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Newsletter 16th July 2007
Monday 16th July 2007
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Welcome to this week's newsletter

* This Week's Feature Articles

We have 3 new features this week:

Lessons from China’s Streptococcus suis Outbreak: The Risk for Humans
By Marcelo Gottschalk, DVM, PhD, Groupe de Recherche sur les Maladies du Porc (GREMIP) and the Centre de Recherche en Infectiologie Porcine (CRIP), Faculté de médecine vétérinaire, Université de Montréal and Mariela Segura, MSc, PhD, McGill University Health Centre Research Institute, Montreal General Hospital.
Overview of Different Lagoon Effluent Application Methods on Odor and Ammonia Emissions
Dr. Garry Grabow, Assistant Professor, North Carolina State University.
Latest Developments in Alternative Feedstuffs for Pigs
By Ruurd T. Zijlstra, University of Alberta and Eduardo Beltranena, Alberta Agriculture and Food Edmonton.
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* Global Pig Industry News (link to all this weeks news)

  United Kingdom

Liquid lunches - the key to a safe, healthy and profitable future
UK - With multiple benefits to pig health, performance, welfare, business profitability, food safety and the environment, it's difficult to understand why more pig producers are not plugged in to liquid feeding, writes Jane Jordan, ThePigSite Editor.
See also: Liquid solution to second litter syndrome

Scotland's lost potential of livestock 'waste'
UK - THE drive to increase the production of energy from renewable sources has failed to harness the potential of two valuable by-products of the livestock industry - tallow and meat-and-bone meal.

Antimicrobial usage and bacterial resistance: report published
UK - The Government has published a new report that for the first time combines a range of information on antimicrobial resistance in bacteria in farmed animals, humans, and food.

We should farm cloned animals, says Dolly expert
UK - The creator of Dolly the sheep has called for farmers to take up cloning as a way of producing cheap food. Professor Keith Campbell believes the country's farms should be populated by superstrong, super-sized offspring of clones.

It's time to shout about investment
BPEX says that producers are beginning to realise the financial benefits of investing in new, purpose built finishing systems. A number of key producers have put up or are considering new facilities, although they are not shouting about it.

British Pig and Poultry Fair lands major sponsor
UK - The British Pig and Poultry Fair is to have a major sponsor for the first time at next year's event.

Development unit closes after 23 years
UK - The MLC's Pig Development Unit at Stotfold in Bedfordshire has closed.

Bowyers factory in Trowbridge to close next April
UK - The factory, in Stallard Street, which produces pork products and chilled foods, employs about 400 people.
The first and only vaccine for the control of Porcine Proliferative Enteropathy.

High prices fuel illegal pork scam and prompts insurance scheme
CHINA - The markets watchdog of Shenzhen city, Guangdong Province has launched an investigation into a scandal that unlicensed and unhygienic pork isbeing supplied to local meat markets.

Beijing sets up committee to study supply of live pigs
BEIJING - Beijing has set up a special committee to study the supply of live pigs to Hong Kong and to guarantee their quality, as well as a stable supply.

Pork leads food price hikes in Guangdong
CHINA - The pork price hike has driven up prices of other foods, such as mutton, fish and eggs, in South China's Guandong Province, according to statistics from the province's pricing monitoring authority.

China's pork prices will continue to rise
CHINA - Pork will continue to be expensive in the latter half of the year as supply shortfall can hardly be eased in a short period of time, said a senior Chinese trade official.

  United States

Market Preview: Are China's Losses Driving Futures Prices?
US - Weekly U.S. Market Preview w/e 13th July, provided by Steve R. Meyer, Ph.D., Paragon Economics, Inc.

US exporters troubled by China trade flap
WASHINGTON - China's decision to block some U.S. pork and poultry imports is a blow to exporters who rely on the Asian market for sales of products shunned by consumers at home, an industry group said on Sunday.

Economies of Scale in Hog Production
US Weekly Hog Outlook, 14th July 2007 - Weekly review of the US hog industry, written by Glenn Grimes and Ron Plain.

Summertime and US pork a hot combo in Japan
US - It’s time to fire up the grill and flip for the American Pork Sweepstakes, one of many summertime events in Japan during July, named American Meat Month by the US Meat Export Federation (USMEF).

Meat conglomerate and fuel company launch renewable venture
US - Tyson Foods, Inc., the world’s largest producer and marketer of chicken, beef and pork, is moving closer to its aim of becoming a leader in renewable energy. The company has launched a new venture with the Syntroleum Corporation, a Tulsa-based synthetic fuels technology company, to produce synthetic fuels for the bio-diesel, jet, and military fuel markets.
SowComfort - Never before has standing been so easy!
Hog waste plans work
US - Environmental Defense wants to persuade state legislators, as well as the pork industry, that replacing hog waste lagoons with cleaner systems makes environmental and economic sense.

Feed additives market to reach US$15.4 Billion by 2010
US - Growth in the global market for animal feed additives will stem from increasing population, rising standards of living, growing consumption of meat and meat products in developing countries, and consistent demand from the developed world. In the US the additives market is expected to reach US$15.4 billion by 2010.

Fresh meats market to reach 251 million tons by 2010, says new report
US - A rise in disposable incomes and changing consumer preferences are key forces shaping growth in the world fresh & processed meats market.

