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Newsletter 25th September 2006
Monday 25th September 2006
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* This Week's Feature Articles

We have 4 new features this week:

USDA Livestock and Products Annual Reports for 2006
Pork industry data from the USDA FAS Livestock and Products Annual 2006 reports for Bulgaria, Canada, China and Taiwan.
Semen volume and concentration: how much to use and does it matter?
By Dr Grant Walling and Dr André Maldjian, JSR Genetics.
US Pork Outlook Report - September 2006
By U.S.D.A., Economic Research Service.
Livestock Market Situation and Outlook: September 2006
By John Lawrence.
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* Global Pig Industry News (link to all this weeks news)

  United States

Smithfield Foods And Premium Standard Farms Agree To Merger
Smithfield Foods, Inc. and Premium Standard Farms, Inc. announced last week that their Boards of Directors have unanimously approved a definitive merger agreement under which Smithfield Foods will acquire all of the outstanding shares of Premium Standard Farms through a merger.

Senators, others question merger in pork industry
Iowa senators and others expressed concerns last Monday after the nation's largest hog producer and pork processor, Smithfield Foods Inc., said it will buy Premium Standard Farms Inc., the No. 2 hog producer and No. 6 pork processor, reports The Des Moines Register.

Grassley requests U.S. review hog producers' merger plan
Sen. Charles Grassley, R-Ia., is asking the Justice Department to take a close look at the proposed merger of Smithfield Foods and Premium Standard Farms.

Smithfield-PSF Deal - How will it affect the industry?
Weekly U.S. Market Preview w/e 22nd September, provided by Steve R. Meyer, Ph.D., Paragon Economics, Inc.

Opinion: Make the swine industry better before making it any bigger.
Smithfield Foods Inc., now in the process of becoming the nation’s even-bigger biggest pork producer, will have the East Coast pretty much to itself after merging with Premium Standard Farms, which owns the giant processing plant in Clinton, reports Fayetteville Online.

Burden versus Boon
A proposed federal animal identification system may seem as simple as piercing a sow's ear, but some area farmers and legislators say it would provide unnecessary safeguards and place undue burdens on the agriculture industry.

Weekly Roberts Report
Agricultural US Commodity Market Report by Mike Roberts, Commodity Marketing Agent, Virginia Tech.

US Swine Economics Report
Regular report by Ron Plain on the US Swine industry, this week looking forward to the quarterly hog inventory.
Get more Value out of the Pork Value Chain
Pork Producers Give Views On Next Farm Bill
Urging Congress to help maintain, strengthen and defend the competitiveness of the U.S. pork industry, the National Pork Producers Council in testimony last week laid out its priorities for the next farm bill.

Iowa Seeks Manure Ban on Soybean Crops
The state's Environmental Protection Commission is closer to implementing a ban on the spreading of manure on land planted with soybeans. The commission met last week and instructed the Iowa Department of Natural Resources to craft a notice that begins the rule-making process for the ban.

U.S. Pork Highly Regarded By Australian Food Experts
U.S. frozen and processed pork products were promoted to the Australian market Sept. 11-14 at Fine Food Australia 2006 in Melbourne.

USMEF Meeting To Deliver Insights On International Markets
For members and others looking to grow their international businesses, the U.S. Meat Export Federation will provide multiple opportunities to gain insight into the world of international trade during its annual Strategic Planning & Marketing Conference Oct. 31-Nov. 3 in Cancun, Mexico.

NPPC Hails Senate Passage Of Price Reporting Law
The National Pork Producers Council has applauded the U.S. Senate for reauthorizing the law requiring meat packers to report the prices they pay producers for animals.

Red Meat & Pork Production at Record High for August
Commercial red meat production for the United States totaled 4.24 billion pounds in August, up 4 percent from the 4.10 billion pounds produced in August 2005.

Cooler weather helps growth rates; retail prices creep upwards
Weekly review of the US hog industry, written by Glenn Grimes and Ron Plain.

Pork producer loses lawsuit over stench
The nation's second-largest pork producer must pay $4.5 million to three families bothered by the smell from a northwest Missouri hog farm, a jury ruled.
M+Rhusigen - A First In Erysipelas

Pork Commentary: Prices Stay Strong Despite a Deluge of Hogs
This weeks North American Pork Commentary from Jim Long.

8th World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production
The 8th World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production brings together researchers from around the world in the area of animal breeding and genetics.

Increased Availability of Liquid Byproducts Fuels Interest in Liquid Feeding
A swine nutritionist with the University of Guelph credits a dramatic increase in liquid byproducts from biofuel and food processing for an increased interest in liquid feeding in Ontario.

