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Newsletter 21st August 2006
Monday 21st August 2006
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Welcome to this week's newsletter

Wanted! Pig Vet for new post in UK
Garth Partnership, one of the leading pig practices in the UK, is creating a new veterinary post for a pig veterinarian...

* This Week's Feature Articles

We have 5 new features this week:

The Global Picture: The Forces That Impact On Swine Production
By Knud Buhl, Danske Slagterier - as presented at the 2006 London Swine Conference.
Industry Structure/Integration: What are the Options for the Canadian Pork Industry?
By Jerry Bouma as presented at the 2006 Banff Pork Seminar.
Effects of Triticale-Based Diets on Finishing Pig Performance and Pork Quality in Deep-Bedded Hoop Barns
By Zeb Sullivan, Mark Honeyman, Lance Gibson and Ken Prusa, from the Iowa State University Animal Industry Report 2006.
Management of PCV2-Associated Diseases in the U.S.
By Pat Halbur, Iowa State University College of Veterinary Medicine.
US Pork Outlook Report - August 2006
By U.S.D.A., Economic Research Service.
Aurofac / Aureomycin - Justified, Reliable
* Global Pig Industry News (link to all this weeks news)

  United States

Pork Production Forecast Lower
The forecast for total U.S. meat production is reduced for both 2006 and 2007.

Don't Miss the Profit Boat
It's not often that pork producers get three chances to catch the boat to profits says Steve Meyer.

Farm registration proposal on hold
Secretary of Agriculture Steve Kerr is to abandon, for now, the controversial livestock registration proposal.

Revised CAFO rule gives producers more to consider
Should large livestock operators still seek a National Permit Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit and be safe rather than sorry?

Crude oil from pig manure?
Engineering researchers are refining an economical process to transform hog manure into oil that can be refined into industrial fuel.

Smithfield Packing to Restructure East Coast Operations
Smithfield Packing Company has announced plans to shift production from its facility in Bedford, Virginia, to other plants as part of its restructuring of East Coast pork processing operations.
The new V Drinker from Arato
Weekly Roberts Report: Processor margins improve
In his US Commodity Market Report, Mike Roberts says that the USDA last week reported the pork cutout at $72.97/cwt, up $0.57/cwt. According to, the average pork plant margin for last Monday was estimated at $0.15/head, up $1.70/head from a negative $1.85/head.

DJ CME Pork Review: Some Hog Contract Highs; Bellies Limit-Up
CME hogs closed higher Thursday on cash firmness, spreading and fund buying that pushed October through February and May to new contract highs. Commercial purchases, short covering and October's discount to CME's hog index spurred additional investment.

Retail price of pork up
Glenn Grimes and Ron Plain report that sow slaughter continues to run substantially above year earlier levels.

Activists rally with opponents of hog plant
Opponents of a proposed East Moline hog-processing plant have applauded a representative of one of the companies they are fighting.

Some food scientists advocate darker pork as more flavorful
Some food scientists are recommending that as consumers scan the meat case for "The Other White Meat," they select pork based on — how dark it is.

Doubling pork production will be topic of convention
Doubling Indiana's pork production will be a key topic at the sixth annual Midwest Pork conference on Aug. 31 at the Sheraton Indianapolis Hotel and Suites.

New Report Shows Decline In Dioxin In Some U.S. Meat And Poultry
Levels of dioxin-like compounds (DLCs) appear to have declined in chickens, hogs and turkeys produced for food in the United States, according to new tests conducted by the USDA.
Porcilis PRRS - The PRRS vaccine that pays off
  United Kingdom

Early pig results: June Survey
This release gives provisional estimates of pig numbers in the United Kingdom derived from the June 2006 Agricultural and Horticultural Surveys run by the UK agriculture departments.

Zinc sulphate from China needs certification - EU
Zinc sulphate from China intended for animal feeding or human consumption must now be accompanied by the results of certified sampling and analysis.

