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Newsletter 22nd May 2006
Monday 22nd May 2006
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Welcome to this week's newsletter

Due to next Monday being a bank holiday in the UK, next week's newsletter will be sent on Tuesday 30th May.

* This Week's Feature Articles

We have 4 new features this week:

Make Sure Pigs Have Enough Water In Summer
By Dr. Todd See, Swine Genetics Specialist, North Carolina State University - Water is not only essential for swine survival, it is also a critical nutrient for growth, maintenance of pregnancy, and weight gain during lactation. In hot weather, the pig’s dependence on water to keep cool and maintain performance becomes even more critical. With summer upon us, consider taking time to assess your operation’s watering situation.
Top Quality Pork: A Priority For Every Link In The Chain
By JSR Genetics - Quality pork, yielding additional revenue, can only be achieved through integrated production systems involving - and rewarding - all links of the pork chain. All components in the chain must cooperate to produce quality pork. For example, changing genetics but persisting in high stress transport, is unlikely to deliver the desired product.
US Pork Outlook Report - May 2006
By U.S.D.A., Economic Research Service - This article is an extract from the May 2006: Livestock, Dairy and Poultry Outlook Report, highlighting Global Pork Industry data.
Deep-Litter Housing For Pigs
By Ian Kruger, Graeme Taylor, Greg Roese and Hugh Payne and published by NSW Department of Primary Industries - This Primefact reviews deep-litter housing (DLH), a key technology that has continued to gain momentum in the pork industry.
M+PAC - isnt it time you spoke to your vet!

* Global Pig Industry News (link to all this weeks news)

  Viet Nam

Foot-and-mouth disease spreads to 28 provinces
Around 10,000 cows and buffaloes and 13,000 pigs in 89 districts of 28 provinces and cities have died or have been culled. It is increasingly difficult to control the spread of the diseases laying a pox across Vietnam, with the latest bout of foot and mouth laying waste to pig and cattle livestock across the nation, reports VietnamNet.

  South Africa

Pig farmers paid out R85m so far
A total of R85-million (approx US$13m) has been paid out in compensation to farmers after the outbreak of swine fever in the Eastern Cape, says Agriculture and Land Affairs Minister Thoko Didiza. She said so far the commercial sector was free from the disease and “mopping-up operations” continued in the communal areas.

  United Kingdom

Encouraging View Of Pig Industry
The whole is greater than the sum of the parts - that expression could be used to describe the latest improvements seen in the British pig industry. Figures from the Pig Yearbook, produced by the MLC shows encouraging improvements in physical performance of the UK pig herd.

Farm Assurance - Value Not Cost
BPEX has invested in a three-year project on adding value to farm assurance. The project will examine the feasibility and benefits of including some on-farm observations of health and welfare outcomes within Assured British Pigs (ABP) scheme inspections.
Progressis - PRRS Vaccine

One thousand Organic Entry Level Stewardship applications received
Applications for the Organic Entry Level Stewardship agreements have reached the landmark 1,000 mark, reports Defra. 30% of the land currently entered into OELS are currently undergoing conversion, which represents a welcome addition to the area of land which is being managed organically in England.

New Annual Nation Pig Awards Announced
A new annual producer awards programme for the pig industry has been announced. The National Pig Awards supported by BPEX has secured the sponsorship of leading businesses, Agrosoft UK and Schering-Plough Animal Health.

How YOU can help attract more vets to the pig industry
Difficulties in locating staff and in finding relief help for those times of the year when holidays place further pressures on unit operation is a problem shared by most pig producers. Resolving this demands a constant series of planning, according to Gerry Brent, Pork Chain Solutions.

Environment and Avian Flu Discussions Tabled At British Pig and Poultry Fair
Discussions on new environmental legislation attracted a wide audience of producers at this year’s British Pig and Poultry Fair. Speaking to pig producers in the Pig Central Feature, MLC pig technologist Nigel Penlington said that some re-investment may be crucial in order for producers to meet upcoming environmental legislation.

  United States

Pork Exports Up 22% On Last Year
In their weekly review of the US hog industry, Glenn Grimes and Ron Plain report that the futures market for corn is pointing to substantially higher feed prices in the next 20 months. The December corn futures for this year in mid-week was at $2.83 per bushel. For the December 2007 contract the futures for corn was trading at $3.08 per bushel.

