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Newsletter - 27th March 2006
Monday 27th March 2006
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Welcome to this weeks newsletter

*This Week's Feature Articles

We have 3 new features this week:

Global pork production: meeting the challenge in a changing world
By Alberta Pork - There will be more than 3.5 billion more mouths to feed half way through this century - will they be eating pork?
Impact of Repeated Out-Of-Feed Events and Fineness of Grind on Grow-Finish Performance
By Michael C. Brumm, Extension Swine Specialist and Sheryl L. Colgan, Research Technologist - Out-of-feed events are a growing problem in nursery and grow-finish facilities due to issues associated with feed delivery to bulk bins and bridging of feed in bulk bins.
Manure Scraper System Reduces Hydrogen Sulphide Levels in Swine Barns
By B.Z. Predicala and E.L. Cortus, Prairie Swine Center, S.P. Lemay, Institut de Recherche et de Développement en Agroenvironnement and C. Laguë, University of Saskatchewan - The effectiveness of a manure scraper system for reducing the risk of barn worker and animal exposure to hydrogen sulphide (H2S) was evaluated by comparing gas levels in two identical grow-finish rooms.
Enterisol Ileitis - The oral vaccine against ileitis
Enterisol Ileitis - The oral vaccine against ileitis

*Global Pig Industry News (link to all this weeks news)

We start this week in the US where researchers report they have created pigs that produce omega-3 fatty acids, thought to improve heart function and help reduce the risks for heart disease, representing the first cloned transgenic livestock in the world that can make the beneficial compound.
     The research could be a boost to both farmers and health-conscious consumers seeking an alternative and safer source of omega-3 fatty acids, says Medical News Today.

In this week's US hog industry review, Glenn Grimes and Ron Plain report that the U.S. meat industry is drowning in chicken and that this is probably the factor that is the most negative for both beef and pork prices. Consumption of chicken in countries affected by Avian Influenza has declined sharply in most instances resulting in record cold storage stocks of chicken and reduced exports.
See also: Avian Influenza News

In his weekly report, Wayne D. Purcell says that concerns of abundant pork products and slipping pork values have offset initial support from snow storms.
     The heavy pace of hog slaughter and growing competition from increasing poultry supplies have pressured price. Prices are expected to continue to struggle as hog slaughter and pork production continue ahead of expectations.

Ivomec - Better products mean better results
Ivomec - Better products mean better results

Steve Meyer reports that the US pork sector has some stock variable problems recently. Total pork in cold storage was 6% larger than one year ago and 23% larger than on Dec. 31. Inventories of hams, loins and trimmings were significantly higher.
     The ham number is not a big concern as last year's ham inventories were somewhat low due to active exports to Mexico. He points out that the loin and trimmings numbers are probably a direct reflection of very competitively priced chicken breasts and dark meat.

A national survey of the pork packing industry completed in 2005 by the Pork Checkoff and the University of Missouri has determined that the incidence of pale, soft and exudative (PSE) pork in the industry is 3.34%, significantly less than findings from a similar study three years earlier.
     PSE pork is pale, soft and exudative pork that is of low quality and of significantly less value to the industry than normal pork.

Hog farmer Jeff Wuebker believes his new thick plastic storage tanks reduce the chances of spilling the liquid nitrogen fertilizer they contain and polluting the streams near his western Ohio farm. The 10,000-gallon, 13-foot-tall tanks cost $18,000, and Wuebker was only able to get $2,000 from the government to help with the cost.
     Many farmers are putting more of their own money into anti-pollution and conservation measures - upgrading storage tanks, building dikes and planting grass barriers to absorb and filter soil and chemicals that runoff water can carry from the farm, reports Arkan Beacon Journal.

Four West Virginia farms have been quarantined following the discovery of tuberculosis in hogs illegally sent out of Ohio, according to West Virginia's Department of Agriculture. The hogs were bought in Hillsboro about 40 miles east of Cincinnati.

