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Newsletter 7th August 2006
Monday 7th August 2006
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Welcome to this week's newsletter

* This Week's Feature Articles

We have 5 new features this week:

Investing In Health: Closing The Door On Disease
By Intervet - Most producers associate PRRS or Blue Ear disease with the breeding herd, however PRRS can damage the finishing herd equally, if not more costly.
Is there a genetic basis for seasonal infertility in the pig?
By Julian Wiseman, University of Nottingham School of Biosciences & Grant Walling, JSR Genetics Ltd.
Iowa’s Changing Swine Industry
By Mark Honeyman, Professor of Animal Science and Mike Duffy, Professor of Economics look at the changing face of Iowa's pork industry.
A Look Back at the Banff Pork Seminar
Howard Fredeen provides a review of the Banff Pork Seminars as presented at this year's event in January, marking their 35th anniversary.
European Union-25 Livestock and Products Annual 2006
By USDA, Foreign Agricultural Service
The new V Drinker from Arato
* Global Pig Industry News (link to all this weeks news)

  United States

New U.S. Pork Cuts Designed To Heat Up Sales Worldwide
National Pork Board (NPB) say they plan to keep the pork export trend alive with four new pork cuts that are so versatile they will appeal to consumers worldwide.

Weekly Roberts Report: Livestock and commodity crop prices rally
Lean hogs on the CME closed mostly higher last Monday amid end-of-the-month position squaring pared gains and limited packer delivery. Technical buying produced contract highs in several deferred months but cooled after profit taking developed on the rally.

Demand For All Meats Below Last Year
Glenn Grimes and Ron Plain's weekly review of the US hog industry.

Swine Odor Researchers Target an Ill Wind
Phenomena such as housing sprawl into farmland and the emergence of large-scale livestock operations have made odor from swine-production facilities a point of contention in many suburban and farming communities.

Floating Plant Mats Help Clean Manure Lagoons
Studies have shown that it’s possible to remove excess nutrients from manure lagoons by growing plants on floating mats.

Program saves hog farmers on water bills
A program in use by about two dozen Wayne County hog farmers is helping reduce the amount of water necessary to run their operations.
Porcilis Begonia is a AD live marker vaccine for active immunisation of pigs against Aujeszky’s disease virus infections (Psuedorabies).
Heat puts the hurt on U.S. farmers
The triple-digit heat wave that steamrolled across the country this week killed thousands of cattle and poultry and cooked crops in the field before farmers could pick them. And experts say consumers will help foot the bill.

Farmers Cope With Effects Of Heat Wave
With temperatures reaching the high 90's and in some places breaking the 100-degree mark, pennsylvanian farmers have been keeping a close watch on the health of their pigs to decrease the chance of heat-related stress or illness.

Science set to end CO packaging debate
Two scientific studies say carbon monoxide is safe to use in modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) techniques, countering claims by opponents that use of the gas could harm food safety.

Smithfield will buy ConAgra unit for $575M
Smithfield Foods Inc., says it has agreed to acquire most assets of the branded meats business of ConAgra Foods Inc. for about $575 million in cash and stock.

Premium Standard Farms profit falls; shares drop
Premium Standard Farms, Inc., a leading vertically integrated provider of pork products, announces its first quarter results for the period ended June 24, 2006.

Senate hears support and opposition for proposed bill
Senators and prominent industry figures last week addressed a Senate committee on the National Uniformity for Food Act, expressing both support and contempt for a bill that could standardize food safety requirements and warning labels throughout the US.

Virginia Lobby Group Condemns NAIS
A national lobby effort to protect America's food system from a proposed USDA licensing program was launched last week by the Virginia Independent Consumers and Farmers Association (VICFA).

NPPC Says Expand Use Of Conservation Assistance Providers
The USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service should continue to rely on and expand the use of private-sector technical service providers to help pork producers implement conservation measures, the NPPC said last week.
Aurofac / Aureomycin - Justified, Reliable

Pork Commentary: As Goes Maple Leaf Foods as Goes Canada?
Jim Long's weekly thoughts on the North American market.

Ontario Hog Market-Weight Range Increases
Effective from October 2, 2006, the Ontario hog market-weight range will be 125 - 325 lbs (56 – 148 kg), report Ontario Pork.

Research Shows Different Wheat Classes Perform Equally in Swine Rations
Research conducted at the Prairie Swine Centre has shown pigs fed different classes of wheat of equal quality will perform equally well.

CLIA Sets Creation of National Premise Registry as Top Priority
The Canadian Livestock Identification Agency has identified the creation of a national premise registry as its top priority during the coming year.

CLIA Prepares to Review Stakeholder Comments on Draft Traceability Standards Document
Officials of the Canadian Livestock Identification Agency expect to begin reviewing stakeholder comments on proposed minimum standards for a national multispecies livestock traceability system by the end of this month.

University to Expand Assessment of Pearling to Clean Fusarium Contaminated Barley
Scientists at the University of Manitoba are preparing to launch an expanded full scale assessment of the value of pearling as a means of removing mycotoxin from fusarium contaminated barley.

Researchers plan Systems to Monitor and Control Emissions from Straw Fired Heating Systems
The University of Manitoba has kicked of a three year project aimed at developing monitoring systems that will allow for improved control of emissions from straw fired industrial heating systems.
DuPont Animal Health Solutions
  United Kingdom

Balance of power in the piggery
Does a 1kW kettle use less power than a 2kW kettle? Yes, but it takes twice as long to boil so the power consumption, and cost, is the same in each case...

Independent review of livestock movement rules announced
Defra's Local Environment, Marine and Animal Welfare Minister, Ben Bradshaw has announced the publication of an independent review of livestock movement rules which was undertaken by Bill Madders.

Defra told to find £200m in six months to pay for SFP delivery
The true cost of the debacle surrounding delivery of the Single Farm Payment became apparent last week as Defra was forced to slash its budget by nearly £200m over the next six months in search of savings.

RPA Claim 95% Of Farmers Have Recieved Single Payment Scheme Money
Figures released recently show 110,579 claimants (94.94%) have now received a total of £1.458 billion (96.24%) in full or 80% partial payments.

Rural Payments Agency in 'overpayments' shocker says NFU
The RPA has paid £20m too much - £15m in the last few days - £5m overpaid on June, according to the NFU. Some of the overpaid cheques have been cancelled. Other money is being recovered from farmers. This comes on the back of announcements from Defra which is making £200m worth of cuts.

New powers to monitor zoonotic diseases are out for discussion
A public consultation on new and amended powers to investigate infections diseases which can spread between animals and humans has been launched by Defra.
Titan Boar - earn an extra £3 per slaughter pig

China Piglet Market Weekly: Piglet Demand Improves
In this weeks China Piglet Market Weekly, eFeedLink report that Farmers' interest in replenishing piglets improved on the back of higher hog prices during the week ending Aug 3.

China Hog Market Weekly: Hog price gains
More gains in live hog prices were seen during the week ending Jul 31. Prices in some regions including Hubei rose by over RMB0.40/kg from the previous week.

  Korea, Republic of

Use of antibiotics in livestock to be regulated
The Korean government is pushing to enact a law on foodstuff safety under which the use of antibiotics on poultry, livestock and fisheries farming will be regulated.

Company news

ACMC steps into German market
ACMC Breeders Fast-expanding international pig-breeding company ACMC Ltd has appointed two agents in Germany, a key European market with a national herd of 26.3 million pigs, the largest in the EU. The main agent, which will handle sales over the whole of Germany, is Behrens Projekt Management GmbH, based in Hatten, Lower Saxony.

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