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Newsletter 14th November 2005's Weekly Swine Industry Newsletter's Weekly Swine Industry Newsletter
Monday 14th November 2005
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Welcome to this weeks newsletter

* News Overview (link to ALL this weeks news)

In China, officials revealed that pigs have tested positive for bird flu in Hunan Province, where a bird epidemic is raging and one human death, possibly from bird flu, has already occurred, reported Phoenix TV.
     Hunan Province Bureau of Agriculture officials tested samples of pig oral secretions to assess the possibility that bird flu was responsible for the death of a 12-year old girl on October 17th. The deputy head of the Bureau of Agriculture in Hunan Province, Ou Daiming, said that this was the first time pigs have been tested for the virus in Hunan Province.
     However, the provincial government announced last Friday that no pigs have been infected by bird flu in the central-south Province of Hunan.
     "The recent reports by some media that the bird flu virus was found in pigs in the epidemic site are unfounded and have no scientific evidence," Qiu Bogen, chief officer of the provincial veterinary office, said at a press conference.

In this weeks hog report, eFeedLink report that prices of live hogs in China were generally stable, but edged higher in some regions for the week ending Nov 4. Pork consumption in China has slightly improved, following recent bird flu outbreaks in the country.
     Hog raisers were also slower to release their hogs into markets while waiting for their prices to improve, consequently lending support to prices. However, as hog supplies continued to outstrip demand, any rise in prices was still marginal.

In the US, the weekly hog review by Glenn Grimes and Ron Plain suggest that the soybean and corn crops for 2005 will continue to grow. The current year's soybean crop was revised from 2.967 billion bushels in the October estimate to 3.043 billion bushels in the November estimate.
     These lower feed prices will be positive for feeder pig prices, and compared to the 2004-2005 marketing year, will reduce the total cost of producing hogs by about $1.25 per cwt for the average-cost producer, they say.

A University of Nebraska biological engineering scientist is trying to better predict where the stench from livestock waste will waft. Tools such as Rick Stowell’s odor footprint tool provide a scientific approach to determining the distance and direction of buffer zones around livestock operations. They are important for nearly everyone affected by such operations - investors looking to locate a new farm or expand, county zoning officials and neighbors downwind of the smells.
     Stowell enters data about a site - including weather patterns, the number of animals and how they will be housed - to forecast the likely direction and intensity of the smell. Whereas the Minnesota model, known as OFFSET, produces a circle around the odor-emitting operation, Stowell’s model produces a varied outline - resembling a fried egg - showing where the odor will go.
In Canada, Saskatchewan's Agriculture Minister is convinced expanded value added processing holds the key to the province's long term prosperity. Agriculture Minister Mark Wartman insists Saskatchewan can no longer continue to export its primary agricultural products out of the country.
     He says his province is committed to the expansion of value added processing in the province's livestock industry. "Over the years ahead of us, and we're looking in the neighborhood of ten to 20 years, we would like to see multiples of six to ten times in terms of growth of our livestock production" he said.

A major outbreak of bird flu in the European Union's poultry flock could close off exports worth $1 billion, force domestic prices lower but push up world market levels, the FAO said last Tuesday. The FAO said potential trade bans in the event of a widespread avian influenza outbreak in the 25-nation EU bloc were already unsettling world markets.
     It said the FAO's economic model had combined the impact of bird flu in Europe with the recent outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) in Brazil, the world's largest meat exporter. "Preliminary results of this analysis indicate that the potential short-term impact would be higher meat prices for all meats on world markets," it said, adding this would range from 7-8% for poultry and beef and 3% for pigmeat.

PROGRESSIS - Inactivated PRRS Vaccine for Sows and Gilts.
PROGRESSIS - Inactivated PRRS Vaccine for Sows and Gilts

In the UK, sales of organic products continue to grow much faster than sales in the non-organic grocery market and last year reached £1.213 billion - an 11% increase on the previous calendar year - according to figures released today by the Soil Association. The growth in sales equates to £2.3 million a week.
     The Soil Association's Organic Market Report 2005 - the most comprehensive review of the organic sector - says sales of organic products through box schemes, farm shops and farmers’ markets increased by 33% in 2004. Sales through independent shops also rocketed, increasing by 43%. The supermarket share of the market fell from 81% to 75% but still accounts for £913 million in sales.

