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Newsletter 14th August 2006

Newsletter 14th August 2006
Monday 14th August 2006
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Welcome to this week's newsletter

* This Week's Feature Articles

We have 4 new features this week:

Gel Cleaning: Save on Labour, Energy and Water and Clean Better!
This article by Luc Ledoux, CID LINES nv, looks at the latest generation of detergents - Gels
Feeding Mechanically Processed Corn To Nursery Pigs
By Eric van Heugten and Theo van Kempen, North Carolina State University.
A Cost-Benefit Analysis Of Salmonella-Control Strategies In Danish Pork Production
By S.G. Goldbach and L. Alban, Danish Meat Association.
London Swine Conference Proceedings 2006 - Summary
This article provides links to the collection of the scientific papers presented at the 2006 London Swine Conference.
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* Global Pig Industry News (link to all this weeks news)

  United States

Potential for modest profit for last half of 2006
Glenn Grimes and Ron Plain's weekly report.

What's Up with Sow Slaughter?
Steve Meyer ponders the latest sow slaughter statistics which indicate the high slaughter rates are being maintained.

Weekly Roberts Report: Hog futures rise
US - In his Commodity Market Report, Mike Roberts says that hog futures rose despite concerns of declining hog exports amid beef export resumption to Japan.

US Hog Farmers Face Potential Pork-Import Ban By Canada
U.S. hog producers are facing a possible ban by Canada's health agency against U.S. pork from animals treated with the antibiotic carbadox.
Progressis - PRRS Vaccine
Lawmakers tackling hog confinement rules
Iowa's fight over hog confinements reaches a new level as a panel of state lawmakers decides the fate of a rule that would give the state's top environmental official more power on where the farms are located.

Western Kentucky Hog Farms Challenged
A group of about 70 Western Kentucky residents is challenging the environmental permits for nine large hog operations approved for Fulton, Hickman and Carlisle counties.

National Animal ID System: Tracking the livestock
A federal program to monitor the nation’s commercial animals is drawing concern, as some Northern New Mexico farmers see it as government intrusion they intend to defy.

Livestock can be sold without extra taxes
Wesley Tucker, agriculture business specialist, University of Missouri Extension highlights two provisions designed to protect farmers if weather prompts early sales.

Food Scientist Changing the Way We Look at Pork
You may never look at a cut of pork in the same way again. In fact, research by an Iowa State University food scientist could have you seeing red.

Weekly Outlook: Crop Production Report
As the markets await the Aug. 11 release of the USDA's first corn and soybean yield and production forecast for the 2006 crops based on survey and field observation data, the soybean situation is more complicated, said Darrel Good from the University of Illinois.

Variability in Corn Yields
Better genetics and farming practices may be responsible for the lack of severe corn yield losses in recent years, according to a recent University of Illinois Extension study.


China Hog Market Weekly
China's live hog prices seen rising during the week ending Aug 7.

China Piglet Market Weekly - Piglet Prices Gain
Replenishing activities have continued to pick up in the southern provinces of China during the week ending Aug 10. resulting in a rise in piglet prices.
Aivlosin - the brand new macrolide antibiotic

Pork Commentary: Hog Prices Rebound
Jim Long's weekly pork commentary.

Swine Producers Encouraged to Prepare for Anticipated Higher Winter Feed Costs
Western Canadian swine producers are being encouraged to consider a range of options for keeping a lid on expected higher feeding costs this winter.

Manitoba Livestock Manure Management Initiative Targets Nutrient Management Research
The Manitoba Livestock Manure Management Initiative is encouraging scientists to suggest research that will help producers adapt to new provincial manure nutrient management regulations.

Molecular Detection Makes Identification of Foodborne Pathogens Faster, Easier and More Reliable
A University of Guelph food science professor says modern molecular detection methods are making the identification of foodborne pathogens faster, easier and more reliable.

Western Canadian Feed Grain Prices Expected to Rise
The Saskatchewan Pork Development Board is encouraging Western Canadian swine producers to secure feed supplies for this winter in advance of any anticipated price increases.

CWB Predicts Lower Feed Wheat and Feed Barley Supplies
The Canadian Wheat Board reports the supply of feed barley and the supply of feed wheat from the harvest of fall seeded cereal crops will be lower this year than last.

  United Kingdom

Belly pork popularity soars
Belly pork is climbing high in the charts as sales soar according to figures just released by the British Pig Executive.

AI standard launched next month
The UK pig industry’s "AI standard" will be launched Thursday September 7 at the Farmers Club in London.
The first and only vaccine for the control of Porcine Proliferative Enteropathy.
IPPC: Last minute nerves all round
Pig and poultry farmers on the continent are paying a good deal less for their IPPC permits than British producers. In Holland, for instance, the charge is just £250, whilst in Britain most pig-keepers will pay over £3,000, says the NPA's Digby Scott.

Collect dead vermin or risk a fine
Pig-keepers are reminded that after baiting for vermin they must locate and dispose of any dead bodies.

Beware of heat stress in stock, producers warned
With temperatures exceeding 36C in some parts of the UK over the last month, many people haven't needed to travel abroad this year in search of sun. But many livestock are struggling to keep cool, dramatically affecting productivity.

Selling what grows naturally becomes a growth industry
Organic produce has a mixed history, but farmers are increasingly returning to it as supermarkets respond to consumer demand - and the City is taking an interest.


Agri agency intensifies measures against swine disease
The Department of Agriculture has intensified its preventive measures to control the spread of porcine diarrhea syndrome in some hog farms in Batangas and Bulacan which is reportedly killing piglets.

Alert vs. virus in pigs raised
Biosecurity measures at the farm level are being strengthened in Negros Occidental in view of the outbreak of the corona virus in pigs reported in Luzon, Gov. Joseph Marañon said yesterday.

  Hong Kong

Pork import applications open
The Centre for Food Safety is to accept applications for importing chilled pork from the Mainland from August 15.


Ukraine's pig, poultry numbers up; cattle, sheep down
The number of pigs in Ukraine on Aug 1 was 7.89 million, an increase of 1.4 percent from Jul 1, according to the state statistics committee.
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Company news

PIC PIC Signs Contract With Danish Consortium
PIC, the world leader in the application of quantitative genetics and biotechnology to pig breeding, has signed a user group contract with The Åbne Ornestation, a consortium of Danish investors and dedicated PIC customers in Denmark.

Quality Genetics help Yorkshire Farmer's growth performance
Since 1985 Brian Bainbridge has been using Newsham Genetics and for the last 6 years JSR Genetics, on his 350 sow herd at Low Worsall, near Yarm in North Yorkshire.

Boehringer Ingelheim Continued strong growth at Boehringer Ingelheim
In 2006 once again Boehringer Ingelheim continues to be one of the world’s fastest growing pharmaceutical companies. The growth was thanks in particular to the strong therapeutic potential of the medications it has launched in recent years.

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