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Newsletter 27th September 2004's Weekly Swine Industry Newsletter's Weekly Swine Industry Newsletter
Monday 27th September 2004
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Welcome to this weeks newsletter

* News Overview (link to ALL this weeks news)

This week we start in the US, where NASS has just released the September 2004 Quarterly Hogs and Pigs report. The report shows that the US inventory of all hogs and pigs is 1% above last year. This is slightly larger than the trade expected and may be initially considered bearish in the distant months, said John Lawrence, Iowa State University. Demand carried the day in the 2004 pork market and will be needed if 2005 is to be a profitable year, continued the analyst. Click here for the report and associated analysis/commentary.
See also: Profitable pork prices expected to continue, analysts say

Meanwhile, hog slaughter set a new record high on Tuesday 7th Sept at 407,422 writes Ron Plain and Glenn Grimes this week. This was coupled with live hog prices on Thursday of this week being from $5-8 per cwt higher than on August 30.
     Good hog producers are doing very well in 2004 financially, however this is not the time for producers to use some of this income to expand the breeding herd, the pair conclude...

In his weekly report, Wayne D. Purcell expects to see a shock in the hog market to the downside if beef exports to Japan are fixed quickly, so he continues to advise short positions in the October and December hogs.

A new tool is available to help Iowa crop insurance agents and pork producers make decisions about insuring against revenue losses, according to the Daily Nonpareil.
     The Center for Rural and Agricultural Development at Iowa State University last week posted a calculator on the center's Web site to give estimates on premiums for different levels of livestock gross margin insurance coverage on swine.

The Canadian Pork Council is advising swine producers to consider potential US antidumping duties before making major business decisions that involve access to the US market. The US Department of Commerce is expected to announce October 15th, its preliminary determination of whether Canadian hogs are being sold into the US at less than fair market value.

With the wide range of feed grain quality anticipated this fall, pork producers will need to step up their quality control to maintain optimum performance. Prairie Swine Centre President Dr. John Patience is recommending a combination of visual inspection and laboratory assays to evaluate grain quality.
For more information see: Mycotoxicosis and Mycotoxins, Alfatoxins, Ochratoxin and Citrinin

In Brazil, August pork exports generated a record US$91.7 million in revenue. The volume, at 58,985 tons, was also the second highest ever since September 2002, reports eFeedLink.

In the Philippines, Agriculture Secretary Arthur Yap appealed to swine producers to be patient following the government's appropriation of P1 billion ($171m) to repopulate the stocks of pig farms that have slowly phased out their sows.
     This follows the announcement last month that swine producers were going to close their farms in 12 months in the face of continued imports and rising cost of production.

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The New Zealand Pork Industry Board has created a technological first for New Zealand agriculture with the launch of the first electronic Animal Status Declaration in the country. The Board developed the ASD for pigs in order to provide the consumer with information relating to how, when and where New Zealand Pork is produced.

In the UK, the first ever Northern Red Meat Conference to cover all red meat producers and the whole supply chain will be staged at the Great Yorkshire Show Ground on October 7. The conference aims to give red meat producers the chance to explore the opportunities for achieving greater profitability in the wake of CAP reform.

Cull sow prices are at their highest levels since foot-and-mouth, opening up opportunities for producers to destock and restock unproductive herds, reports FWi. A well-finished cull sow has an average value of £120/head compared with just £40/head in the midst of the F&M crisis. Breeders should be able to replace cull sows with gilts on a "one for one" basis.

Supermarkets should stop adding salt and water to pork chops because it can lead to high blood pressure, say trading standards officers. Officers in Shropshire found that compared to raw pork, pork with added water has higher levels of salt, reports the BBC.

In Northern Ireland, the Ulster Farmers’ Union has commented on progress being made towards a ‘pay as you go’ fallen animals scheme. The scheme will see participating farmers paying a nominal £28 annual registration fee followed by a ‘pay as you go’ charge for collection of fallen animals from the farm. Government will make a 30% contribution to collection charges in the first year of the scheme.

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* Feature Articles Overview (link to features listings)

We have 3 new features this week:

U.S.D.A Quarterly Pigs and Hogs Report: September 2004
This quarter's quarterly Hogs and Pigs report from the USDA's National Agricultural Statistics Service. The article provides the report text and graphs, and helps explain what it all means. Link also to the full PDF report.

U.S. Hog Breeding Herd Structure
By the National Agricultural Statistics Service, U.S.D.A - This report continues a periodic review of changes in the make up of the breeding herd and trends in its efficiency.

Livestock and Products Country Reports for 2004
By USDA, FAS - This article provides the pork industry data from the USDA FAS Livestock and Products Annual 2004 reports. We have 4 new countries this week; Canada, China, EU-25 and South Korea. Within each article is a link to the full report which includes all the tabular data which we have omitted from these articles.

* This Weeks Practical Tip (link to weekly tips page)
Extracted from
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Topic: The Management of Infertility
Subject: The Boar - Facts about semen

This weeks tip looks at the facts about semen.

To read this weeks tip, Click Here

NEXT WEEK'S TIP : The Boar - Disease Transmission

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* Finally...

Chile's Agrosuper Sells Credits From Pig Waste to Utilities

     Agrosuper, the world's eighth- largest pork producer, is using a global anti-pollution agreement to turn pig-manure fumes into cash.
     The Rancagua, Chile-based company earns credits for collecting methane gas from the waste of its 110,000 pigs. Agrosuper last month agreed to sell credits worth as much as $2.2 million a year to Tokyo Electric Power Co., Japan's biggest utility, and TransAlta Corp., Canada's biggest publicly owned power generator, to help them meet their emissions quotas.
     The pork producer is among a growing number of companies to benefit from the 1997 Kyoto Protocol, a United Nations plan to cut so-called greenhouse gases that scientists blame for global warming. Emissions trading may soar next year when the European Union requires a total 12,000 factories and power plants to meet reductions, said Oslo-based trading consultant Point Carbon, which predicts a $10 billion market by 2007, from about $300 million in the first half.
     "There will be more and more requirements to reduce emissions and our program will help us," said Agrosuper's General Manager Ramon Arrau De La Cerda. The privately held group, which also farms fruit and poultry, is the largest meat and fresh products producer in Chile, with more than $700 million in annual sales.
     The Kyoto Protocol set emission-reduction targets for 124 countries including Japan, Canada and the European Union, which in turn are setting limits on companies and utilities.
     To trap the gas, Agrosuper built biodigestors -- 10-meter- deep lagoons of pig waste covered with a polyurethane sheet. The methane is burned off, reducing emissions by the equivalent of 400,000 metric tons a year of carbon dioxide.

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That's all for this week.


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