In the same report, leading supermarket chains were accused of importing cheap organic meat and salads produced to lower standards than required in Britain, reports The Times.
     The Soil Association criticised Tesco, Asda and Morrison for their sourcing policy, particularly in beef, pork and salads. Helen Browning, Food and Farming director, said: “We really need to get long-term commitment from supermarkets to buy products grown in the UK.”

Far-reaching changes to industry funded levy bodies, proposed in the Radcliffe Report, have been welcomed by the British Pig Executive. The review, carried out by economist Rosemary Radcliffe on behalf of Defra, proposes fundamental changes in the way in which levy bodies operate in order to bring them closer to levy payers and improve their operational efficiency.
     BPEX Chairman Stewart Houston said: "The review has some radical suggestions about the future structure and organisation of levy bodies and those are welcomed.

Farming will help the UK reduce greenhouse gas emissions by at least a million tonnes of CO2 per year thanks to the introduction of a five-percent Renewable Transport Fuel Obligation. The government recently announced that by 2010, 5% of all transport fuel will come from CO2 neutral sources like bioethanol and bio-diesel which is refined from crops including wheat, sugarbeet and oilseed rape.

Pig traders are reporting signs of slightly tighter pig availability and better demand for week commencing Monday, 7 November. The GB Euro Deadweight Adjusted Pig Price has remained almost static at 101.75p (compared with 100.3p a year ago).
     EU pigmeat prices are also holding steady with mainland average prices virtually unchanged and equivalent to 88.6p/kg deadweight. After allowing for heavier carcass weights and lower bottom line deductions, EU prices are only around 5% lower than equivalent quotes in the UK.

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Denmark revised its previous downward 2005 pig production forecast to a slight increase of 0.7% this year, and a lower average year on year price rise of 1.7%, reports BPEX. Environmental constraints in Denmark could see slaughterings levels decrease by 1 million head, and significantly more live piglets sent to Germany where the cutting facilities are cheaper.
     2005 pigmeat export volumes are expected to be at stable levels, but about 100,000 tonnes could be diverted from the Japanese, Australia and Chinese markets to meet the increased demand for Danish product from the new member states.

Danish Crown has announced plans for a significant reduction in the Group’s fixed costs by closing the slaughterhouse in Odense and splitting the Funen-based slaughtering activities between the plants in Horsens and Ringsted. The plans also comprise a restructuring of retail packing operations for the home market by locating production at two plants and closing the plant at Holbæk.
     The slaughterhouse in Odense currently slaughters approx. 38,000 pigs per week. The plan is for production at Odense to be relocated to Ringsted, whose capacity will be expanded, and to Horsens where capacity at the new slaughterhouse continues to increase.

Poland has demanded that Russia give a full explanation of its reasons for suspending Polish meat imports, Polish Minister of Agriculture Krzysztof Jurgiel said Wednesday. The Polish Agricultural Ministry will take all measures possible to restore meat and meat product exports to Russia as soon as possible, Jurgiel told reporters here.
     Russia announced on Wednesday that it was going to stop imports of Polish beef, beef accessories, pork, pork accessories, poultry meat, poultry giblets and meat half-products from Thursday, accusing Polish meat and meat product producers of breaking relevant Russian laws by using fake export licenses.

Australia has been declared free of PMWS, feared to have found its way into a herd in South Australia. Pork producers welcomed the outcome but have vowed to continue fighting against rising levels of pig meat imports they say threaten Australia's unique immunity from the disease. Agriculture authorities began investigating two suspected cases of Post-weaning Multisystemic Wasting Syndrome (PMWS) in South Australia and NSW in July.
     The NSW case proved to be negative, and the federal Agriculture Department said pigs at the South Australian property had now also been ruled free of the disease. "The mortalities on the farm were caused by a range of endemic diseases, triggered by altered management practices," Australia's deputy chief veterinary officer Bob Biddle said.