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US Swine Economics Report
In his regular report on the US Swine industry, Ron Plain says that US pork exports have set a record for the second month in a row. Thus far in 2006, Mexico, South Korea and Russia have been the major growth markets for US pork, accounting for 78% of the total increase in our first quarter pork exports.

U.S. Pork Production Expected To Increase 2.3 Percent in 2007
The US pork sector is expected to produce about 21.7 billion pounds of pork next year, about 2 percent more than the 2006 forecast production. The most important sources of the anticipated production increase next year include larger imports of Canadian swine and higher litter rates from a largely stable U.S. breeding herd.

As 'organic' goes mainstream, will standards suffer?
Advocates are cheered by the growing appeal of organic foods. But shoppers, confused by labels, don't always get what they think they paid for. While some organic-food fans welcome its broadening appeal and availability, others worry that the entry of corporate behemoths into the organic-food market will weaken standards or squeeze out small farmers.


CPC Requests Changes to Health of Animals Act to Accomodate Traceability
The Canadian Pork Council has asked the CFIA to move forward with Health of Animals Act amendments to accommodate pork industry efforts to develop a national identification and traceability system for swine. As part of a national initiative to create a multispecies identification and traceability system the Canadian swine industry has revamped its tattoo numbering system and is now registering all premises where live hogs are housed.

Marbling Key to Expanding Export Sales of Pork
A scientist with the Swine Research and Development Corporation says the presence of marbling has become a key factor in the export market as international buyers purchase pork. Researchers with the Brandon based Swine Research and Development Corporation are attempting to correlate ultrasound images taken from the live hog with those taken from the slaughtered carcass and with chemical fat analysis conducted in the lab in an effort to come up with a live measure of marbling in the meat.

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Tests show Sumatra pigs carry bird flu virus
Pigs have tested positive for bird flu in the same village on Indonesia's Sumatra island where five people have been confirmed infected with the H5N1 avian influenza virus, a minister said last Thursday. "After we brought them to Bogor, the serology test found positive results. From 11 pig samples, 10 are positive. Reconfirmation testings are still underway," he said, but did not specify the H5N1 virus.


Pig farmers not getting fair deal
Pig farmers in the Republic of Ireland "are not getting a fair return from processors", it has been claimed. "This is a clear indication Irish pig farmers are not getting a fair return from the processors based on current market returns," said Mr O'Keeffe. The IFA pigs chairman said pigmeat and live pig exports were worth in excess of EUR320 million (£218 million).

Irish pig producers to benefit from new recording agreement
Pig producers throughout Ireland look set to benefit from improved recording technology thanks to a new agreement between Agridata and pig data management specialists Agrosoft UK Ltd.


Brazil's second largest meat processor faces dismal quarter
Brazil's second largest poultry and pork processor Perdigao reports that net income for the quarter has plunged 85.5% to 10.4 million real (US$4.8 million), compared to the same period last year. Export volumes were down 8.4% on-year due to the decline in the consumption of poultry as a result of bird flu in Europe and the Middle East. With an oversupplied international market, average prices fell 15.7 percent, resulting in a 22.8 percent drop in export revenues.


China Hog Market Weekly
In this weeks China Live Hog Market Weekly, eFeedLink report that hog prices were stable to marginally lower and farmers were still incurring losses. Increased pork demand during the recent Labour Day holiday in China failed to lift domestic hog prices during the week. The difference between pre- and post-holiday live hog prices was small.

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China Piglet Market Weekly
In this weeks China Piglet Market Weekly, eFeedLink report that piglet prices were mostly unchanged. Piglet prices were lower in Sichuan province. Key characteristics of China's piglet market include the following: Many hog raisers have continued to incur losses as feed costs stay high while hog prices have remained low. Piglets are prone to diseases with recent changes in temperature and this has discouraged farmers from buying them.

Company news

JSR's Prosperm® Plus boosts boar fertility by 'billions'
JSR Genetics, one of the world's foremost pig genetics businesses, is sharing one of the secrets of its success - Prosperm® Plus - with stud boar owners and AI users. A convenient and palatable daily supplement, it helps to maximize both semen output and the quality of individual sperm. This product is now being used routinely across all JSR stud boars.

That's all for this week!


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