Problems with PMWS in Ontario, Canada have been highlighted again by Larry Skinner, chair of Ontario Pork's board who says tens of thousands of hogs have been removed from farms by deadstock companies this winter and last year as a result of the disease.
     Province wide mortality rates are running at 10-12% - five to six times above the norm on affected farms. On the hardest-hit farms, the figure is 40-50% or more.
See also: PMWS and PCVD Technical Focus

Aivlosin - The brand new macrolide antibiotic
Aivlosin - The brand new macrolide antibiotic

Scientists at the Prairie Swine Centre are reported to be evaluating the effectiveness of several novel approaches to controlling both odor and gas emissions from swine barns.
     There has been considerable research into diet manipulation, manure additives and mechanical approaches to reducing odor and gas emissions from manure and now the PSC is assessing the ability of nanoparticles to scrub gases from the air, amongst other idea's, reports Farmscape.

Farming poses the biggest threat to fresh water supplies, according to a major United Nations report. Agriculture was consuming more water as the world population increased and as people turned to a Western diet, one of the scientists on the report said.
     Farms use two-thirds of fresh water taken from aquifers and other sources. The UN concludes that ending subsidies on pesticides and fertilisers, and realistic pricing on water, would reduce demand and pollution.

In the UK, militant farmers are using guerrilla tactics against supermarkets selling pork, bacon, ham and sausages that fail UK animal welfare standards, reports The Times. Thousands of red warning stickers have been printed and farmers and their supporters are visiting stores and putting the labels on packs of the offending meat.
     The farmers’ ambush against their main customers comes after a price war that has seen pig meat prices drop to £1 per kg and less. British farmers are having to match the cheaper prices of their rivals in the Netherlands, Denmark, Belgium and France, where production costs are lower.

Don't Chose - Get both with PIC Dam Lines!
PIC - Evolving with the pork chain

A poll of public opinion has found that four fifths of adults would support new laws to protect farmers in their dealings with the big supermarkets. It also revealed that two thirds of those surveyed think British farmers are not being paid enough for the food they produce. The poll, carried out by GfK NOP Consumer Omnibus, surveyed 1000 adults aged 15+.

In Ireland, a new multi-million-euro waste-management scheme designed to help farmers adjust to the environmental conditions required by the EU nitrates directive was announced at the weekend by Agriculture and Food Minister Mary Coughlan.
     The announcement followed EC approval of the wide-ranging scheme, which Ms Coughlan described as an exciting and forward-looking Government measure.

In this weeks Piglet Market Weekly, eFeedLink report that China's piglet prices were mostly lower in the week ending Mar 23. Lower hog prices continue to discourage raisers from replenishing piglet inventories.
     Some raisers were unwilling to sell their hogs as prices have stayed weak. Meanwhile, others have sold hogs and cash returns were mostly used to buy farming tools and other goods in preparation for the spring sowing season.

SowComfort. Never before has standing been so easy!
SowComfort. Never before has standing been so easy! - from Big Dutchman

In their Live Hog Weekly, eFeedLink report that live hog prices in China continued to move lower during the week ending Mar 20. Over-production of live hogs and a fall in pork demand weighed on hog prices. Due to narrow differences in hog prices between regions, hog traders were restrained in making cross-province deliveries.

In India, hundreds of pigs have died in the city of Mizoram over the past few days due to swine fever, severely affecting pork sales. State veterinary department officials said that the fever was caused by the swine fever that had occasionally struck state during the past years and it had nothing to do with bird flu.
     Saingura Sailo, joint director of the AH and Veterinary department said that the swine were infected by the fever mainly due to the fact that the owners failed to vaccinate them.

In Mozambique, an african swine fever epidemic has killed more than 4,000 pigs in the central provinces of Sofala and Manica. More than 3 000 animals have been reported killed in Sofala alone, while Manica, where the fever erupted in February has reported more than 1,000 deaths.

Company news

Scotland's first multiplier unit for international pig-breeding company, ACMC Ltd, is being established this month by well-known pig farmer, Paul Duxbury and family, from Rothienorman, Inverurie, Aberdeenshire.
     The 500-sow high-health indoor unit, which will be producing AC1 parent gilts from Meidam grandparent and great-grandparent stock and Volante boars, is due to come on stream this autumn.

That's all for this week!


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