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Newsletter 11th October 2004's Weekly Swine Industry Newsletter's Weekly Swine Industry Newsletter
Monday 11th October 2004
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Pork Expo America Latina 2004, Oct 20-22, 2004

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Welcome to this weeks newsletter

Coming soon (20th to the 22nd October) is Pork Expo America Latina 2004 in Foz do Iguacu city, Brazil.
     For more details on this Latin American Exposition click the link right  >>>>

* News Overview (link to ALL this weeks news)

New data from a survey of animal health companies shows that the volume of antibiotics used in animals in the U.S. dropped nearly 8 percent in 2003 compared to the previous year, evidence of increasingly careful use of these important products, says the Animal Health Institute.

In the US, cash hog prices came under pressure this week as packers reduced kills in an effort to improve their margin, reports Glenn Grimes and Ron Plain. Live top hog prices were $3.00 to $5.00 per cwt lower than last week. However things are still pretty good... "if someone would have told us that by October we would have slaughtered over 3% more hogs than in 2003 and still have an average of over $50 per cwt live at the live markets.. we probably would have asked them what they were smoking".
See also: Strong US Pork Sales Play Role In Record Sep Lean Hog Volume

Prices of bacon and chicken chalked up double-digit percentage increases in the last three months, as food costs continued their climb, reports the Des Moines Register. A survey by the American Farm Bureau Federation showed higher retail prices for 11 of 16 food products. Bacon prices averaged $3.52 per pound, up 38 cents which is an increase of 12% from the second quarter, according to the survey released last Monday.

Since bottoming in late August, the feeder pig trade has been on a gallop, appreciating early 20% in less than six weeks. Last week, USDA estimated the per head composite value of 40 to 50 pounders at $48.48, 33% greater than the same week in 2003.
     Interestingly, the pig market has heated up (and continues to get hotter) just as the hog market seems to be tiring a bit, reports John Harrington, DTN Livestock Analyst.

Imagine if the manure excreted from one pig during the production cycle could produce up to 21 gallons of crude oil. University of Illinois researchers are currently converting swine manure into crude oil using a thermochemical conversion (TCC) process.
     The lead scientist Yuanhui Zhang says the TCC crude oil can be processed into a refined oil with a heating value similar to that of diesel fuel.

In Mexico, an appeal filed by Consejo Mexicano de Porcicultura against the Secretaria de Economia's decision not to initiate a safeguard investigation against various US pork products was denied in a resolution published last week. CMP has four months to file an appeal with Mexico's tax court.

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In Canada, the threat of possible duties on Canadian hogs has prompted some Saskatchewan farmers to distance themselves from American markets. The US Department of Commerce is investigating complaints that Canadian farmers exported hogs into the U.S. below their cost of production in 2003. If the department rules against Canada, farmers could lose as much as $30 per hog.

In China, according to statistics released by the Ministry of Commerce, average retail price of fresh pork for August 2004 hit a six-year high of RMB14.60/kg (US$0.80/lb), a rise of 28% compared to the same period in 2003. The average price of live hog was also up by 54%, reports eFeedLink.

In the Philippines, the government should declare there is shortage of pork. Otherwise, some officials should apologize to the people and resign from their post." This was the bold challenge, hurled by South Cotabato Swine Producers Association president James Chua, who disputed reports that there is a shortage of pork meat as the Christmas season approaches.

The Thai swine industry is in the process of upgrading local farm and slaughter operations to meet international standards, a move hoped to open the door for more exports of fresh and processed products, according to Surachai Sutthitham, president of the Swine Raisers Association of Thailand. As part of the government's policy of modernising the local swine industry, farmers have been working with the government to improve farm management systems.

If the European Union succeeds in raising animal welfare and “traceability” issues during the next round of WTO discussions, the cost of many Thai exports could double, a British professor said last week. If the proposals are accepted, Thai pig exporters would have to adjust their pig husbandry techniques to meet European requirements and standards, said Professor Julian Wiseman, University of Nottingham.

In the Netherlands, the Dutch company Bestmeat has announced that agreement has been reached on the purchase of pigmeat processor Hendrix Meat Group. This move will increase Bestmeat’s share of the Dutch pigmeat production market to more than 60%, reports the Dutch Meat Board.

In the UK, although it is stable now, the national pig herd could fall to below half a million sows in 2006, reports the NPA. They say that producers don't think there is sufficient profit in pigs to justify the expensive and time-consuming task of attempting to comply with pages and pages of Integrated Pollution and Prevention Control small print.

Demand for semen from the Titan boar has increased by 50% over the last six months, report JSR Genetics. Genes from this boar line, claimed to be one of the meatiest in the world, have been in constant demand since its launch over two years ago.
     Peter Shelton, JSR Genetics' managing sales director, attributes the recent surge in sales to greater interest, by both producers and processors, in payment based on carcase value which is linked to lean meat content and yield. "This boar sires viable piglets which grow into very robust weaners - a great advantage on farms challenged with PMWS/PDNS," he added.

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* Feature Articles Overview (link to features listings)

We have 4 new features this week:

Converting manure into crude oil
By Yuanhui Zhang, Kim Ocfemia, and Malia Appleford, University of Illinois - Industrial-scale farming has a serious waste problem, but new technology can convert it into oil

Practical Aspects of Artificial Insemination
By Murray Pettitt, Research Scientist-Contract Research Services, Praire Swine Centre - During the last decade, the use of Artificial Insemination (AI) has become common as producers wish to realize the benefits of AI within their herds.

Can Vitamin C improve Pork Quality
By Eric van Heugten, NCSU Swine Extension - Several investigators have reported improvements in swine growth and meat quality when the animals' diet is supplemented with vitamin C. However, other studies have yielded inconsistent results, as some investigators have documented no effects or even negative effects of vitamin C supplements.

Practices to Reduce Ammonia
Prepared by Wendy Powers, Iowa State University - Practices to control ammonia emissions associated with livestock production can be applied to animal housing, manure and compost storage areas, and land where manure is applied. This document provides an overview of control practices for each situation, highlights their advantages and disadvantages, and allows producers to make informed choices after evaluating production and economic aspects of their operations.

* This Weeks Practical Tip (link to weekly tips page)
Extracted from
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Topic: The Management of Infertility
Subject: The Boar - Lack of Libido

This weeks tip gives the key points to consider if a boar fails to serve.

To read this weeks tip, Click Here

NEXT WEEK'S TIP: Mating Procedures - Key points to successful supervised natural matings - Part 1 of 2

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* Finally...

Hamming Up A Huge Market

More than 50 per cent of the UK market is made up of ham which has a wider appeal than other sliced meats. Sliced cooked meats represent a £1.5 billion market and are purchased by 95 per cent of homes. A new category report has now been produced by the Meat and Livestock Commission (MLC) for the British Pig Executive (BPEX).

The report looks at four main uses of cooked meats:

  • Food on the move
  • Quick meals
  • Salads
  • Freedom meals - informal occasions such as buffets.

Pig Meat Marketing Manager Chris Lukehurst said: "Food on the Move - mainly sandwiches - and Quick Meals use meat from the fridge where convenience, long shelf life and lower price outweigh perceptions that the product is processed.
     "In fact when consumers do want to improve the quality of a sandwich they are more likely to do so by improving the bread or adding more fillings or dressings rather than by improving the quality of the ham. For Salads and Freedom Meals the meat will tend to be bought specifically for the meal and quality is much more important.
     "The report introduces Taste Signatures, a simple graphical representation of how emotions influence choices and in turn how that choice satisfies a desire. These should be interesting to those in product development or communication."

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That's all for this week.


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