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Newsletter 2nd May 2006
Tuesday 2nd May 2006
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Welcome to this week's newsletter

*This Week's Feature Articles

We have 4 new features this week:

Measures to Reduce Animal Stress during Loading and Transport
By Arthur Churchyard, Ontario Pork Newsletter - Pig comfort during loading and transport causes stress and affects survival. This article looks at measures that can be taken to reduce stress.
Treatment of Ear Haematomas in Swine
Edited by Dr W E Morgan Morrow, NCSU Swine Extension - Ear haematomas [hematomas] in swine are commonly seen on the farm, and producers are often at a loss as to how they should be treated, if at all. This paper presented by Janet Sunstrum at the annual meeting of the American Association of Swine Veterinarians in Toronto, Canada, helps answer that question.
Livestock Price Outlook - April 2006
By Chris Hurt, Extension Economist, Purdue University - In his latest Outlook report, Chris Hurt says that after two years of notable profits, hog producers have started to worry about eroding hog prices and rising risk of higher corn prices.
Basic Pig Husbandry - The Grower Herd
By Graeme Taylor and Greg Roese, Livestock Officers Pigs, Intensive Industries Development, Tamworth - This Primefact is one of five articles providing an overview of basic pig husbandry, covering boars, gilts and sows, the litter, weaners and grower herds.

*Global Pig Industry News (link to all this weeks news)

  USA News

CME Celebrates 40th Anniversary of Lean Hog Contract
CME, the world's largest and most diverse financial exchange is celebrating its 40th anniversary of its lean hog futures contract this month. Aannual contract volume has grown from just over 8,000 contracts since its launch in 1966 to more than two million contracts in 2005.

New technology may keep families on farm
A new grow-finish hog production barn northeast of Columbus could become a model for boosting incomes on the farm while dispelling neighbors' fears of environmental problems. Paul and Dave Wilke opened their new 2,000-head, grow-finish barn to tours during an open house on Friday, with visitors learning how swine facilities can operate in an environmentally friendly way while revitalizing family farms.

Smithfield sees lower profit, shares fall
Smithfield Foods Inc., the world's largest hog and pork producer, has warned that fourth-quarter profit will fall well short of last year's results because oversupply in the market is depressing prices.

Genome research may bring better food to dinner table
Max Rothschild is part of a national collaboration that earlier this year received a $10 million federal grant to map pig genes. Researchers from the University of Illinois-led project promise it will help take guesswork out of breeding by exploiting the genetic variations of the best pigs.

Aurofac / Aureomycin - Justified, Reliable

Sustainable farming
More farmers are moving to organic practices, free of hormones and antibiotics, according to The Morning Call.

Pork production goes organic in Iowa
Jerry DeWitt told of growth in an organic industry and a location that may surprise some people — pork production in Iowa. “Four percent of hogs in Iowa are raised organically,” said DeWitt, who leads extension programs in sustainable agriculture for the College of Agriculture at Iowa State University.

DNR looks to slow livestock facilities
Livestock confinement construction in Iowa is headed for a fourth straight record year, and state regulators are considering a new attack on pollution from those operations.

Hog farm bill in trouble?
The demise of a bill calling for more enforcement of odor standards at eastern Colorado swine-feeding operations could spell trouble for another delayed measure giving hog farm operators more flexibility in controlling the smells.

Demand for pork down
This week, Glenn Grimes and Ron Plain report that demand for pork at the consumer level for January-March of 2006 was down 3.5% from a year earlier. Live hog demand fared better than consumer demand for this period. Live hog demand for these 3 months was down only 0.7% because of pork exports and population growth.

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UI researcher makes crude oil from pig manure
Can the other white meat's manure make black gold? They say you can't turn a sow's ear into a silk purse, but University of Illinois researchers are working some interesting magic at the other end of the animal, reports

Removing The Canadian Corn Countervail
Recently released figures document that Canada is producing fewer pigs this year than last, with the first quarter pig crop for 2006 down 2% (about 150,000 pigs) while the pig crop from the last quarter of 2005 was down nearly a half a million pigs. Yet, the US have imported 250,000 more feeder pigs from Canada so far in 2006 than they did during the same period in 2005.

  Canadian News

Saskatchewan Rolls Out New Trucker Manifest for Hauling Hogs
The Saskatchewan Pork Development Board is rolling out a new trucker manifest for use by anyone who moves pigs along public roadways in Saskatchewan. In an effort to streamline the legal documentation necessary when moving pigs along public roads, the Saskatchewan Pork Development Board, in consultation with farmers, marketers, transporters, packers and government, has developed a new one page four copy trucker's manifest.

