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Newsletter 26th June 2006
Monday 26th June 2006
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Welcome to this week's newsletter

* This Week's Feature Articles

We have 4 new features this week:

Protection against heterologous PRRSV challenge in pregnant sows immunized with multivalent PRRS vaccine
By M. Wagner, B.D. Roggow, and H.S. Joo and published by MJ Biologics - The purpose of this study was to investigate ability of protection against highly heterologous PRRSV in 90 day pregnant animals that had been acclimated as gilts with live PRRSV and subsequently immunized with a multivalent PRRSV protein vaccine.
Alternative farrowing accommodation in the pork industry
By Graeme Taylor and Greg Roese Livestock Officers (Pigs) and Ian Kruger Environmental Engineer Intensive Industries Development, Tamworth - This Primefact provides a brief overview of alternative farrowing accommodation (for giving birth to piglets) as the global pork industry continues to look for economically viable alternatives to the farrowing crate.
FAWC Report On Farm Welfare
By the Farm Animal Welfare Council - This article is part one of a report on labelling in relation to the welfare provenance of livestock products. This Report concentrates on the purpose and nature of labelling and its justification, whether such labelling should be voluntary or mandatory, and how best to convey relevant information.
NADIS Pig Disease Focus: Sunburn and Heatstroke
By NADIS - During a warm dry summer, the 2 separate conditions of sunburn and heatstroke tend to get linked together and whilst these are undoubtedly instances where the 2 conditions occur together they are distinctly different in their cause, development and consequences.
ANTEC Virkon S - The ultimate viruicidal disinfectant
* Global Pig Industry News (link to all this weeks news)


Study evaluates effectiveness of shelterbelts on hog farms
A new program is helping Ontario hog farmers learn the benefits of using tree shelterbelts to cut down on odour and dust on their farms, reports Ontario Pork.

Canola: No Longer Just About the Oil
Although canola is one of Canada’s most important and widely grown crops, volatile market demand is a problem for producers.

Time Frames Considered Critical for WTO Negotiators
The Canadian Pork Council expects the next couple of weeks to be critical as negotiators work towards a new global trade agreement, reports Farmscape.

Korea-Japan Identified as Key Markets for Canadian Pork
The CPC has identified Korea and Japan as key markets with which the pork industry would like to see Canada aggressively pursue bilateral free trade arrangements.

  United States

Rule Proposed to Control Effluent from Large Animal Feedlots
Concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs), such as large pig, veal and poultry, beef and dairy farms, would continue to be required to properly manage the manure they generate under a rule proposed last week by the Environmental Protection Agency.
Alphamune G - Shielding, Earning
New CAFO Rule Complies with Court Ruling
On Friday, the American Farm Bureau Federation commended the EPA for its proposed CAFO rule, saying it would make it easier for farmers and ranchers to operate without onerous federal regulation.

Pork Workers Accuse Top Plant of Treating them like Hogs
Trying to keep up the momentum from a recent Washington, D.C. Court of Appeals ruling, angry pork plant workers from Smithfield Foods in North Carolina are crisscrossing the country this week to gain national support of a boycott of Smithfield’s pork products, reports the Wilmington Journal.

More DNR livestock authority approved
An Iowa state environmental commission approved a measure last Monday to increase the Department of Natural Resources' authority over building or expanding livestock confinement operations.

Pork producers hope to set record for profitable months
May was the 28th consecutive profitable month for the average U.S hog producer, according to Glenn Grimes, University of Missouri livestock economist. He expects profits to continue for a few more months, but he's unsure producers will break the record of 33 consecutive months of profits.

Indiana Pork Processing Plant Expands To Create 125 Jobs
Indiana Packers Corp., a joint venture of Mitsubishi Corp. and Itoham Corp., has agreed to expand its pork processing operations in Delphi.

Mexico potential U.S. corn market
Corn growers from Illinois, Iowa and Nebraska met with Mexican corn buyers for a series of merging markets workshops last week.
The new V Drinker from Arato
Pork Commentary: Good Times are Rolling
Iowa-Minnesota’s average lean price last Friday was $77.76 (57.5¢ per pound live-weight). Some producers will be making $40.00 per hog marketed. That’s if they didn’t hedge when the wizards of the future were predicting market highs of .65-.67¢ or about $20.00 a head short of where we are now, reports Jim Long in his weekly Pork Commentary.