MaxiVac Excell 3 - Three Strikes against swine flu
Three Strikes against swine flu

Company news

ACMC, Britain's fastest-growing pig breeding company, is looking for farmers with pig-keeping experience to set up multiplying herds to produce high-health AC1 parent gilts and Meidam grandparent females.
     In addition to local farmers, the East Yorkshire company is seeking multipliers in areas of low pig density, in particular Scotland and The Borders, East and West Midlands and the South West. Farmers will be paid premiums on the number of breeding pigs they produce.

* Feature Articles Overview (link to features listings)

We have 5 new features this week:

Competition from South American Pork Production
By Luciano Roppa and presented at the 2005 Banff Pork - The ongoing growth of the world population has made researchers ask where food will be produced in the future. What areas will have land and water availability for food production based on plant and animal proteins?

Out-of-Feed Events in Grow-Finish Pigs
By Brian Richert, Purdue University; Jeremy Marchant-Forde and Ruth Marchant-Forde, USDA-ARS Research Associates, Purdue University and Mike Brumm, University of Nebraska - In theory, bulk bins and automated feed delivery systems assure an uninterrupted flow of feed to the feeder in swine grow-finish facilities. In practice, growing-finishing pigs have varying disruptions in feed availability, some of which may have serious consequences.

The role of Porcilis® AR-T in an Atrophic Rhinitis eradication programme
By Marc Martens, Intervet - Before 1960, it was assumed that pig farms once infected with Atrophic Rhinitis (AR) would always remain that way. Depopulation followed by complete repopulation with new AR-free animals was the only means to become free of AR. The problem of AR was addressed in this way by state-run programmes in many European countries (East and West).

Organic Market Report 2005
This article from the Soil Association provides a summary of their Organic Market Report 2005. The report highlights that sales of organic products in the UK increased by 33% in 2004. Whilst the main focus of the summary is on the UK, the report also touches on aspects of the European and Worldwide organic production.

Does boar presence influence aggression, shoulder scratches and stress among newly mixed bred sows?
By M. J. Séguin, T.M. Widowski and R.M. Friendship, University of Guelph; R.N. Kirkwood and A.J. Zanella, Michigan State University - This article is taken from the University of Guelph Swine Research Review 2005 report. In group housing systems, the mixing of unfamiliar sows often results in aggression within the first few days which can cause injury and stress.

Enterisol Ileitis - The oral vaccine against ileitis
Enterisol Ileitis - The oral vaccine against ileitis

* This Weeks Practical Tip (link to weekly tips page)
Extracted from
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Topic: The Management of Infertility
Subject: Diseases/Conditions that can indirectly affect Reproductive Loss - An Overview

This weeks tip looks at Osteoporosis (OP) and Osteomalacia (OM).

This weeks tip: Diseases/Conditions that can indirectly affect Reproductive Loss - Osteoporosis (OP) and Osteomalacia (OM).

NEXT WEEK'S TIP: Diseases/Conditions that can indirectly affect Reproductive Loss - An Overview - Lameness.

* Finally...

Profit in turning animal waste into proteins, company says

     More food makers could make an extra euro or two by converting their waste animal products into proteins under a new consulting programme launched by Alfa Laval. The new programme could also help food makers meet the requirements laid down by the EU's animal by products (ABP) regulation, applicable since 1 May 2003.
     Under the regulation food makers are required to adopt expensive disposal techniques. The 2003 regulation prohibits the disposal of animal by-products to landfill. Instead they must be treated at an approved rendering, incinerator, biogas or composting plant. Under strict hygiene safeguards the law allows animal by- products to be reprocessed into animal feed or for making ingredients for the food or pharmaceutical industries.
     Most of the materials are converted into low value animal feed products says Jette Kristensen, a manager at Alfa Laval's oil and protein technology unit. He says the Sweden-based company's technology and network can help food companies turn these wastes into higher-value components such as functional proteins, flavour ingredients and essential amino acids.

That's all for this week.


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