Livestock Industry Impacts State's Economy
URBANA - A 30-year decline in the Illinois livestock industry has stabilized and some sectors are growing, concludes a recent University of Illinois report.

Poll Underscores Value of Existing U.S. COOL for Imported Meat and Poultry
WASHINGTON - The following is a statement by AMI President J. Patrick Boyle:

Funding bill sets meat-origin labeling for 2008
US - US grocers and foodmakers would be required to put country-of-origin labels on cuts of red meat beginning September 30, 2008, under a bill approved by a House Appropriations subcommittee on Thursday.

USDA bitten by proposed animal ID system
US - What is proposed as a systematic method for tracking the spread of disease by livestock has turned into a monster with 50 heads for every one potentially impacted by the program.

  Hong Kong

HK pork supplies almost back to normal
HONG KONG - The daily supply of live pigs in Hong Kong has returned to to 85 per cent of its normal level following the recovery of supplies on the mainland in recent days, according to the Hong Kong government.

Importer denies control of pig supplies
HONG KONG - The city's main importer of live pigs has denied controlling the supply of fresh pork to the market to make a profit.

Pork union warns of action if supplies fail to stabilise
HONG KONG - The fresh-pork industry has issued a seven-day ultimatum to the city's sole importer and the government, threatening industrial action if supply does not stabilize by Sunday.
Get both with PIC Dam Lines

Pork Commentary: Lean hog prices are languishing
US - Iowa-Minnesota’s lean price last Friday was 68.59. Profitable prices, but not near the levels one would suspect at this time of year, writes Jim Long in this week's commentary.

Call for Research Projects that Demonstrate New Technologies
CANADA - The Manitoba Livestock Manure Management Initiative will shift its focus to on-farm demonstrations as part of its next call for research proposals, writes Bruce Cochrane.

Haulier interest in certified livestock transporter programme
CANADA - A new national livestock transporter training program is generating considerable interest among truckers involved in the movement of livestock throughout Canada and into the US, writes Bruce Cochrane.

  New Zealand

High octane plan for pig farm
NEW ZEALAND - Pig poo could soon be helping to power Waikato homes.


Highly Sensitive Test for Trichinellosis in Pigs now available
ZURICH - Prionics, a world leader in farm animal diagnostics, has introduced a highly sensitive and specific test for the detection of Trichinella spp. in pigs. The disease, among the most significant parasitic zoonoses in the world, can cause severe illness in humans and new surveillance programs are under review within the European Union.


High dollar takes toll on pig markets
AUSTRALIA - Pork producers are hoping for a turnaround in prices soon, as their traditional 'low' period eases off. However, an increase in imports, a strong Australian dollar and high feed costs are all working against them.

New research seeks to control Glässer's disease in pigs
AUSTRALIA - Trials to combat outbreaks of the devastating Glässer's disease in pigs are being conducted as part of a three-year project being conducted by the Queensland Department of Primary Industries and Fisheries.

  European Union

EU pig prices: Scarce supply – positive trend!
EU - The past week has seen stable prices in the European salughter pigs market. From the north European countries in particular, market participants report about just few live pigs being on offer.

Complacency over PCVDs, could threaten global pig health
EU - The team heading-up the European Commission-funded research project on porcine circovirus diseases (PCVD), says that imporant diseases may be exisiting unnoticed in some herds, because farmers and veterinary surgeons have become too familiar with the ailments associated with porcine circovirus.
Nuflor - for long acting, broad spectrum activity
  Russian Federation

Russian farm produce to grow 23% in five years - PM
MOSCOW - Russia's premier said domestic farm production will increase 23 per cent by 2012 under the government's five-year agricultural program, with agricultural development being one of the national welfare projects.

  Viet Nam

Pig epidemic grips central Vietnam, locals can’t win on their own
VIET NAM - The pigs have reportedly perished due to Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome (PRRS), also known as blue ear disease, which broke out in Quang Nam province early this month.


Cargill to acquire full ownership of Hungary’s Agrograin
HUNGARY - Cargill has begun the process of acquiring full ownership of Agrograin, one of the leading grain and oilseeds trading and storage companies in Hungary.

  Taiwan, Province of China

NTU Develops Environmentally-Friendly Pigs
TAIPEI - Researchers from National Taiwan University have successfully developed transgenic pigs that are herbivores, and produce odorless and pollutant-free manure, an academic said Thursday.


Wendy’s Strengthens Animal Welfare Guidelines
DUBLIN - Fast-food restaurant chain Wendy’s International, Inc. has strengthened its animal welfare guidelines. It is now giving preferential buying power to pork and chicken suppliers who improve systems for humane animal welfare.


Davao city's poultry, hog farms facing closure
THE PHILIPPINES - The Davao City Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Inc. (DCCCII) said some livestock and poultry farms in the city are facing closure due to zonification plan.

Company news

A more cultured sausage
DENMARK - Ingredients and additives specialist Chr. Hansen has launched two novel starter cultures for sausages. The two products, BFL-F02 and BFL-F05, are primarily aimed at customers in Europe and offer an improved ability to deliver flavour in dry and semi-dry fermented sausages.

That's all for this week!


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