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Newsletter 1st October 2007
Monday 1st October 2007
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Welcome to this week's newsletter

* This Week's Feature Articles

We have 4 new features this week:

Gestating Sow Housing – Options and Considerations Related to Feeding
By Mark Whitney, PhD. University of Minnesota Extension. Consumer interest and concern in sow housing is becoming an important and emerging issue in the United States.
Milling and Mixing Systems for Pig Feed Production
This article, written by Big Dutchman, looks at the company's Milling and Mixing equipment and systems for producing home-mixed rations.
USDA Quarterly Pigs and Hogs Report: September 2007
This quarter's quarterly Hogs and Pigs report from the USDA's National Agricultural Statistics Service. The article provides the report text and graphs, and helps explain what it all means. Link also to the full PDF report.
Nutritional Management of Nursery Pigs
By Eric van Heugten. Swine Nutrition Specialist, NCSU. Weaning is a stressful event for baby pigs.
Porcilis M Hyo is an inactivated vaccine for active immunisation of pigs to protect them against Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae during the whole nursery and fattening period.
* Global Pig Industry News (link to all this weeks news)

Foot And Mouth Disease In The UK - Summary
Despite the seventh case of foot and mouth disease had just been confirmed, the UK government's chief vet decided to ease some of the animal restrictions previously imposed. Then, on Friday, livestock markets were allowed to resume in Wales, provided that there was no further changes to the situation.

If anyone thought that the latest announcements were optimistic considering the times they were to be proved right. On Saturday a new case was under suspicion and by the following morning it had been confirmed as positive.

The outbreak shows no sign of slowing.

Read all the news here...(regularly updated)

  United Kingdom

Farmers’ fears of fresh crisis
UK - Farmers across North Yorkshire are bracing themselves following the news that the killer disease bluetongue has reached Britain.

Consumer concern over threats to Scottish pork
UK - A survey of Scottish consumers has revealed widespread concerns following reports that Scotland may soon be unable to meet demand for home produced pork as a result of the impact on the pig sector due to rising feed costs.

Realism and stoicism but serious concerns for the outdoor sector
UK - The Swan Hotel In Harleston, Norfolk was packed to the rafters with worried East Anglian pig producers last night. The regional NPA meeting had an atmosphere of resilience, tarnished by despair as pig farmers continue to fight to survive.

Price erosion: Farmers getting £5 less than last year
British pig producers are getting less for their pigs now than a year ago with price erosion amounting to just over £5 per pig, according to the latest edition of MLC's Pig Market Trends.

A 'write' battle increase prices
NPA is mounting a war-of-words in a bid to get retailers and consumers on side in supporting price increases at the farm gate.
Alphamune G - Shielding, Earning
  United States

Red meat production up 25 percent
US - Commercial red meat production for South Dakota totaled 93.6 million pound during August, according to the National Agricultural Statistics Service.

Weekly Roberts Report: Hogs stay weak
US - Agricultural US Commodity Market Report by Mike Roberts, Commodity Marketing Agent, Virginia Tech.

Weekly Outlook: Soybean Prices
US - Pricing and storage decisions for the 2007 soybean crop are being influenced by the current high price, the weak basis, and the availability of storage, said a University of Illinois Extension marketing specialist.

Market Preview: Variations in Price Reporting
US - Weekly U.S. Market Preview w/e 28th September, provided by Steve R. Meyer, Ph.D., Paragon Economics, Inc.

Hog Outlook: Slaughter Above Expectations Again!
US Weekly Hog Outlook, 29th September 2007 - Weekly review of the US hog industry, written by Glenn Grimes and Ron Plain.

US Pork exports set record in 2006
US - Exports continued to be a bright spot for US pork producers in 2006, according to recently released data from the USDA.

New Directive on post-mortem inspection
US - The Food and Safety Inspection Service (FSIS) has released a new directive on post-mortem livestock inspection (Directive 6100.2).

Particle size influences cost efficiencies
KANSAS - The particle size of a pig diet can have a huge economic impact on production costs says Research and Extension swine specialist Bob Goodband of Kansas State University.
The new V Drinker from Arato
EPA Celebrates Sonoma First Methane Digester
SAN FRANCISCO – The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, along with the California Energy Commission, Western United Resource Development and the Petaluma City Council, today celebrated with St. Anthony Farm as it brought online Sonoma County’s first methane digester that will convert manure from the dairy’s 240 cows into electricity.

Want To Raise Wooly Pigs?
SEATTLE - Heath Putnam had one wish: To be able to eat the same quality of food he had enjoyed while he lived and worked as a software engineer in Europe. In particular, he sought a comparable quality of pork that possessed the full-flavor and marbling he had experienced abroad.

NPPC Submits Comments On Price Reporting Law
US - The National Pork Producers Council has submitted comments on proposed reporting regulations for swine within the law requiring meat packers to report the prices they pay producers for animals.

Seasonal Slide Persists On Hefty Supply
US - Cash hog prices continue to slide under pressure from record-large slaughter rates and declining wholesale pork values.

Pork Producers Are Upping Expansion Pace
US - USDA will release the results of their latest survey of the US swine inventory, tomorrow.