Scientists Harness Ultrasound to Measure Marbling in Pork
Researchers in Manitoba are attempting to harness the power of ultrasound to provide a live animal assessment of the amount of marbling in pork. Scientists with the Brandon based Swine Research and Development Corporation have found marbling results in a distinct pattern in an ultrasound image.

  United Kingdom News

Generate extra pigmeat income
Looking for an extra income stream that can demand low capital investment? Have you redundant or under-used buildings? Could staff be better used during seasonal lulls in land or livestock work? If the answer to any of these questions is "yes" then pig industry officials believe there's an opportunity to generate extra farm income and help the UK rebalance domestic pigmeat production that's slipped to just 73% self-sufficiency since the 1990s, according to FWi.

Intervets Porcilis PRRS - The PRRS vaccine that pays off

Supermarkets plumb new depths
The latest PorkWatch results demonstrate why NPA's Stewart Houston sounded the alarm a month ago and why BPISG has been active over the past few weeks with the amount of British pork on supermarket shelves falling to a new low of 76%.

Pig imports continue to undermine GB welfare
Falling supplies of UK pigs are being replaced by rising levels of imports, 70% of which are illegal to produce in the UK on pig welfare grounds. These statistics are included in the latest British Pig Executive survey published this month. According to the BPEX survey imports of pork and pork products reached 858,000 tonnes in 2005, an increase of 35% since 2001.

A Taste Of The Orient
Pork has long been a favourite on the menu at Chinese restaurants but now the British Pig Executive has come up with a plan to make it even better. A leaflet extolling the virtues of Quality Standard Mark pork has been produced in both English and Cantonese.

UK Govt. sets out goals for a sustainable food industry
A strategy to tackle the impact of the food industry on precious resources, such as energy and water, and its contribution to climate change, was published by Margaret Beckett, Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, last week.

  Chinese News

China Hog Market Weekly
In this weeks China Live Hog Market Weekly, eFeedLink report that prices are generally stable; hog farmers suffer significant losses, week ending May 1. Live hog prices in China were generally stable during the week ending May 1. Although prices edged higher in areas of some provinces such as Hunan, Sichuan and Jiangsu, this provided insignificant support for China's live hog market.

China Piglet Market Weekly
In this weeks China Piglet Market Weekly, eFeedLink report that prices lower in some regions on continued demand weakness, week ending Apr 27. China's piglet prices remained weak in the week ending Apr 27. Market transactions were low on poor buying interest. China's piglet market is expected to remain oversupplied in the near term.

  Vietnamese News

Foot-and-mouth disease hits more pigs in central Vietnam
Almost 4,000 pigs and buffaloes have contracted foot-and-mouth disease in Vietnam’s central highlands province, of which 1,500 have died. The disease has been reported in seven out of 12 districts and towns in Lam Dong province, with Duc Trong district being the worst hit. Local animal health authorities announced last week an outbreak in the district after some 2,300 pigs and bulls were infected with the disease, with over 800 dying. Samples from pigs tested positive for the type O foot-and-mouth virus.

Expanded animal husbandry sector key to growth in Vietnam
Director of the Animal Breeding Department of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Nguyen Dang Vang, spoke to Thoi bao Kinh te Viet Nam (Vietnam Economic Times) about this year’s goals, reports VietNamNews. Last year, the number of pigs rose by 13.7 per cent, a five year record. The scale of farms has expanded and they have applied advanced technologies for breeding and production.

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Company news

JSR Supply Breeding Pigs to Cyprus & Greece
JSR Genetics Ltd are expanding their European market share with new agreements to supply pig breeding stock in Cyprus and Greece. JSR have also signed another big order in Eastern Europe, located in the Volyn region of the Ukraine and completed a major new Romanian franchise agreement.

New Ileitis vaccine produces dramatic performance lift, helps PMWS
In just four months, the use of a vaccine to control ileitis in a 550-sow herd has increased piglets’ average daily weight gain by 35%, cut mortality by more than 60% and improved the uniformity of carcase weights, leading to better prices. It has also resolved the unit’s diarrhoea problem and significantly reduced the number of cases of PMWS.

Hypor Lines Lead to Show Success
Hypor Genetics had great success at the 4th annual Olymel Performance Awards held at the Alberta Pork Congress Banquet & Trade Show March 15th in Red Deer Alberta. Partners in Pork’s Janhol Farms Ltd. took first place in the 60/69 Lean category with Hypor genetics on both the dam and sire line.

Farmer partners required
Due to unprecedented expansion in sales of breeding stock, Yorkshire-based international pig genetics company, ACMC, is seeking UK farmers in isolated locations to set up a new high-health-boar nucleus unit. The farmers will produce terminal-sire boars for sale in both the UK and ACMC's rapidly-developing overseas markets, for which they will be paid premiums.

That's all for this week!


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