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Newsletter 18th September 2006
Monday 18th September 2006
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Welcome to this week's newsletter

The latest swine bibliography has just been uploaded to, summarising many technical papers that have been published over the past several months...>>>>

* This Week's Feature Articles

We have 5 new features this week:

Effect Of Weaning Age on Sow Herd Performance
By Dr. Todd See, Swine Genetics Specialist, North Carolina State University.
Hedging Hogs by the Farm Manager
By the Alberta Government.
Experts Speak Out On Erysipelas
By Dennis Dipietre, PhD, Agriculture Economist/Swine Industry Consultant.
Animal Products Markets in 2005 and Forecast for 2006
By Keithly Jones, Economic Research Service, USDA.
USDA Livestock and Products Annual Reports for 2006
Pork industry data from the USDA FAS Livestock and Products Annual 2006 reports for Chile, Japan and Mexico.
DuPont Animal Health Solutions
* Global Pig Industry News (link to all this weeks news)

  United States

Hog waste regulations on horizon
An issue that has taken a back seat in recent years could return to the forefront next year as lawmakers tackle hog waste. An N.C. State University study has looked at developing ways to treat hog waste that are more environmentally friendly than washing it into massive lagoons.

Hog farms: Stricter regulations should be set
The Mississippi Supreme Court is expected to rule on a longstanding Oktibbeha County lawsuit about a hog farm that could have statewide effects.

NPPC Concerned About BSE Ban For Hogs
As a result of BSE being found in North America, the USDA banned all high-risk “downer” cattle in the human food supply. The ban has potentially created a huge and costly problem for U.S. pork producers regarding fatigued/non-ambulatory hogs.

RFID tag maker says sales on the rise
The CEO of a manufacturer of livestock identification, location tracking and condition monitoring equipment announced last week that sales so far in 2006 of electronic RFID livestock tags in Canada and the US are already ahead of total sales for 2005.
The new V Drinker from Arato
Global Uncertainty In Animal Markets Clouds US Trade Prospects
Uncertainty continues to shape the forecasts for animal products markets in 2006, according to the USDA's Economic Research Service.

US Swine Economics Report: Pork export fall a worry
Ron Plain's week economics report, discussing the fall in US pork exports.

Export Dip Merely A Blip
Weekly US Market Preview provided by Steve R. Meyer.

Weekly Roberts Report: Livestock markets may be topping out
Agricultural US Commodity Market Report by Mike Roberts, Commodity Marketing Agent, Virginia Tech.

High Corn Prices To Raise Hog Production Cost
Glenn Grimes and Ron Plain's weekly review.

USDA Raises Crop Estimates
Corn production is forecast at 11.1 billion bushels, up 1 percent from last month and fractionally above 2005.

Weekly Outlook: Crops
With both the corn and soybean futures market currently reflecting fundamental value, price reaction to the September USDA reports may be small, said Darrel Good.


Pork Commentary: Chicken Little is Wrong Again
This weeks North American Pork Commentary from Jim Long.

CLIA-CPC Voice Concern Over Canadian Integrated Traceability Program
The Canadian Livestock Identification Agency is voicing concern over the new Integrated Traceability Program. Last week the federal government unveiled a new initiative designed to accelerate the development of traceability systems.

CFIA Expects to Begin Final Pilot Next Month of On-Farm Food Safety Program Recognition Process
The Canadian Food Inspection Agency hopes to begin the third and final pilot of phase two of its program for reviewing Canada's on-farm food safety programs next month.
Porcilis APP is a subunit vaccine for the active immunisation of piglets to protect them against pleuropneumoniae caused by Actinobacillus Pleuropneumoniae.
Waste Water Treatment Key to Double Shifting Brandon Hog Slaughtering Plant
The head of Maple Leaf Foods suggests improved waste water treatment is key to double shifting the company's Brandon hog slaughtering plant.

Yield Expected to Become Top Research Priority Fuel By Increased Feed and Biofuel Demand
A cereal grain researcher with the University of Manitoba predicts yield will become the top priority as researchers work to develop the wheat varieties that will meet a growing demand for grain from the livestock and biofuel industries.


RP eyes Singapore, EU as new markets for poultry and pork
The government is eyeing bigger market access for the country’s pork and poultry in Singapore and Europe, which seek food safety certifications particularly Good Manufacturing Practice and Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point from Filipino exporters.

  United Kingdom

Cuts in slaughter payments planned
Brussels is planning to slash foot-and-mouth and swine fever slaughter compensation to 75% of market value - and there are only a few days for the industry to protest, reports Digby Scott.

