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Newsletter 8th May 2006
Monday 8th May 2006
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Welcome to this week's newsletter

*This Week's Feature Articles

We have 4 new features this week:

Initial results of field vaccination against Ileitis in Belgium
By Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica, Inc. - Boehringer Ingelheim's new vaccine against ileitis (also known as PIA) has been on the Belgian market since October 2005 and the first results from field use of the vaccine are now available. With the aid of slaughterhouse data from the Beirnaert-Ghekiere herd in Noord-schote, we take a detailed look at the impact of the new vaccine on this economically important disease.
The Future of Animal Agriculture in North America
By the Farm Foundation - This report examines the opportunities and challenges facing North America’s livestock sector, the driving forces behind these opportunities and challenges, and their potential consequences over the long term.
Basic Pig Husbandry - Gilts and Sows
By Graeme Taylor and Greg Roese, Livestock Officers Pigs, Intensive Industries Development, Tamworth - This Primefact is one of five articles providing an overview of basic pig husbandry, covering boars, gilts and sows, the litter, weaners and grower herds.
Analysis of Pork & Pork Products Imported into the United Kingdom in 2005
By the British Pig Executive - The United Kingdom has always engaged in international trade in pork and pork products. Strong demand for bacon in particular meant that there has always been a need to supplement UK production. This report examines this expansion in imports, their distribution in the market, the standards regarding sow welfare and the attitude of consumers.
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*Global Pig Industry News (link to all this weeks news)

  Canadian News

Research in Saskatchewan Explores Management of Automated Weighing and Sorting Systems
In an effort to optimize the benefits of automated systems for weighing and sorting pigs, scientists at the Prairie Swine Centre have kicked off a series of studies designed to examine the management of these systems.

Canada Hog, Ethanol Industries Seen Battling For Wheat
A battle between Canada's hog industry and Canada's growing ethanol sector for high-starch, low-protein wheats is expected to heat up beginning in the calendar-year 2006-07 (August/July) crop year, according to an industry source.

Effort to Develop National Swine ID and Traceability Structure Marks Milestone
The process of developing a national multi-species livestock identification and traceability system passed a milestone earlier last week (May 1st) as swine producers in Saskatchewan became the first to begin using new slap tattoo numbers issued as part of a new national swine traceability and identification system. Producers in Alberta and Manitoba are scheduled to follow suit June 1st.
Quarter Of Nova Scotia Pork Farms May Close
A $1.8-million lifeline recently thrown to Nova Scotia pork producers will run out by the end of the month, and one-quarter of the farms could shut down if there isn’t more government support by September, Pork Nova Scotia officials said Tuesday.

  USA News

Moving on from Lagoons
In 2000, Attorney General Mike Easley arranged a multimillion-dollar settlement with the major hog producing companies to explore better hog waste technology. Now, after a long research period while scientists at N.C. State University identified promising technologies to treating animal farm wastes, the state must find a way to jump-start participation in the process.

1st Qtr Meat Demand Down At Consumer Level
In their weekly review of the US hog industry, Glenn Grimes and Ron Plain report that the demand for all major meats in the first quarter of 2006 was down at the consumer level. Pork demand at the consumer level was down 3.5%, beef 2.0% and broiler 0.5%. Pork production was up 3.6%, beef 6.2%, broilers up 8.7% and turkey up 3.6% from 12 months earlier.

US Hog Prices Seen Aided By Smaller Canada Herd
U.S. hog prices will likely benefit from a small decline in the Canadian hog herd, about a quarter of which are exported to the United States as feeder pigs or slaughter hogs, livestock analysts said on Wednesday. "Little or no growth in the Canadian herd means that the expansion phase of the hog cycle may be much less devastating to prices this time around," said Ron Plain.