Weekly Roberts Report
In his Commodity Market Report, Mike Roberts says that beef and pork futures moved higher at the start of last Mondays trading day. Lean Hogs on the CME closed sharply on that Monday with all trading months registering new contract highs fueled by fund buying, buy-stops, spreading, and sliding feed-input prices. Lean hog gains and weak hog supplies took care of initial profit taking losses.

Annual PMWS Conference Held In Kansas
A preconference workshop focusing on Postweaning Multisystemic Wasting Syndrome (PMWS) was held at the American Association of Swine Veterinarians’ annual meeting in Kansas City, Mo.

US Swine Economics Report
In his regular report on the US Swine industry, Ron Plain gives his predictions on next weeks USDA Quarterly Hog Report. His calculations indicate the breeding herd is 1.5% larger than a year earlier and the market hog inventory is 0.3% larger than on June 1, 2005. These are very small increases given that the hog producers have 28 consecutive months of profit behind them, he said.

Hog Prices Jump Up 15%
In their weekly review of the US hog industry, Glenn Grimes and Ron Plain report that the last two weeks has seen one of the biggest moves in hog's prices in their experience.

  United Kingdom

Fallen stock collection scheme makes 500,000th pick-up
The National Fallen Stock Company has reported that 500,000 collections have now taken place under their Scheme, reports FWi. It has also pointed out that since the scheme’s launch only around 700 complaints have been received by the helpline.
JSR Genetics - Genetics you can trust
Banks to be briefed on contract-finishing opportunities
Banks, consultants and advisors will be told of opportunities in the English pig industry at a meeting organised by BPEX, says the NPA's Digby Scott. The aim is to help eliminate the bottleneck that is currently hampering pig sector expansion: a shortage finisher of accommodation.

Remember - fast your pigs before slaughter
Geo. Adams has reported a significant increase in pigs being sent for slaughter with full stomachs. Food in the gut at the time of slaughter is essentially food thrown down the drain.

Interest to be paid on post-30 June single farm payments
Defra secretary David Miliband has announced that the Rural Payments Agency will pay interest to those farmers who have not received their single farm payment by 30 June, so long as the fault lies with the RPA.

  New Zealand

Capitalising on pig welfare
New Zealanders are increasingly demanding moral meals with animals raised in what consumers regard as humane conditions, reports TVNZ. As New Zealanders become more discerning about their meals, farmers are capitalising on the concern about pig welfare.

Piggy-backing on NZ pork
The New Zealand Pork Board claims foreign imports are flooding our market, partly because they're produced cheaply through the use of growth hormones. Local pig farmers have a voluntary ban on using the hormones but say they're being squeezed by the imports. Most consumers can't tell the difference because there's no country of origin labels on the imported meat, they say.


China Piglet Market Weekly
This week eFeedLink report that piglet prices in China were stable to higher during the week ending Jun 22. In Sichuan, Hunan and Liaoning provinces, higher hog prices have encouraged some backyard farmers to start buying piglets, leading piglet prices to rise slightly.
Cobactan 2.5% is a broad spectrum antibiotic containing a 4th generation cephalosporin in a ready to use suspension for injection.
China Live Hog Weekly
eFeedLink report that live hog prices remained stable during the week ending Jun 19. In Sichuan province, more live hogs were released into local markets as hog prices there gradually improved. Frozen pork was also released into local markets at a faster pace, while local hog procurements increased on improved frozen pork prices there.

Company news

PIC PIC Ships Breeding Pigs To Okinawa, Japan
Iwatani Camborough Co. Ltd. (ICC) has announced its first shipment of PIC breeding pigs to Okinawa prefecture, a chain of sub-tropical islands at the southwestern tip of the Japanese archipelago. Local pig producers and authorities have for many years restricted imports to safeguard the health of the islands' 300,000 pig population.

Boehringer Ingelheim Enterisol® Ileitis approved in Australia - first live swine vaccine ever in this market
Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health GmbH, announced last week that the Australian regulatory authorities have granted market authorization for the porcine live vaccine Enterisol® Ileitis. Enterisol® Ileitis has been approved for the active immunization of pigs against the bacteria Lawsonia intracellularis as an aid to prevent and control porcine proliferative enteropathy.

ACMC Breeders High culling herds do better
Pig producers who keep up-to-date with replacement rates in their breeding herds achieve higher productivity than those who are less rigorous with their sow culling policies. A survey of records from over 140 UK customers carried out by pig breeding company ACMC showed that units which replaced 45 per cent of the herd each year achieved above-average performance, with each sow weaning around 11 pigs per litter.

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