Be on your guard... autumn could bring new avian flu threat
This autumn may bring fresh cases of avian flu if the catalyst is migratory birds, reports Ian Campbell.

Health Is The Key To Profitability
Pig health is the key to a sustainable and profitable future and to help producers to improve and maintain, the British Pig Executive is organising a series of autumn workshops. They will be looking at all aspects of health using contributions from experts and working pig farmers.

AI Quality Standard Launched
One of the final links in the assurance chain – from farm to fork – has been completed with the launch by BPEX of the artificial insemination quality standard.
Titan Boar - earn an extra £3 per slaughter pig
Costs of regulation may render some farm businesses unprofitable
In the latest analysis of the Scottish agricultural industry from Lloyds TSB Scotland, chief economist, Professor Donald MacRae, comments on the cost of regulation.

SFP patience with RPA wearing thin
Farmers still waiting to be paid their single farm payment are questioning why it is taking so long for the Rural Payments Agency to deal with their cases, reports FWi.

How to earn the letters that tell the world you are a PIPR (pig industry professional)
People who work on pig units are highly skilled and it is time they were given the recognition they deserve, says industry training chief Richard Longthorp.

'Visual imaging will quickly pay for itself'
Visual imaging in pig pens may cost several thousand pounds but as 20% of pigs going into abattoirs are outside their targeted weight bands it will pay for itself in just a few months, according to the NPA.

  European Union

EU could cut agriculture funds
The EU could reduce the sum granted to Romania for direct payments made in the farming sector by 20% if several requirements regarding management issues are not fulfilled, Leonard Orban, the state secretary in the Ministry of European Integration said last week.

Shock decision on electric fences
The recent decision by CENELEC, the European electrotechnical standards body, to pass a French proposal to reduce the standards covering the output energy of electric fence energisers to five joules, represents a blow to the UK livestock industries, according to the NFU.


Botswana moves to diversify economy
Botswana has adopted a new policy of commercialising farming in the country in a bid to diversify its economy.
Alphamune G - Shielding, Earning

San Miguel to put up hitech feed mill in Manado
Food and agribusiness giant San Miguel Corporation is reportedly planning to establish a modern feed mill in Manado, Indonesia in a bid to produce cheaper feed products for Mindanao's animal and halal poultry industries.


China Live Hog Weekly
China's live hog prices were marginally higher during the week ending Sep 11, however, with hog supplies falling short of demand, farmers were hesitant in releasing their hogs into the market in anticipation of more price gains.

China Piglet Market Weekly
China's piglet prices were higher during the week ending Sep 14. Buying interest continued to improve, after the reported successful containment of the recent pig disease outbreak.

Announcement Of Practical Training Of Feed Import Registration
The increasing demand on husbandry products, which attribute to the fast development of economic and improvement of the living condition, facilitates a great progressing space for feed industry in China.


UK research to feature at Gold Coast conference
The latest research into ‘precision animal farming’ in the UK and how it could be applied in Australia will be featured at the Horizons in Livestock Research Conference at the Gold Coast International Hotel from 8-11 October.

Oz Farmers Blast Anti-Terror Laws
Farmers say moves by the Federal Government to restrict the use of everyday farm chemicals and fertilisers are anti-terrorism tactics spinning out of control.

Plant closure won't affect pig producers: KR Castlemaine
Smallgoods manufacturer KR Castlemaine has told Queensland pig producers it will still need their pork, despite announcing the closure of its Toowoomba processing plant.

Animal activists claims against a NSW pig farm cleared by NSW RSPCA
Australia's pig farmers, through their national representative body Australian Pork Limited, have welcomed the news that the NSW RSPCA has cleared the property in the Young district of New South Wales of any wrong doing relating to the welfare of their pig herd.


Pork exports on the rise
Thai pork exports are on the increase, with more markets and growth in most of them. The Livestock Development Department said last week that the Kingdom was on track to export 15,000 tonnes worth Bt2.56 billion this year.


Classical Swine Fever In Croatia
This is follow up report No.2 via OIE on the Classical Swine Fever outbreak in domestic pigs in Croatia.

Company news

Hypor Hypor Appoints Vice President, Hypor America’s
Hypor is pleased to announce the appointment of Antonio Panos as Vice President, Hypor America’s. Antonio Panos has been working with Nutreco companies since 1989 and in the hog industry for the past 11 years.

ACMC Breeders Time to bin paper-based records?
Paper-based records can no longer easily provide herd managers with the up-to-date detailed analysis that is essential for today's pig producers, according to Ed Sutcliffe, technical director of Yorkshire-based pig breeding company, ACMC.

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