Pig Executive - This BPEX report looks at the current market situation in the UK and reviews recent price trends and markets throughout Europe....

Quarterly Pigs and Hogs Report: December 2003
This months quarterly Hogs and Pigs report from the USDA's National Agricultural Statistics Service. The article provides the report text and graphs, and helps explain what it all means. Link also to the full PDF report.

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* This Weeks Practical Tip (link to weekly tips page)

Topic: The Management of Infertility
Subject: Key factors that produce anoestrus in the breeding female

This week tip runs through a list of key factors that produce anoestrus in the breeding female by stopping the hormone surge. Taking action to prevent these will help reduce infertility.

To read this weeks tip, Click Here

Topic: The Management of Infertility
Subject: Anoestrus in the Sow

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* Finally...

Future hog farms will rely on technology to reduce odors, runoff

Scientists are working on new devices to make hog farms cleaner and more efficient, including systems that turn manure into fuel and treat waste with ultrasound to reduce odor, reports Chris Sundheim, The Associated Press.
     Pork producers, stung by years of complaints from environmentalists and neighbors, are turning to technology to create the next generation of hog farms.
     "It is a very exciting time, no question about it," said Alan Sutton, a professor of animal science at Purdue University.
     A sampling of hog-farm technology in development includes Ultrasound, Electrolysis, Methane collection. Artificial wetlands, Plant filters and Animal feed:
     Sutton, of Purdue, is hopeful that cutting-edge science will offer future pork producers better ways to safeguard the environment. But advanced machines also will have to make business sense.
     "The real challenge is to be able to develop some of these technologies that are consistent, manageable and cost-effective," he said.

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That's all for this week. Best wishes for 2004


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