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Newsletter 19th February 2007
Monday 19th February 2007
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Welcome to this week's newsletter

* This Week's Feature Articles

We have 5 new features this week:

Thinking boar feeding
By Mick Hazzledine, Premier Nutrition and published in PIC's Pig Genomics Journal - A quick look in the scientific literature quickly reveals a mass of papers on the reproduction of pigs.
Recommendations On Feeding DDGS To Swine
By Hans H. Stein, University of Illinois and published by the North Carolina State University - The concentration of gross energy in distillers dried grain with solubles (DDGS) is greater than in corn, but because of a lower digestibility of energy in DDGS than in corn, there is no difference in the concentration of digestible and metabolizable energy between DDGS and corn.
30.02 - Thirty pigs in a calendar year becomes reality
By Jim Long, President Genesus Genetics / Keystone Pig Advancement Inc Canada - There are 7.5 million sows in Canada and the United States on 40,000 plus farms. The latest annual PigCHAMP data mean indicates pig’s weaned/female/year is 20.63.
Boars Fail to Calm Aggression in Pregnant Sows
Group housing for pregnant sows can be beneficial for farrowing ease, health and welfare, says Arthur Churchyard in the monthly Ontario Pork Newsletter.
The Changing Mineral Status of High Producing Sows
By Don Mahan and published in the Midwest Swine Nutrition Conference 2006 - With the introduction of high producing maternal lines into commercial swine herds, the number of pigs born, weaned and the subsequent increase in birth and weaning weights are increasing.
Porcilis PRRS - The PRRS vaccine that pays off
* Global Pig Industry News (link to all this weeks news)

  United States

NPPC Urges Renewal Of Trade Promotion Authority
The National Pork Producers Council last week joined a private-sector coalition, Trade for America, in urging Congress to renew the law giving U.S. presidents authority to negotiate trade agreements.

Pork producer uncages some pigs
The breeding sows are lined up like parked cars, in cages so small that their flanks come close to touching the bars on either side. They spend most of their lives in these 2-foot by 7-foot spaces, unable to turn, bearing litter after litter of piglets.

Swift's output recovers after raid
Swift & Co. says new applicants have come quickly to fill the jobs left by those detained in the Dec. 12 immigration raid.

Ethanol Demand Threatens Food Prices
Rising corn prices are already affecting everything from the cost of tortillas in Mexico City to the cost of producing eggs in the United States.

Corn prices concern livestock industry
Not everyone is excited about rising corn prices. "Livestock producers have some concerns about the high prices. Last year corn was selling for $2 (a bushel). This year, it's $4," said Patrick Kirchhofer, manager of the Peoria County Farm Bureau.

Weekly Roberts Report
Agricultural US Commodity Market Report by Mike Roberts, Commodity Marketing Agent, Virginia Tech.

Weekly Outlook: Soybean Market
While some attractive pricing opportunities exist for the 2007 soybean crop, a University of Illinois Extension marketing specialist cautions that pricing that crop remains "a challenging balancing act."

USDA Proposes To Change The Disease Status Of Four Countries In The European Union
The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service today announced a proposal to amend its animal import regulations by changing the disease statuses of the Czech Republic, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland.
Fancom - Providing complete solutions
Smithfield Announces 3rd Q earnings
Smithfield Foods, Inc. said last friday that it expects to announce earnings for the fiscal 2007 third quarter in the range of $.53 to $.56 per diluted share for the period ended January 28. The company reported $.63 per diluted share in the same quarter last year.

Cattle Prices Rise as Beef Profits Improve; Hog Futures Fall
In the swine market, hog futures fell on signs that deliveries that were delayed by snowstorms had mostly ended, resulting in a flood of animals available to pork processors.

Retail Meat Analyzed for Parasites
A recently completed survey of meats for a common microscopic parasite found none in raw beef and poultry and a low level in pork.

Preliminary Trials for a PCV2 Swine Vaccine Look Promising
Kansas State University researchers have developed what appears to be a promising vaccine against Porcine Circovirus Type 2 (PCV2), a disease that researchers predict every swine herd in the United States is infected with.

Bush says using corn for biofuels drives up price of hog feed
President Bush said Feb. 14 that using corn for ethanol is driving up the price of the commodity, which makes it important that new technologies come online quickly.

Livestock insurance useful tool
Two insurance programs could be useful tools for pork and beef producers these days.

Pork Exports Up As Import Fall
US Weekly Hog Outlook, 17th February 2007 - Weekly review of the US hog industry, written by Glenn Grimes and Ron Plain.

Market Preview: Canada's Hog Report Mixed
Weekly U.S. Market Preview w/e 16th February, provided by Steve R. Meyer, Ph.D., Paragon Economics, Inc.
Aurofac / Aureomycin - Justified, Reliable
Hog farm opponents seek support
Possible neighbors of the proposed hog farm in eastern Yuma County aren't quite ready to accept an animal feeding operation in their backyard even though the company intends to break ground this week.

Grassroots: Regional series focuses on effective swine care
A series of five regional pork conferences will be held from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday at different sites in Iowa.

Single set of rules required for Ag industry to operate
Should the state legislature limit counties' ability to regulate concentrated animal feeding operations?

U.S. - Canadian Hog Inventory Up Slightly
This publication by the the National Agricultural Statistics Service is a result of a joint effort by Statistics Canada and NASS to release the total hogs, breeding, market hogs, sows farrowed, and pig crop for both countries within one publication. This information was requested by the U.S. hog industry to provide producers additional information about potential hog supplies.

Changes in works for meat, poultry inspections
The first major changes to food inspection in a decade will increase federal scrutiny of meat and poultry plants where the danger from E. coli and other germs is high or where past visits have found unsafe practices.

