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Newsletter 5th April 2004's Weekly Swine Industry Newsletter's Weekly Swine Industry Newsletter
Monday 5th April 2004
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Dr Rick Sibbel D.V.M., President AAAVDr Rick Sibbel D.V.M., President AASV speaks exclusively to ThePigSite
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Welcome to this weeks newsletter

* News Overview (link to ALL this weeks news)

We start this week in the US, where the American hog industry hit a snag last week in its bid to have countervailing duties charged on Canadian hogs entering the US. The U.S. Department of Commerce postponed its decision about whether to investigate a complaint from the American hog industry that alleges Canadian hog exports to the U.S. are unfairly subsidized and unfairly priced.
     Meanwhile, the 20 day delay on the US decision is giving Canada additional time to prepare its defense, according to Farmscape. American hog producers allege subsidized Canadian hogs are being dumped into the US at prices below the actual cost of production causing injury to US producers.

Purdue University Economist Chris Hurt attributes a spike in pork production prices to sharply restricted beef exports due to BSE and reduced broiler exports caused by bird flu, says Pork production has been up 2% in the first quarter versus last year, "but prices have been up by a remarkable 25%," Hurt said.

In their Quarterly Hog Outlook report discussing the latest March 2004 Pigs and Hogs Report, Glen Grimes and Ron Plain said "the March 1 Hogs and Pigs report came in fairly close to the trade estimates and to our estimates. The market herd was estimated up 2.4% from 2003"
See Also: USDA Hogs and Pigs Report Commentary by Dr Mike Brumm

The Canadian Standards Association has produced what it says is the country's first standard to provide a voluntary national framework for systems to promote responsible environmental management in the swine sector. "It provides stringent guidelines to plan complete environmental improvements and measure their success," said a CSA spokesman.

Input from Alberta swine producers shows strong support for national initiatives to improve livestock tracking and traceability, but concerns over costs and control reports Farmscape. Initiatives designed to expand Canada's ability to identify and track the movement of livestock, establish zoning in Canada and georeference livestock premises were all discussed.

In the UK, steps are being taken by the British Pig Executive to gain British producers access to the world's biggest market for pork. A delegation is visiting Beijing at the end of the month, following on from initial work done when BPEX hosted part of a visit by two Chinese Government vets.
See Also: Chinese Vets Inspect GB Pig Industry

Pigmeat imports rose sharply last year, according to latest figures reported by FWi. The flow of foreign beef into the UK also jumped. The value of imported pigmeat climbed 40% (or £131m) in 2003 compared with the previous year, to £462m. Tonnage hit 768,000t, accounting for about half of the UK's consumption, said Mick Sloyan of the British Pig Executive.

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Household spending on meat has risen by seven per cent according to the MLC's Economics section. The latest issue of Meat Demand Trends takes a look at spending patterns which shows expenditure on meat for the third quarter of last year was seven per cent up on the previous year.

In Croatia, swine genetics are improving as commercial slaughter houses are sourcing meat units and purchasing lower fat hogs, reports the USDA's FAS. Lower quality traditional carcasses (the largest share of production) are being heavily discounted, and these market changes are creating demand for consistent quality hogs.

The Philippine Department of Agriculture announced that it would strictly implement an administrative order governing meat importation and introduce changes to the measure in light of reports on the continued smuggling of meat products, according to eFeedLink.
     A plan by the country to import 5,000 metric tons of pork at a lower duty of 10% won't be enough to lower high prices of pork products in the domestic market, a meat processing industry official said Wednesday.

In Japan, the Office International des Epizooties reported that Classical Swine Fever, of vaccine origin, was discovered on a farm in the Kagoshima prefecture. The manager of the farm admitted having applied unapproved vaccine to these pigs in December 2003.

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* Feature Articles Overview (link to features listings)

We have 3 new features this week

World Pork Trade Overview - March 2004
By USDA Foreign Agricultural Service - This article provides an overview of global pork trade predictions for 2003. The report covers the US, Brazil, Canada, EU, Hong Kong, Japan, Mexico and Russia. The report concludes that U.S. exports are forecast to reach a new record in 2004.

Porcine Immunology - the innate immune system
By Eileen Thacker, Department of Veterinary Microbiology and Preventive Medicine, Iowa State University and published by The Pig Journal - To improve the veterinarian’s and student’s knowledge and understanding of the rapidly evolving field of immunology, Eileen Thacker has very kindly written the first in a three-part series of articles on porcine immunology.

Performance of grower pigs fed diets adjusted for field peas DE content
By Ruurd T. Zijlstra and John F. Patience for Prairie Swine Centre - Field peas are used increasingly as a source for protein and energy in swine rations in Western Canada. The variability of the DE content of field peas has been described in the 1997 Annual Report.

* This Weeks Practical Tip (link to weekly tips page)
Extracted from
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Topic: The Management of Infertility
Subject: The Mummified Pig

This weeks tip looks at how to determine the approximate age when a mummified pig has died and the two possible causes of mummies.

To read this weeks tip, Click Here

NEXT WEEK'S TIP: Infections that can produce Mummified Pigs

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* Finally...

Euro MP's call for live journey crackdown

Live animal journey times should be limited to a maximum of nine hours and strict new rules introduced on lorry conditions and inspection regimes, Euro-MPs have demanded.
     Meeting in Strasbourg last Tuesday (Mar 30), the parliament agreed that animals should be slaughtered as close as possible to the point of origin, rather than being taken to a different country, "just to find a cheaper slaughterhouse". They also called for the creation of mobile slaughterhouses as a way of reducing the frequency of animal transport.
     The parliament was discussing commission proposals which seek to limit journeys to nine hours, followed by a 12 hour rest, before the journey can continue. The Euro-MPs say this is too lenient and that there should be a finite nine hour or 500km limit for slaughter animals. But breeding and fattening animals should not be covered by the new regulations.
     The final decision rests with farm ministers who will settle the issue at their council meeting in Luxembourg on Apr 26.
     With opinion split between the welfare-friendly northern member states, and the trade-oriented southern member states, the expectation is that a compromise will be reached close to the commission proposal.

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That's all for this week.


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