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Newsletter 4th September 2006
Monday 4th September 2006
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Welcome to this week's newsletter

* This Week's Feature Articles

We have 4 new features this week:

Danish Pork Industry - Welfare and Producer Adaptations - Part 2
By Terry L. Steinhart and Larry McMullen, ISU Extension Swine Field Specialist.
Watering topics - A film in the drinker line
By Luc Ledoux, CID LINES nv.
Risks to Canada’s Domestic and Export Markets
By Kevin Grier and presented at the 2006 Banff Pork Seminar.
The Effect of Space Allocation in Hoop Structures on Swine Performance and Pork Quality
By Brenda Patton, research assistant, animal science; Elisabeth Huff-Lonergan, associate professor of animal science; Mark Honeyman, professor of animal science; Steven Lonergan, associate professor of animal science, Iowa State University.
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* Global Pig Industry News (link to all this weeks news)

  United States

Hog Prices Beat Expectations: What's Next?
Hog prices have considerably outperformed expectations this summer, adding a smile to the faces of many pork producers, reports Chris Hurt, Extension Economist, Purdue University.

Demand for pork continues weak at the consumer level
Glenn Grimes and Ron Plain report that demand for pork continues weak at the consumer level.

Market Spotlight: Hog Prices
An unexpected jump in hog prices in August has left hog producers such as Smithfield Foods Inc. cheering and hog buyers such as Hormel Foods Co. and Tyson Foods Inc. suffering the consequences.

US Swine Economics Report
This week discussing the surprisingly high numbers of sows slaughtered.

US Daily Hog Slaughter Record Could Be Challenged Soon
The U.S. pork industry may soon challenge the 20 1/2-month old record for daily hog slaughter, and some sources believe that this could happen as early as next week.

Soaring pork demand offers new markets to Polish producers
American meat processor Smithfield Foods, has announced that it is intending to double sales from its Polish pig meat division in an attempt to supply growing demand from Western European markets like Britain.

Pork Industry Files Comments On Proposed CAFO Rule
The National Pork Producers Council last week filed comments on the federal Clean Water Act rule proposed by the Environmental Protection Agency that would regulate concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs).
Aurofac / Aureomycin - Justified, Reliable
Secretary's Advisory Committee To Hold Public Meeting On Foreign Animal And Poultry Diseases
Meeting planned to focus on the U.S. animal health emergency management system as well as the foreign animal disease status worldwide and its relevance to the United States.

Free swine artificial insemination workshop to be offered Sept. 7
Pork producers can learn how to use artificial insemination (AI) in their swine operation at a free workshop Thursday, Sept. 7, from 3-8 p.m., at the Iowa State University Allee Experimental Farm.

Iowa farmers ink EPA deals
Pay the government $200 and get protection from much bigger fines for possible violations of federal air-pollution laws.

Registration may not stay voluntary
Register voluntarily now and avoid the possibility of being compelled to register later. That is the message anyone involved in animal agriculture in Missouri is being told about participating in the initial phase of the National Animal Identification System, reports News-Leader.

Farmers: Make animal ID voluntary
Even those who have different ideas on what provisions a new farm bill should contain were unified about one issue Monday at a House Agriculture Committee field hearing in Springfield.

Laborers' numbers worry farmers
Farmers are concerned the agricultural labor shortage will get worse unless Congress changes the immigration laws for undocumented immigrants to work legally in the United States

Basic change in farm policy badly needed
Criticism of existing farm policy is reaching a crescendo as the current farm bill expires. But in the heart of farm country, many are still clinging to the status quo.
See also: Johanns: U.S. must reform farm policy
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  European Union

Unilever signs agreement to sell European frozen foods business
Unilever today announced that it had reached an agreement to sell the majority of its European Frozen Foods business to the Permira Funds for €1.725bn.


Japan to review labelling of meat imports
Seeking to bar imported meat from being sold under well-known Japanese names, the Agriculture Ministry will establish a panel of experts Thursday to discuss new rules governing labelling.


Pork Commentary: You Gotta Believe - Hogs in the 70’s in late August!
This weeks North American Pork Commentary from Jim Long.

Pork Producers Encouraged to Exercise Caution when Considering Trading Carbon Credits
The Canadian Pork Council is advising swine producers to tread with caution as they begin exploring potential opportunities on the carbon credit market.

Computer Modeling Being Used to Minimize Emissions from Biomass Fueled Heating Systems
Researchers at the University of Manitoba are confident sophisticated computer modeling will help ensure the emissions from biomass fuelled heating systems meet acceptable environmental standards.
The new V Drinker from Arato

OlyWest hands hog plant application to province
The company behind a controversial proposed hog plant has given the Manitoba government its application for the $200-million facility.

Hog plant looks to upscale markets
Quebec firm joins with four Island hog producers to buy Garden Province Meats to turn around the facility.

  United Kingdom

Scots snub supermarket meat
Business is booming for Scotland's butchers with claims that customers are fed-up with poor quality supermarket meat.

Cranswick Lazenbys to supply Sainsbury
Hull-based Cranswick Lazenby’s has won the contract to supply Sainsbury’s with fresh organic pork for the supermarket’s SO Organic range.

Grain supplies dip further
The International Grains Council (IGC) has been forced to lower grain estimates announced last month as conditions in the worldwide grain market worsen.

Traded set-aside could be a time-bomb for farmers
Quota brokers are warning that farmers who have traded their set-aside entitlements, which are not then being claimed against, could be falling foul of EU legislation.


China Live Hog Weekly
China's hog prices remained range-bound last week whilst procurement volume increased.

China Piglet Market Weekly
China's piglet prices were stable to higher last week, with farmers' interest in taking up piglet supplies varying from region to region.
DuPont Animal Health Solutions
Slow export demand for China's pork products
Speaking at this years China National Swine Industry Development Forum held in Haikou from, Ge Zhirong, Assistant Director of the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, highlighted the challenges facing China's exporters of pork products.

American farmers afraid of losing soybean market in China
US farmers fret they will lose their market as China increases its soybean imports from South American countries.

  Viet Nam

Diseased pork sold as healthy roasted pigs in Ho Chi Minh City
Diseased pigs are roasted, covered in artificial coloring and strongly scented to mask their spots and rots, and then put on sale as nutritious pork in Ho Chi Minh City.


Northern Mindanao poultry, swine production up in 1Q of 2006
The inventory of swine during Q1 increased by 6.49%, from 804,870 to 857,134 head.

Company news

Absence makes the heat grow stronger!
ACMC Breeders A change in service house design to limit sows contact with boars immediately after weaning may help improve breeding herd productivity, new research has shown.

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