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Newsletter 10th April 2006
Monday 10th April 2006
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Welcome to this week's newsletter

*This Week's Feature Articles

We have 4 new features this week:

Porcine Circovirus In Canada
By JoAnn Alumbaugh and published by - If you are a pork producer, chances are you’ve encountered problems with Circovirus Type 2 (PCV2), a newly recognized virus that has been associated with a number of disorders. The virus itself has been around a long time, and most herds test positive, even if they’ve never seen clinical signs.
UK/EU Pig Statistics - March 2006
This article provides an overview of the latest statistics relating to pigs in the UK and Europe and includes Slaughter figures, Carcase weights, Pigmeat production, trade and supplies and UK and EU Prices and value of pigs. Extracted from the quarterly pig bulletin published by Defra.
UK/EU Pig Populations - March 2006
This article is extracted from Chapter 5. of the quarterly pig bulletin published by Defra and provides a brief overview of the latest statistics relating to pig populations in the UK and Europe.
Pork Central Hog Market Review: April 1st 2006
By Al Prosch, Nebraska University Pork Central Coordinator - Expectations that the March Hogs and Pigs Report show modest expansion of the US sow herd (average expectation was about 101%) left the April futures markets trading in a narrow range from $57.00 to $58.00. The report came in almost exactly on expectations.
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*Global Pig Industry News (link to all this weeks news)

General News

Should We Panic About Bird Flu?
Should you panic about bird flu? Study the scientific evidence and you can only conclude that the media scare is mostly hype, says this article.

  USA News

Texas Says It Will Wait A Year To Start Animal ID Project
The Texas Animal Health Commission on Tuesday announced it would wait until next year to develop mandatory premises registration regulations for places that livestock and fowl are held, handled or managed.

Trichinosis Parasite Found In Pig At Carroll Farm
Maryland State agriculture officials warned consumers Thursday that trichinosis - a disease caused by a parasitic worm - had been discovered in tests conducted on a dead pig taken from a Carroll County farm.

Odds High For Seasonal Price Increase
Glenn Grimes and Ron Plain report that the hogs and pigs report for March 1 came in more bullish than they expected but relatively close to trade estimates. The total hog herd was up 0.7%, the breeding herd was up 1.4%, and the market herd was up 0.6%. With the large supplies of beef and poultry, the pork industry needs smaller supplies not larger, they say.
Porcilis APP - The four-way vaccine against pleuropneumonia
Hogs & Pigs Report Delivers No Surprises
The report delivered no major surprises and was generally neutral says The breeding inventory was virtually unchanged in comparison to year prior. The overall herd was larger by 1% compared to a year earlier. In summary, the U.S. inventory of all hogs and pigs on March 1, 2005 was 60.104 million head. This was up 1% from year prior.

Minnesota Uni Encourages Increased Canadian/US Dialogue
The Director of the University of Minnesota Swine Center is encouraging increased dialogue involving swine producers on both sides of the Canada US border to head off any potential new trade disputes.

  Canadian News

Strategies to Reduce Supplemental Phosphorus Cut Costs and Benefit the Environment
The Prairie Swine Centre suggests formulating diets according to available phosphorus and using the phytase enzyme to break down unavailable phosphorus can reduce diet costs while offering environmental benefits. Phytase is a naturally occurring enzyme that can be derived from a number of sources including bacteria, fungi or yeast and, when added to the diet, it's able to break down much of the phosphorus in feed grain that would normally pass through the pig undigested.

Public Generally Supportive of Proposed OlyWest Winnipeg Pork Plant
An official with Hytek reports the response of local residents to a 200 million dollar OlyWest pork processing plant proposed for Winnipeg has been generally positive. The project plans to build a 300,000 square foot pork processing plant in the St. Boniface industrial park.
DuPont Animal Health Solutions - bringing new life to biosecurity.
  Denmark News

Danish Slaughterings Will Continue To Fall
Denmark's four percent fall in sow numbers - as highlighted in its January census - is being attributed to tether ban legislation and smaller producers leaving the industry reports the NPA.

  European Union News

Pig Prices Better Than Forecast
The European Commission pig management committee has reported stable European Union pig production levels with prices better than forecast in some member states, in part attributed to the move away from poultry sales arising from avian flu concerns. However, most recent outbreaks of classical swine fever in the Rhine Westphalia region of Germany raised concern, as it had been thought the situation was contained.