Wild Hog Population Soars in Texas
US - Ranchers and farmers fighting the nation's largest population of feral hogs could soon be trying to ward off twice as many of the tusked, field-shredding animals.

AFBF Urges Congress to Pass Latin America FTAs
US - It’s time for Congress to take action and support the Latin America free trade agreements, said American Farm Bureau Federation President Bob Stallman today. In a press conference with Department of Agriculture Acting Secretary Chuck Conner and various commodity organizations, Stallman urged Congress to pass the Peru, Colombia and Panama Trade Promotion Agreements.
JSR Genetics - Genetics you can trust

Factory farming cruel for animals and hard on the planet, too
CANADA - The Fraser Valley, once a bucolic landscape of small family farms, has become a casualty of one of the great global issues of the 21st century: intensive agriculture - a business driven by our insatiable demand for cheap meat, writes Peter Fricker.

Further reaction on China's ban on Canadian pork
CANADA - China's rejection of imports from a Manitoba pork processing plant because its products contain a feed additive, continues. However, industry insiders believe the move is in response to a North American crackdown on Chinese goods.

Solid manure injection moves closer to commercial viability
CANADA - The Prairie Agricultural Machinery Institute reports a new prototype solid manure injection system appears ready for the next stage of development, writes Bruce Cochrane.

Hog farmers plot exit from ailing industry
NOVA Scotia - The handful of hog producers left in Nova Scotia say the industry as they know it is finished.

China encouraged to accept international residue levels
CANADA - The Canadian Pork Council is hoping China can be convinced to approve internationally acceptable maximum residue limits for Ractopamine in pork, writes Bruce Cochrane.


Cull threat for Victoria's pig producers
AUSTRALIA - Increased imports, low farm gate prices and high grain feed costs have left many pork producers with no option but to sell stock.

Higher pig prices must stay, to offset feed costs
AUSTRALIA - A welcome improvement in pig meat prices at the Dublin pig market, SA, during recent weeks has sparked hope for sustained higher returns for pig producers grappling with high feed prices.


Local buyers upset pig farmers
BAHAMAS - Local farmers who claim they are losing hundreds of dollars in profits are blaming it on local food stores who they say have not been buying Bahamian products.


China Says Ban on Hog Growth Enhancer Improves Food Safety
CHINA - China, the world's biggest pork consumer, said enforcing a "categorical" ban on pork produced with growth enhancers, including ractopamine, is part of its campaign to improve food safety.

Pork prices drop for 7th consecutive week, egg prices slightly up
CHINA - The average wholesale price of pork from 17 to 23 September saw a week-on-week decline of 0.8 percent, said the Ministry of Commerce on Wednesday.

Price increases are a matter of perspective
CHINA - Though the consumer price index (CPI) keeps rising rapidly, the producer price index (PPI), a leading indicator of production costs, shows a declining trend. This suggests that the increase in the CPI is mainly the result of price hikes for food. The decline of the growth rate for non-food prices shows that supply and demand are stable, providing the basis for a gradual descent in prices later this year.

Pork producers worldwide sustaining unprecedented losses
CHINA - Pork producers attending the 4th International Meat Secretariat (IMS) World Pork Conference in Nanjing China, have expressed concern at the state of the pork production industry worldwide.
  European Union

GM Policy Has EU livestock In A Stranglehold
EU - FEFAC President Mr Pedro Corrêa de Barros called on the EU Farm Council to take urgent measures ensuring adequate access of livestock farmers to feed materials.

EU pig prices: Bottoming out?
EU - The European finished pigs market is a little less pressurised this week. For seasonal reasons, consignments of slaughter pigs are still readily available.

  Viet Nam

Pigs Killed By Highly Toxic Virus: FAO
VIETNAM – Blue ear virus in Vietnam is extremely toxic and this means that ill pigs will suffer higher temperatures, with higher fatality rates and the disease may spread more quickly, according to experts of the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO).


Global price plea to halt the demise of worldwide pig production
WORLDWIDE - Producer groups from across the world have joined forces in a unilateral plea to consumers and the retail sector for an increase to farmgate prices, writes Jane Jordan, PigSite Editor.


Swine Fever Outbreak: Hundreds of Pigs Die
GAMBIA - At least 453 pigs (hogs) have so far perished in the Old Jeshwang area alone during the outbreak of the deadly swine fever in early August.

  Russian Federation

Cherkizovo profits soar on strong poultry and pork sales
RUSSIA - Cherkizovo Group Plc has said that first half net profit reached 21.0 mln usd. It's up almost six-fold from 3.7 mln in the year-earlier period, thanks to strong organic growth in the poultry and pork divisions and improved margins at its meat processing operations.


Company news

Monsanto Newsham Genetics Acquires Monsanto Choice
US - The acquisition of Monsanto Choice Genetics, Inc. (MCG) will further strengthen Newsham's expanding base of business, according to Newsham Genetics Co-CEO Brent Mitchell.

Big Dutchman Pork Commentary : Asian Tour Week 1
ASIA - This past week, we have been traveling in Asia. Countries we have been to are South Korea, Japan, Viet Nam and Cambodia. Rapid transit with 6 flights so far and more to come, writes Jim Long.

That's all for this week!


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