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Newsletter 10th January 2005's Weekly Swine Industry Newsletter's Weekly Swine Industry Newsletter
Monday 10th January 2005
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Welcome to 2005, and this week's newsletter.

As we commence a new year the team at would like to take the opportunity to wish all our global readers every success for 2005 and to thank our growing list of Sponsors, Partners and Advertisers who enable us to continue to provide this free-to-access information service.

During 2004 ThePigSite has continued to be recognised as the leading global reference point for all those involved with swine at all levels of investment or interest, with overall visitor readership increasing by 51%, to an average of over 140,000 visitor sessions per month from over 120 countries around the world. More details of this success is highlighted below.
* Overview


Our Main Sponsors now represent some of the world's leading companies in their field and are to be particularly thanked for their support (in no particular order):

Intervet kindly support

Intervet part of Akzo Nobel, was founded in 1969 and developed into a modern animal health company with a strong focus on the market and its customers. Historically Intervet's focus was mainly on vaccines where the company held a global leadership position.
     Their portfolio has now grown to include biologicals, anti-infectives, antiparasitics, feed additives, endocrine products for fertility management and a large range of specialised pharmaceutical products for a variety of diseases and performance indications.
     Intervet joined the site in 2004 and are based in Boxmeer, Netherlands.

Schering-Plough Animal Health kindly sponsor

Schering-Plough Animal Health joined the site in 2003 and are committed to helping the swine producer and large animal veterinarian maintain a healthy and productive herd.
     SPAH's comprehensive line of swine products has been proven safe, reliable, and effective. With facilities worldwide, SPAH constantly monitor the emerging diseases and develop new and more effective vaccines and treatment programs which help to maintain an animal's health.
Schering-Plough Animal Health are headquartered in New Jersey, U.S.A.

Dupont Animal Health Solutions (DAHS) kindly support

Dupont Animal Health Solutions, was formed in 2004 following Dupont's strategic acquisition of the animal health assets of leading biosecurity companies Antec International and BioSentry. Antec International was a founding Sponsor of our site.
The company focuses its efforts on three main areas:
1. offering a wider global reach in biosecurity provision and personalized customer service
2. Innovation to further enhance productivity and profitability
3. local service commitment especially in technical support
Dupont Animal Health Solutions business is managed in four key global locations - Sudbury U.K., Atlanta U.S.A., Sao Paolo Brazil and Taipei Taiwan under the global business leadership of Yves Kirpach.

Merial kindly sponsor

Merial is the world's leading and most successful animal health company producing a wide range of pharmaceuticals and vaccines to keep livestock and pets healthy and productive. An innovation-driven leader, Merial has the largest research & development investment in the animal health industry with seventeen research and development centres around the world.
     Headquartered in Lyon, France, with operations based in the US, France, Latin America and Asia, Merial employs approximately 6,500 people, operates in more than 150 countries and generates sales in excess of 1.7 billion Euros.
Merial is jointly owned by Merck & Co., Inc. and Aventis S.A.

Fort Dodge kindly sponsor

Fort Dodge Animal Health serves the U.S. and International Markets and distributes products in over 100 countries. It is the top veterinary biological (vaccine) manufacturer in the world and ranks second in veterinary vaccine sales in N. America.
     FDAH produced the first mycoplasma vaccine and the first modified live-virus hog cholera vaccine. It was founded in 1912 and became a division of Wyeth in 1945. FHAH employs approximately 4000 employees worldwide and following the acquisition of the American Cyanamid Co and Syntex Animal Health in 1995 is now based at Kansas City, U.S.A.

Alpharma Animal Health kindly sponsor

Alpharma Animal Health Division joined the site in 2004 and is a global leader in the development, registration, manufacturing and marketing of pharmaceutical products and technologies for food producing animals.
     These products maintain good health and robust growth, enhance production efficiency and treat disease. They are integral, health-management tools necessary to meet the world's growing demand for a safe, abundant and affordable food supply.
Alpharma AHD are based at Fort Lee, New Jersey, U.S.A.

Boehringer Ingelheim UK kindly support

Boehringer Ingelheim UK, is the U.K. Division of Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health GmbH - the largest family owned pharmaceutical corporation - and joined the site in 2003.
     Vetmedica is the animal health division of Boehringer Ingelheim produces a range of products for both the prevention and treatment of a number of diseases in pigs. All Vetmedica products are sold through veterinary surgeons in the UK.

JSR Genetics kindly sponsor

JSR Genetics joined the site in 2003, is a member of the JSR Farming Group and one of the world's leading pig genetics companies. It was formed when three leading genetics houses were merged - JSR Healthbred, JSR Newsham and The Cotswold Pig Development Company - and provides pig producers around the world with a range of products, services and a wide choice of top quality breeding stock and semen.
JSR Genetics are based at Driffield, Yorkshire, U.K.

Automated Production Systems (AP) kindly support

Automated Production Systems (AP) is a division of The GSI Group Inc and joined the site in 2004. AP offer a complete range of swine production equipment - including feeders and drinkers, ventilation and heating equipment, feed storage and delivery, flooring and confinement to producers around the world. A.P. are based in Assumption, Illinois, U.S.A.