Standardized Calculations for Determining Space Allowance Expected to Ease Confusion
The Canadian Pork Council is confident a new standardized method for calculating space allowance will help clear up much of the confusion that has resulted as producers have adopted the new animal welfare component of Canadian Quality Assurance.

Ottawa Urged to Develop Regulatory Framework to Support Veterinary Natural Health Products
The Canadian Animal Health Institute is calling on Ottawa to develop a regulatory framework to support commercial development of safe effective veterinary natural health products.

New Vaccines Winning the War Against Major Swine Disease
The introduction of two new vaccines appears to have turned the tide in the battle to contain a potentially deadly condition that has taken a dramatic toll on swine herds around the world.


Pigs regularly fed illegal chemical
Many farmers in Zhejiang Province illegally feed their pigs a toxic chemical that could be dangerous to humans if they eat the animals, it has emerged.

Chinese Gov issues urgent circular banning poisonous pig feed additive
China's Ministry of Agriculture has issued an urgent circular to local government departments ordering them to clamp down on an illegal additive used in pig feed.

China Piglet Market Weekly
In this weeks China Piglet Market Weekly, eFeedLink report that China's piglet prices mostly higher on increased buying interest in the week ending Sep 21st, 2006.

Miscellaneous: "Swine High Fever Disease" in pigs in China
Report by OIE on the swine disease in China.
The first and only vaccine for the control of Porcine Proliferative Enteropathy.

UQ Research Project Targets Colitis In Pigs And Poultry
A new University of Queensland study aims to improve understanding of a remarkable organism which is an important cause of diarrhoea in animals and humans.

Farming sector fears worst
The present drought is expected to be the most damaging in more than a century and threatens to cut the value of agricultural production by billions of dollars.


Farm incomes only 73% of average industrial wage, says Teagasc
Farm incomes increased on average by 44.4 per cent in 2005 to €22,459 per farm, according to the Teagasc National Farm Survey. Average Family Farm Income was €15,557 in 2004.

  United Kingdom

EU Commission reports market prices remain stable
According to Defra's pigmeat managment committee meeting this month, prices across the EU remain stable and above the price gained this time last year.

BPEX scheme raises AI quality standard
AI has undoubtedly taken off in the pig sector in the last few years, but how can you be sure the semen you're using is the best quality? Well until now pig farmers have had to rely on AI companies assurances.

This ludicrous red-tape will be final straw for some, reports NPA
Agricultural Wages Board's bolt-on bid to require employers to calculate holiday pay on the basis of gross actual earning for all hours worked has prompted an angry response from producer Richard Longthorp.

I.T. In Pig Production: Which Generation Will Reap Benefits?
The challenge of bringing the full benefits of information technology (IT) to the pig industry will be tackled this autumn in the 5th Annual Fellowship in Pig Research sponsored by the Royal Agricultural College and NATWEST Agriculture.

Smart label indicates accidental freezing
A new label on the market can indicate when temperature sensitive products have been accidentally frozen during transport or storage.
Progressis - PRRS Vaccine
Power from pig waste project wins CDM approval
An innovative series of projects that generate electricity from pig waste in Mexico have been approved under the Clean Development Mechanism.

Defra cuts red tape for farmers
Biodiversity Minister Barry Gardner has announced new farmer-friendly measures to help cut red tape and protect the rural environment.

Minister supports biodigesters
Climate change minister Ian Pearson has voiced strong support for biodigesters on pig farms, reports the NPA's Digby Scott.

Pig breeding technology could make bacon taste nicer more of the time
Ovasort has signed a deal with the owners of Danish Bacon for new technology which could allow breeders to preselect the sex of piglets.

'Industry should set pace' in quality assurance schemes
Quality assurance schemes are vital in building consumer confidence in British products, East Anglian pig producers were told at an Oakwood Veterinary Group seminar at South Elmham Hall, near Harleston.

United Kingdom Slaughter Statistics - September 2006
This publication by Defra shows various statistics obtained from surveys of slaughterhouses run in England and Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.


Davao hog raisers, poultry growers to visit Sulawesi
Poultry growers and hog raisers in Davao Region need to check and see their supply from the source to make sure of safe and quality corn products.

  European Union

EU's food agency battles attempts to hijack science
Science and politics make poor bedfellows. Just ask Herman Koeter, deputy executive director at the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), which has felt the push and pull of national politics ever since the agency began operating four years ago.

  Russian Federation

Russia Hits U.S. Pork With Ban
The Russian government banned some pork products from Premium Standard Farms for violating health standards, carrying out a threat the country had made to the United States for blocking its membership in the World Trade Organization.


Classical swine fever in Croatia
Follow-up report No. 3 by OIE on the outbreak of Classical Swine Fever in Croatia.

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