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Newsletter 4th May 2004's Weekly Swine Industry Newsletter's Weekly Swine Industry Newsletter
Monday 4th May 2004
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Dr Rick Sibbel D.V.M., President AAAVDr Rick Sibbel D.V.M., Past President AASV speaks exclusively to ThePigSite
Click here to read what he has to say on some key industry issues.

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Welcome to this weeks newsletter

* News Overview (link to ALL this weeks news)

This week we start in Geneva, where the WHO is hosting a three-day consultation to identify the factors that allow diseases to jump from animals to humans (zoonoses), as well as to improve surveillance systems for their monitoring and control. This follows recent cases of SARS and avian influenza, both of which originated in animals and resulted in human deaths.

Producers from all over Europe are backing a Dutch call on the European Commission to postpone the introduction of IPPC - Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control - on pig and poultry units, from January 2007 to 2013, reports the NPA. The proposal stems from anxiety on the continent about how the 2007 deadline is to be met.

In the UK, the NPA's Richard Lister wrote to leading retailers to tell them how they performed in the PorkWatch survey and, where appropriate, to urge them to do better. In its response, the Co-op raises the question of availability and urges the British pig industry to improve the supply of British pork. In addition to the Co-op, the survey showed Marks and Spencer and Waitrose to be keen supporters of British Pork.

The multi-million-pound prices war waged by the big three supermarket chains must not lead to cuts in the price paid to farmers for their produce, the Farmers Union of Wales demanded. Tesco slashed £70 million from its retail prices recently, just days after arch rival Asda announced cuts worth £65 million, reports MeatNews. Farmers are worried a price war will lead to further erosion of their already wafer thin margins.

The UK Government has expressed regret at the failure by EU Ministers to agree improvements to the welfare of farm animals in transit, according to Defra. The UK was one of a number of countries that felt the package of proposed measures did not go far enough.

JSR Genetics has exported its first consignment of breeding pigs to South Korea since the foot-and-mouth disease outbreak in 2001. Over 50 genetically-advanced boars and gilts have been dispatched from the company's nucleus units in the UK.

NFU President Tim Bennett has launched a groundbreaking research paper, ‘EU Enlargement – The Challenge for British Farming,’ that looks in detail at the challenges facing the UK farming industry as ten new countries joined the EU on May 1st.
See Also: Pig challenge from new members

In the US, The Department of Agriculture has announced it will spend $18.8 million to begin a three-stage process for setting up a national animal identification system to help contain animal disease outbreaks.
     NPPC Vice President Joy Philippi applauded the USDA's announcement. "Last December, the USDA said it would accelerate the process of instituting the ID system and this action shows the Department recognized the need to move forward," said Philippi.

The next steps in determining the constitutionality of the pork and beef checkoffs are expected this month. Last October, the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals affirmed an earlier ruling by Judge Richard Enslen that the mandatory Pork Checkoff program is unconstitutional and should end. A decision as to wether the appeal will be heard by the Supreme Court is expected on Monday, May 17, according to Farmers Legal Action Group (FLAG).

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Pork production set a new monthly high in March this year, report Glen Grimes and Ron Plain in their Weekly review of the US hog industry. They continue to say that "demand growth for meats for the first quarter of 2004 was very impressive - in fact, almost unbelievable".

The new 'Brand Canada' pork promotion was among the highlights last week when Canada Pork International held two trade seminars in Japan. The two trade seminars, in Osaka and Tokyo, brought 52 Canadian packers and traders together with 650 Japanese buyers and their customers.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency has said feed industry stakeholders clearly recognize the need for a national regulatory structure for dealing with medicated feeds. The regulations, intended to establish minimum standards for the manufacture of medicated feeds for food producing animals, are expected to be implemented early in the new year.

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* Feature Articles Overview (link to features listings)

We have 4 new features this week

Turning Swine Manure Into Fertilizer: The PSF Solution
By Theo van Kempen, Swine Nutrition Specialist, North Carolina State University - Premium Standard Farms has started the construction of a "Next Generation" environmental system on one of its farm complexes, Valley View Farms in Northern Missouri. The objective of this project, the construction of the Crystal Peak fertilizer plant, is to convert hog manure into a high value commercial fertilizer using a process developed and patented by Premium Standard Farms and its technology partners.

Manure into Energy and Ash - New Gasification Technology
By Theo van Kempen, Swine Nutrition Specialist, North Carolina State University - Animal Science swine waste researchers at North Carolina State University has been evaluating gasification technology. The primary purpose was conversion of animal manure into an energy source and mineral ash that could be used as a feed ingredient for pigs.

Pork Outlook Report - April 2004
By U.S.D.A., Economic Research Service - This article is an extract from the April 2004: Livestock, Dairy and Poultry Outlook Report, highlighting Global Pork Industry data. The report indicates that red meat, poultry, and dairy prices are showing strength

Enzyme supplementation and feed processing provides solutions for low quality grains
By Ruurd T. Zijlstra, Prairie Swine Centre - Low quality wheat, concludes this study, has a higher fibre content and lower energy digestibility than high quality wheat in grower pigs. The reduction in energy digestibility can be partially overcome by enzyme supplementation or particle size reduction.

* This Weeks Practical Tip (link to weekly tips page)
Extracted from
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Topic: The Management of Infertility
Subject: Interpreting Pregnancy Test Results

This weeks tip runs through the sequence of events and the results you can expect with pregnancy diagnosis.

To read this weeks tip, Click Here

NEXT WEEK'S TIP: A practical format for diagnosing pregnancy on the farm

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* Finally...

Green-tinged farm points the way
Pigs and chickens that glow in the dark may signal a new era for the farm yard. UK scientists at the Roslin Institute say they have dramatically improved the technique for introducing modifications to an animal's genetic make-up.
     So far, the researchers have used the new method to introduce a jellyfish gene that makes their pigs and chickens fluoresce - to prove changes will work.
     Now, the scientists expect to create animals that are resistant to disease or can be used to study disease.
     Conventional efforts to make so-called transgenic animals have been expensive, hampered by inefficient methods of production, which see only about one in 70 embryos injected with genetic material resulting in a modified animal.
     The improved technique borrows from procedures developed for gene therapy in humans.
     In one of several recent trials at the Roslin Institute, the new approach resulted in 36 out of 40 pig embryos developing into transgenic pigs.
     That is a success rate of 90% and has the power to revolutionise the application of GM technology in farm animals, according to researchers Dr Bruce Whitelaw and Dr Helen Sang.
     Transgenic pigs and chickens have been produced at Roslin using lentivectors to carry the green fluorescent protein gene (GFP) - a gene found naturally in jellyfish.
     Both chickens and pigs carrying the gene can be detected in normal light by their slight greenish tinge, but when viewed in blue light, all areas not covered with hair or feathers are seen to glow torch-light bright.
     In the case of chickens, this is the feet and head; and in pigs, it is the ears, snout, trotters and testicles.

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That's all for this week.


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