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Newsletter 16th February 2004's Weekly Swine Industry Newsletter's Weekly Swine Industry Newsletter
Monday 16th February 2004
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Dr Rick Sibbel D.V.M., President AAAVDr Rick Sibbel D.V.M., President AASV speaks exclusively to ThePigSite
Click here to read what he has to say on some key industry issues.

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Welcome to this weeks newsletter

* News Overview (link to ALL this weeks news)

We start this week in Vietnam, where a health official said on Thursday that they have contained an outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease in a central province. The country, already grappling with bird flu that has wiped out millions of its poultry and killed at least 14 people, reported more than 1,000 cattle and 200 pigs were killed by the disease.

The Taiwanese Council of Agriculture has recently declared its domestically raised hogs free of the H5 and H7 avian-flu viruses. The COA made the remarks after WHO warned that once hogs are infected with an avian-flu virus, the possibility of humans being infected will increase.

In the US, Agricultural Research Service scientists used a reverse genetics process to actually create new flu viruses whose individual components could be explored, in an effort to combat a strain of swine influenza that is relatively new to the US. It is hoped these components can in turn become the targets of vaccines.

The Bush administration has reached a free-trade agreement with Australia although it has yet to resolve a dispute over a longtime Australian ban on U.S. pork based on hog health concerns. However, Australia is expected to finish a study soon that could result in a resumption of imports. "It's a very significant potential market," said Nick Giordano, a NPPC trade expert.

Meanwhile, the Associated Press are reproting that a Nationwide livestock ID system is years away although Agriculture Secretary Ann Veneman has promised to speed development. Planners are working toward a goal of July 2005 to have systems ready so producers can label their animals with national ID numbers.

In Canada, the Manitoba government plans to revive its aborted legislation to help hog operations set up in the province. The original law was to restrict the power of municipalities to ban hog barns because of environmental concerns as that role would be taken over by the province instead, reports Western Producer.

Farmscape reports the President of Maple Leaf Foods International saying European limits on foreign pork imports and its various subsidies on pork are eroding the Canadian industry's competitive edge globally. In January the EC re-introduced export subsidy payments for pork to markets outside the European Community.

In Europe, the EC has decided to reintroduce export refunds on pig meat as a short term measure to the current crisis, driven by the strength of the Euro, high feed prices following last summer's drought and weak consumer demand for pig meat.

The European Parliament has voted to create a European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC), following growing concern over animal disease epidemics. European Commissioner David Byrne believes that the new EU agency will enable Europe to be better prepared for future epidemics, reports FoodProductionDaily.

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In the UK, an MLC study was made to establish the benefits of farm assurance schemes to livestock producers in England and compare them with their associated costs. A four-stage approach was adopted for this study including a survey of livestock producers, to explore their attitudes towards farm assurance, and one of red meat consumers, to explore their willingness to pay for farm assured meat.

As a result of a new EU Animal By-Product Regulation, OrrTec Ltd's new Vertical Composting Unit has become the first in-vessel composting plant in the UK to gain Positive Release Accreditation from Defra for the composting of animal by-products. The ABPR has been created to reduce the risk of transmitting disease to humans and animals when processing organic wastes.

In Denmark, beneficial knock-on effects of the Avian Influenza and BSE crises could soon be felt within the pork industry, according to some industry experts. Denmark's Bacon and Meat Council believes that after months of historically low levels, Danish pig-meat prices could be about to experience a period of rapid rise, according to FoodProductionDaily.

* Feature Articles Overview (link to features listings)

We have 4 new features this week

Mask use in swine barns reduces health effects
The Prairie Swine Center conducted a study to evaluate health effects related to wearing a disposable mask in a swine confinement unit. The study assessed subjects’ health reactions after a four-hour exposure in a grower/finisher room while wearing a mask and not wearing a mask.

An update on UK incinerator rules
By Defra, Edited and Published by the NPA - If your incinerator is used only for pigs/poultry and it has a capacity of less than 50kg an hour the following rules apply. This is a summary distilled from the latest advice from Defra.

Valuing Market Hogs: Information and Pricing Issues
By James Mintert and Ted C. Schroeder, Kansas State University and Eric P. Berg, University of Missouri-Columbia - This report was published by the Kansas State University Agricultural Experiment Station and Cooperative Extension Service and looks at the rapidly changing hog market structure and other pricing issues.

Sow Bodyweight Changes in Gestation
By Dana R. Cooper, John F. Patience, Ruurd T. Zijlstra and Meike Rademacher - Defining nutrient requirements and feeding strategies for the modern high-producing sow is a step leading to greater efficiency in the breeding herd. Results demonstrated that setting target weight gains in gestation and feeding to meet these targets might not always provide predictable results.

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* This Weeks Practical Tip (link to weekly tips page)

Topic: The Management of Infertility
Subject: The timing of mating

This weeks tip provides a good guide to the optimum time of mating.

To read this weeks tip, Click Here

Topic: The Management of Infertility
Subject: How to take corrective action - Returns to oestrus at 18 - 23 days post mating (repeats)

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* Finally...

Most British pig farmers are now internet-savvy(ish)

Nearly all British pig producers now have computers with modern operating systems and access to the internet, according to survey of about a fifth of the national herd, reports the NPA.

Ninety-five percent of pig farming businesses have one or more desktop computers. Those without computers are mostly outdoor breeders who have no intention of investing in information technology.

Eighty percent of those with computers have herd recording software. Ninety-eight percent of computers have internet access.

These figures come from a Farmex survey on information technology on pig farms. The results show the technology for improved information is in place. But are producers making use of it?

Based on our experience they are (across the globe)! Visitor numbers to ThePigSite over the past year are up 55% and page views are up a massive 220% - Ed.

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That's all for this week.


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