Feed costs soar as hot summer dries up grass
Livestock farmers in many areas of the UK face massive cost increases after record July heat claimed most of the summer grass.

NFU wins relaxing of set aside rules for grazing
The NFU has won a change in the rules to have set aside land used for grazing to ease the current shortage of animal fodder caused by the recent heat wave.

Over 11,000 farmers waiting for single farm payment top-up
The Rural Payments Agency has said that 238 farmers in England are still waiting for a full single farm payment and another 11,202 are waiting for a top-up to their partial payment.

Extra IPPC workshops held for farmers
Pig and poultry farmers are being given the chance to find out more about the new IPPC application process thanks to the NFU.

Small abattoirs under threat from "gold plating" of EU regulations
Small abattoirs could be forced out of business by a Treasury proposal to recover the full costs of veterinary inspections of animals and carcases.
NPA: Animal Rights Groups Targeting Pig Production
The word from a leading processor and one of the major retailer’s it supplies is that the extreme animal rights group ‘Viva!’ is currently ‘harvesting footage’ of intensive pig production, according to the NPA's Digby Scott.

COOLINK Semen Delivery Service

France Urges Restart Of WTO Talks, Abandonment Of Agriculture
France's Trade Minister, Christine Lagarde, said on Thursday that France may suggest that the Doha Round of the World Trade Organization's worldwide trade agreement be restarted by putting agricultural issues on a different track, to be addressed later.


China Hog Market Weekly
China's live hog prices continued to rise this week, but at a slower pace thank last week.

China becomes net soybean meal importer
China’s imports of soybean meal in 2005/06 are estimated to increase 13-fold (69,000 MT to 900,000 MT) from 2004/05.

China Piglet Market Weekly
China's piglet prices moved higher this week in the south on active trade.


Pork Producers Urge Caution in Addressing Use of Carbadox
Canadian pork producers are encouraging Health Canada to consider potential trade implications as it addresses the foreign use of Carbadox, an antibiotic used mainly to protect against swine dysentery.

Increased Restrictions on Using Carbadox in Canada Expected to be Trade Neutral
Health Canada says proposed regulatory changes that would further restrict the use of Carbadox in Canada are intended to protect the safety of the Canadian food supply and are not expected to have trade implications.

Pork Commentary: Prices Higher Than Predicted
This weeks North American Pork Commentary from Jim Long.

US Slaughter, Pork Exports and Pork in Cold Storage Expected to Drive Hog Prices for the Rest of 2006
Saskatchewan Agriculture and Food expects US hog slaughter numbers, export demand for pork and volumes of pork in cold storage to drive live hog prices during the remainder of 2006.
DuPont Animal Health Solutions
Hog industry growth slows
Hog inventories remained lower during the second quarter of 2006, consistent with soft prices reports Statistics Canada.

  European Union

Sensitive salmonella detection
A new testing kit for Salmonella promises to give the most sensitive detection results in less than a day, its manufacturers claim.

  Russian Federation

Russia Threatens U.S. Meat Imports If No WTO Deal Is Reached by October
Russia has threatened to scrap preferences for U.S. poultry and red meat imports if Washington fails to endorse Moscow’s accession to the World Trade Organization by the end of October.


Japan will import Polish pork
Sumitomo Corp has teamed up with Smithfield Foods to import Polish pork.


Research explains why piglets shudder to keep warm
Researchers at Uppsala University, Sweden, have uncovered a genetic reason why newborn piglets are less tolerant to cold than other newborn mammals.

  Korea, Republic of

South Korean Pork Imports Slow Down In First Half
South Korean imports of pork slackened sharply in the first half of this year as domestic meat distributors cut back on them in the run-up to the planned resumption of U.S. beef imports next month, a government report showed Sunday.

  Hong Kong

Pork safety reassured
Director of Environmental Hygiene & Food Eddy Chan has reassured consumers that all chilled pork imported from the Mainland must meet hygiene standards before it can be sold.

That's all for this week!


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