Scientists freeze, preserve pig embryos
U.S. researchers have reported success in freezing and preserving genetically enhanced pig embryos. The researchers, led by University of Missouri-Columbia Professor Randall Prather, say the embryos were created by in vitro techniques and carried modified genetic material. After thawing and transfer to a surrogate mother, some of the embryos went on to produce live piglets with new genetic traits.
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Misuse Of Oxytocin In Sows Can Lead To More Stillbirths
A main concern of swine producers today is how they can minimize dystocia, or birthing difficulty, and increase the number of piglets born and weaned from a sow. Dystocia can result in an increase in stillbirths, or piglets that are normally developed, but are born dead or die shortly after birth, said Mike Tokach, swine scientist for Kansas State University Research and Extension.

Will Japan’s New Residue Limits Impact Your Operation?
If you sell pork to packers who export to Japan, it’s time to do your homework to find out if Japan’s new maximum residue limits (MRLs) will affect you. “Japan is a valuable export market for US pork producers representing 45 percent of all United States pork exports at a value of $1.070 billion. It is important that US pork producers take this issue seriously,” said the USMEF's CEO.

  China News

China Hog Market Weekly
In this weeks China Live Hog Market Weekly, eFeedLink report that live hog prices in China were generally stable during the week ending May 1. Although prices edged higher in areas of some provinces such as Hunan, Sichuan and Jiangsu, this did not has any impact on China's live hog market. Active hog procurements in some provinces only lasted a day or two and quickly slowed down again. Thus, many live hogs released into local markets were yet to be sold.

  Taiwan News

U.S.Beef And Pork Are Big Hits At Taipei Show
The fourth annual IKEA Gourmet Taipei International Food & Wine Festival in Taipei, April 28-30, was an ideal opportunity to promote the taste, nutritional value and versatility of U.S. pork, reports the U.S. Meat Export Federation. USMEF have been promoting the meat since the market reopened in February.
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  Malaysia News

Sabah offers to meet Peninsular pork shortage
Sabah is prepared to export pork to Peninsular Malaysia, which is currently experiencing an acute shortage. Agriculture and Food Industry Minister Datuk Abdul Rahim Ismail said the State has more than enough supply of pork and is presently exporting some to Brunei, Sarawak and Labuan. "We have more than 100 per cent self sufficiency in pork production and the State is also free from diseases which affect pig farms," he said.

  United Kingdom News

Booming Imports Deepen The Crisis In UK Pig Sector
The UK pig industry is facing serious problems with low prices and the imposition of welfare standards higher than anywhere else in Europe, with the exception of Sweden. Sow numbers have fallen by 6.5% on 12 months ago and there is little sign of the trend abating as major retailers increasingly source cheaper, imported products, reports The Herald.

Fertiliser Guide Revisions "Must Provide Flexibility"
Defra's official fertiliser recommendations must not be allowed to become an inflexible "prescriptive recipe book" according to responses to a consultation on the future of the publication known as RB209. Farmers Weekly obtained a copy of the report which reviewed information supplied to the two-month consultation that took place last winter.

  Australia News

Farmers Back Push To Bolster Country Of Origin Food Labelling
Western Australian farmers have welcomed a Federal Government move to strengthen country of origin labelling for processed foods. Federal Agriculture Minister Peter McGauran is to form a working group to develop a voluntary 'Australian Grown' labelling scheme. The group will also examine the Trade Practices Act to ensure greater accuracy in packaged food labelling.

High Costs for Country of Origin Labelling in Australia
A report, which included an independent study by the Centre for International Economics, has concluded that the benefit to consumers would be outweighed by the costs to industry, which would harm the competitiveness of affected Australian-made goods.
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Company news

Hypor Signs Joint Venture Agreement
International pig breeding company, Hypor, is pleased to announce the signing of Joint Venture Agreements with two of China's largest agribusiness companies. The agreements with Sichuan South Hope Company Ltd. (New Hope) and Shandong Liuhe Group Co., Ltd. (Liuhe) are for the production and distribution of breeding pigs in China. JBS United, a nutrition company based in Sheridan, Indiana, USA also has a minority share in the Liuhe joint venture.

That's all for this week!


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