Park Tonks kindly sponsor

Park Tonks Ltd. is a U.K. formulator and manufacturer of nutritional supplements for animal health and features ApeelMatrix and Viramatrix - supplement feeds providing natural health benefits for growing pigs.
Park Tonks are based at Gt. Abington, Cambridge, U.K.


In addition we also wish to recognise and thank our site Partners who continue to provide valuable support and make their technical knowledge and services known to our site readers: SITE OVERVIEW

It has been a very busy year for which has seen the site go from strength to strength. Visitor traffic has boomed and several new sections have been added along with new Search Engine technology to assist in finding the right document!

New Sections

The new sections include:
  • Swine Bibliography
    Aimed to assist the busy swine veterinarian, our Swine bibliography, which is published quarterly in association with Merial, provides short bibliographical bulletins summarising the latest research papers and publications.
  • Reproduction Problem Solver
    Our interactive Infectious Infertility Problem Solver is designed to act as a guide to potential infectious infertility problems, and assist the process of identifying possible infertility problems.
  • Online Treatment Guide
    Not sure what the options may be for treating a specific problem/disease? - Let our Treatment Options Guide provides some of the answers!
  • The Pig Journal
    ThePigSite is proud to be associated with the World's oldest Pig Journal, published bi-annually by the UK Pig Veterinary Society. This new integral service allows visitors to search/browse all the Journal abstracts on-line, as well as placing orders.
  • Stockmanship Standards
    This section provides a collection of Stockmanship Standards collated by Dr John Carr (presently Iowa State University), and Garth Veterinary Group, as published in our Booklet "Garth Pig Stockmanship Standards".
New Chinese Web Site

September 2004 saw the launch of, our new Chinese language website. This followed the opening of our Beijing Office in June 2004. Over the next 12 months this site will be enhanced to benefit from the many features available on the English language site. China produces and consumes nearly half the world pork and is very excited to be launching into the world largets pig industry.

Visitor Numbers

Visitor and usage statistics have gone from strength to strength. Throughout 2004 the site received over 1.7 million visitor sessions, and over 6.4 million page impressions. Over 84,000 people connected to the site on a regular basis.

* Brief News Overview (link to ALL this weeks news)

In the UK, a recent study by the University of Exeter says that many British farmers are giving up due to the pressure of PMWS, while in Poland, initial fears that accession to the EU would damage the interests of Polish farmers have not been realised and the impact during the first eight months has been broadly positive as pig prices rose 21%.

The European Commission has approved the acquisition of Hendrix Meat Group by Sovion, a move that will create the largest meat processor in the Netherlands and one of the largest in Northern Europe. It focused its investigation on the market for slaughtering of pigs, and in particular on whether the new company would have sufficient market power to depress the price paid to farmers delivering pigs to slaughterhouses.

In the US, South Dakota State University suggests that feeding field peas in swine diets could lower feed costs and lower the amount of phosphorous in manure. Glenn Grimes and Ron Plain report that cash feeder pig prices remain very strong and that live hog demand was up 12% for Jan-Nov from the previous year.

A "largely integrated" North American hog industry had the US importing about 8% of the hogs it slaughtered in 2004 from Canada which represents an eightfold increase from just 15 years ago, according to the USDA agricultural economist Mildred Haley. Meanwhile, the Chair of Manitoba Pork Council is hopeful 2005 will bring an end to American antidumping duties imposed on imported live Canadian pigs, as Canada's defense is gaining strength as the case moves forward, Farmscape reports.

Chilean pork producers are eliminating methane fumes from animal waste and selling the resulting Kyoto Protocol credits to Japanese and Canadian utilities, reports TheStar

In New Zealand, new codes for pigs have come into force on January 1, and cover all types of pig production, including a reduction in the use of dry sow stalls over 10 years and a reduction of maximum confinement in farrowing crates for 6 weeks, according to

* Feature Articles Overview (link to features listings)

We have 4 new features this week:

The effect of including field peas in diets for growing-finishing pigs
By Hans H. Stein, Ph D, Department of Animal and Range Science, South Dakota State University - The objective of this study was to evaluate the effects of including field peas in diets for growing and finishing pigs.

U.S.D.A Quarterly Pigs and Hogs Report: December 2004
This quarter's quarterly Hogs and Pigs report from the USDA's National Agricultural Statistics Service. The article provides the report text and graphs, and helps explain what it all means. Link also to the full PDF report.

Amino Acid Requirements Based on Protein Deposition Rates
By J.F. Patience and R.T. Zijlstra and published by the Prairie Swine Center - In this study, nine hundred and sixty weaned pigs were exposed for 5.5 weeks to controlled concentrations of airborne dust and ammonia in a single, multi-factorial experiment.

Pork Outlook Report - December 2004
By U.S.D.A., Economic Research Service - This article is an extract from the December 2004: Livestock, Dairy and Poultry Outlook Report, highlighting Global Pork Industry data. The report indicates that US pork exports increase more than 25% over 2003.

That's all for this week.


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