  United Kingdom News

Asda Blockaded In Yorkshire Over Dual Standards
Asda's giant retail distribution depot near Wakefield in West Yorkshire was blockaded by angry Yorkshire and Lincolnshire pig farmers last Thursday night with no lorries allowed to enter for two and a half hours. The blockaders were protesting about the dual standards operated by most major supermarkets – including Asda – which play lip service to animal welfare and fair-trading whilst importing a growing amount of pork raised on pig farms that would be illegal in the UK, reports the British Pig Industry Support Group.

Supermarket Power And Price Wars Damage British Food Supply Chain
The unchecked growth of supermarkets and the ferocious competition between them is damaging the British food supply chain and creating a climate of fear amongst many suppliers, according to farming unions. In a report submitted to the Office of Fair Trading in response to a consultation, the NFU and other unions make the recommendation that the scope of the OFT retailer referral to the Competition Commission should be extended.
Slurry Store Grants Will Be Found, Hints Rooker
All farmers taking part in the Farm Nutrient Management scheme in Northern Ireland are now expected to be paid the 60% grant for investing in slurry storage, following an emergency meeting between the Ulster Farmers Union and agriculture minister Jeff Rooker. Questionmarks over the funding first came to light at the beginning of March when DARD announced that the £45m set aside for the scheme would not be enough.

Help To Unlock The Supply Chain
UK - Getting better links between the different elements of the supply chain can bring major benefits to all in terms of greater efficiency and the British Pig Executive (BPEX) is offering cash help to achieve this. Applications are being sought for the latest round of supply chain grants which can cover up to 50 per cent of the total costs of a project.

  Ireland News

IFA Report Pig Spot Prices To 145 cent
Pig prices generally gained 2c/kg this week. IFA said prices ranged from 136 to 140 cent/kg, but low supply levels and strong demand have combined to boost spot prices to 145 cent. Export plants mostly quote 136 cent to 140 cent net flat rate, with 6c extra for welfare pigs. The pork slaughtering price range is 140 to 143 cent.

Pig Kill Slumps By 26,000
More pigs being sent north of the border for higher prices is one of the reasons given for a year-on-year slump in numbers slaughtered at factories in the Republic. For the week ending March 18, pigs slaughtered in licensed meat export premises south of the border fell to 42,190, and killings for the year to date were down 22,700 compared to last year.
ARATO V-Drinker - No More Height Adjustments
  Australia News

World Class Scientists Interested In Local Pig Farm
A group of bio-geneticists and veterinary health professionals have been looking over a local pig farm before starting its conversion to a cleaner and healthier farming system. The LETU system (a natural, chemical free probiotic strain of lactobacillus) means that pig producers will no longer need to rely on antibiotics to support their numbers.

  Hong Kong News

Hong Kong To Stop Pig Farming Due To Environmental Concerns
Hong Kong plans to cease pig farming permanently under a 941.7-million-HK dollar (US$ 121 million) scheme to improve the sanitary situation, said the territory's authorities on Tuesday. The ex-gratia payment will be used to compensate pig farmers who choose to surrender their licenses voluntarily, said the Health, Welfare and Food Bureau of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

  China News

China Hog Market Weekly
In this weeks China Hog Market Weekly, eFeedLink report that live hog prices in China remained weak during the week ending Apr 3, with minor fluctuations in some regions. Domestic supplies continued to outstrip demand on overproduction of live hogs, which reduced the profitability of hog production. Hog prices in Hebei, Henan and Shandong provinces were stable.

Company news

Merial Trials Show New Vaccine Will Protect Against PMWS
When available in Britain, Merial's PCV2 vaccine Circovac will be administered to sows and gilts, which will then pass on protection to their offspring. "We have decided to choose the sow option for this vaccine because, first of all, contamination of the piglet occurs very early in the life. Second it's really necessary not to immunostimulate the piglets early in life because it may trigger PMWS so the sow option appeared to be the best option," said Dr. Francois Joisel, Merial's global technical services director.

ACMC Use Your KPIs Pig Producers Advised
Not making use of IT through computerised recording systems is costing pig producers thousands of pounds a year. Such systems highlight Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and evaluate their effects on individual herds. Farmers can then identify those that would have the most direct economic benefit by improving them, Ed Sutcliffe told over 100 producers attending a conference organised by pig-breeding company ACMC at their Beeford, East Yorkshire, headquarters.

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