State proposes mobile trucks to do on-farm slaughtering
With few options for slaughtering their chickens, the Clarks rely on a butcher to come to their Hyde Park farm. That means they can sell the meat only off the farm, because it's not inspected.

Selecting Non-Competitive Animals Can Improve Production
A new statistical method of determining genetic traits that influence social interactions among animals may provide for more productive livestock.


Pork Commentary: Prices Surge on Fewer & Lighter Hogs!
This weeks North American Pork Commentary from Jim Long, Genesus Genetics.

Big APF Money for Saskatchewan
Agricultural research and development in Saskatchewan is getting a boost as a result of an agreement between Canada's New Government and the Province of Saskatchewan on the use of $41.5 million in federal Agricultural Policy Framework (APF) wedge and rollover funds.

Independent On-Farm Assessments Key to Maintaining Consumer Trust in Agricultural Practices
The CEO of Validus is convinced independent third party assessments of on farm production practices are the most effective method for reassuring consumers that agricultural practices are socially responsible, writes Bruce Cochrane.

Porcine Circovirus a Global Problem
Porcine Circovirus-2 (PCV-2) has become a major health concern not only in the United States, but in other world regions as well, reports JoAnn Alumbaugh.

Elimination of Gestation Stalls May Compromise Animal Welfare
The Canadian Pork Council fears recently announced plans to phase out gestation stalls could actually hinder the welfare of swine rather than help it, writes Bruce Cochrane.
JSR Genetics - Genetics you can trust
Olymel workers endorse new contract
The Olymel pork slaughterhouse in Vallée-Jonction may be saved from closure after workers voted 62.2 per cent in favour of a new contract Tuesday.

Slaughterhouse will live on if clients come: Olymel
The CEO of Olymel has suggested the decision by workers to accept 30-per-cent wage and benefit cuts does not necessarily guarantee the survival of a pork processing plant south of Quebec City.

DDGS Shows Good Potential as a Feed Ingredient for Swine
Research at the University of Minnesota suggests pork producers can successfully increase the inclusion of dried distillers grain in swine diets, writes Bruce Cochrane.

Price Expected to Determine Future Biofuel Co-Product Use in Europe
A Netherlands based animal nutrition company predicts price will be a key factor that will determine the volumes of co-products from biofuel production that will be used in livestock rations in Europe over the coming years, writes Bruce Cochrane.

Hog Industry growth stabilizes
Canadian hog inventories as of January 1, 2007 were down compared with the same period a year earlier but up slightly from October 1, 2006, as international exports surged.

Planned North American Phase Out of Gestation Stalls Creates Concern Among Pork Producers
Decisions by two of North America’s largest hog processors to begin phasing out the use of gestation stalls have come as a shock to Canada's hog producers.

  Hong Kong

Pig farming practice code issued in Hong Kong
The Agriculture, Fisheries & Conservation Department has released a code of practice on pig farming to safeguard public health and minimise environmental problems.


Malaysian Pig farmers to sign loyalty pledge before Chinese New Year
With the issue of "certain wording" cleared, pig farmers are now ready and willing to sign a loyalty pledge banning the use illegal substances, including beta agonist, for their livestock. The farmers have agreed to sign the pledge before the Chinese New Year.


RFID Livestock Tagging Attracts New Interest In China
Advanced ID says it has been in talks with representatives in several countries, including China, to provide products for livestock tagging trials.
The new V Drinker from Arato
Market stands by pork
A local wholesale agricultural products market is preparing to launch China's first quality insurance scheme for pork after Spring Festival.

  South Africa

South Africa: Food prices to rise
Meat is meat but people won’t eat as their pockets begin to shrink. Rocketing food prices are forcing the big-spending middle class to cut back on clothing and luxury items to feed their meat-eating habits.


FAO Praises Cuban Hog-Cholera Book
The UN Food and Agriculture Organization has declared a Cuban book on hog cholera is a reference guide for Latin America and the Caribbean.

  United Kingdom

Singing The Praises Of Pork
The sizzle of succulent pork is music to the ears and that theme has been picked up as part of a £500,000 Love QSM Pork advertising campaign.

Branded as British meat – but 1.6m tonnes comes from abroad
Shoppers are buying a massive 1.6m tonnes of foreign meat a year as imports soar to a new high – and it can be passed off as British, reports the Yorkshire Post.


Classical Swine Fever In Croatia
This is follow up report No.9 via OIE on the Classical Swine Fever outbreak in domestic pigs in Croatia.

  Taiwan, Province of China

Taiwanese Hog Traceability System To Be In Place By June
A hog traceability system will be introduced by the end of June as part of the government's efforts to prevent sick and dead hogs from being illegally processed into edible pork products, Cabinet spokesman Cheng Wen-tsang said Thursday.


Filipino Hog farmers promoting frozen pork consumption
The National Federation of Hog Farmers Inc. is promoting the consumption of frozen pork among Filipinos as the Department of Agriculture is strengthening its "Pork in a Box" program.


Avipal group to have stand at Gulfood
The Brazilian food industry, which produces meats and dairy products, exports to nine Arab countries and sees in the region a market that is becoming more and more promising. The fair, which begins today, in Dubai, is the largest in the food sector in the Middle East.

  Viet Nam

WTO challenges worry Vietnamese farmers
Vietnam's accession to the World Trade Organization (WTO) opens opportunities for many businesses to penetrate into larger export markets and for consumers to enjoy better goods with lower prices, local farmers, however, worry that joining the trade body would not only bring them benefits, but also great challenges.

Company news

Feeding for performance with group sow housing
ACMC Breeders New systems of group-housing sows, which have affected the ability of the pig producer to tailor feeding to individual sows and led to increased hierachical competition, has challenged conventional thinking on sow feeding.

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