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Newsletter 26th November 2007
Monday 26th November 2007
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Welcome to this week's newsletter

To all our American readers, we hope you enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday

* This Week's Feature Articles

We have 4 new features this week:

Managing the Sow and Gilt Estrous Cycle
By Jerry May, Extension Educator, Pork AoE Team and Ron Bates, State Swine Specialist, Michigan State University. At times, managers of sow farms of all sizes are challenged by the availability of sows and/or gilts in standing heat.
Food Outlook Global Market Analysis - Pigmeat
By FAO. Rebounding demand together with tight supplies and rising production costs sustain meat prices in 2007
US Pork Outlook Report - November 2007
By U.S.D.A, Economic Research Service - This article is an extract from the November 2007: Livestock, Dairy and Poultry Outlook Report, highlighting Global Pork Industry data.
Feeding and Managing Pig Herds Automatically
By Chris Harris, ThePigSite Senior Editor - While tracking and tracing systems have been an essential part of breeding, rearing, slaughtering and processing animals for meat, their use has mainly been as means of assuring quality and food safety. However, the benefits of being able to remotely track and trace individual animals and follow their development are now becoming essential as part of the management of a business.
* Global Pig Industry News (link to all this weeks news)

  United Kingdom

Unions' Outrage at More Unbelievable FMD Failings
UK - Both the NFUS and NFU Cymru have responded angrily to news that the Foot and Mouth virus was allowed to escape into the drainage system for a second time.

UK to Boost Fees For Meat Inspections
UK - Slaughterhouses in the UK could soon face an 8 per cent increase in hygiene inspection charges, under proposals made by the Food Standards Agency (FSA).

Evidence Of Foot And Mouth Hardship
WALES - Evidence of the financial hardship faced by Welsh farmers as a result of Foot and Mouth Disease will be presented by farming Union NFU Cymru to the Welsh Assembly's Finance Committee on Thursday, says FarmingUK.

What Supermarkets Think About the Pig Crisis
UK - It would be not unreasonable to assume that pig industry training pioneer Agskills has third-world status with government.

Minister Addresses BVA As Disease Takes Centre Stage
IRELAND - The Northern Irish Minister for Agriculture and Rural Development, Michelle Gildernew MP, MLA has addressed the British Veterinary Association (BVA).

United Kingdom Slaughter Statistics - November 2007
UK - This publication shows various statistics obtained from surveys of slaughterhouses run in England and Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.
  United States

Weekly Outlook: Unsettled Crop Markets
URBANA - Sustained weakness in corn, soybean and wheat prices is not expected in the near term as supplies remain tight and demand is firm, said a University of Illinois Extension marketing specialist.

Canadian researchers find drug-resistant Staph in pigs and farmers
US - Canadian researchers have found two major strains of the superbug MRSA on pigs - and pig farmers - in southwestern Ontario, the first time the pathogen has been reported in food animals in North America.

Pork board grant could yeild next Circovirus vaccine, says researcher
US - When the National Pork Board wanted to research how to eradicate the latest strain of porcine circovirus, Kansas State University's Richard Hesse stepped forward.

Trough with a twist boosts water intake and performance
US - A tray drinking system for pigs, which increases water consumption by 25 per cent and improves pork yield by 1-1.2 lb per carcase has been developed by an American pig producer.

Price Advantage Means DDGS Warrant a Second Look
US - As cereal and grain prices continue to rise, pig producers are being urged to reconsider dried distillers grains with solubles (DDGS) as an alternative feed material. Prices for these ethanol-generation by-products are falling and the economics stack up, providing diets are formulated carefully.

The hunt for the odourless pig
US - In two long buildings in Carroll county, Indiana, some 8,000 pigs are doing what they do best: eating, defecating and squealing. But livestock operations like this one are increasingly under scrutiny. Above the pigs' heads are instruments measuring dust and noxious fumes.
Porcilis M Hyo is an inactivated vaccine for active immunisation of pigs to protect them against Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae during the whole nursery and fattening period.
Subcommittee Reviews Recent Recalls in the Meat Industry
WASHINGTON – The House Agriculture Subcommittee on Livestock, Dairy, and Poultry held a hearing to review recent recalls in the meat industry. Congressman Leonard Boswell of Iowa was Chairman of the Subcommittee.

About Turn for Meatpacker ban
IOWA - Iowa Pork Producers Association is opposing a ban on meatpackers owning and rearing thier own livestock. It fears that such a ban would upset the marketing arrangements farmers have made with processors and put even more pressure on the already fragile pork market.

Smithfield Rejects Cloned Pork
US - Market leading pork producer Smithfield Foods, says it will not produce or use pork from cloned animals. It says the technology is, as yet, unproven and requires further investigation.


Omega-3 pork poised to grab market share
CANADA - A deal between Canadian retailer Co-op Atlantic and its partner the Natural Organic Food Group (NOFG) to sell Omega-3 enhanced pork products is expected to bring financial rewards to feed and nutrition specialist Stirling Products.

Job Creation Focus for Pork Processing in Saskatchewan
CANADA - The Chief of the Fishing Lake First Nation says job creation is one of the main factors behind the band's desire to be involved in the development of a new primary pork processing plant in Saskatoon, writes Bruce Cochrane.

M-COOL Expected to Discount US Value of Hogs Originating in Canada
CANADA - The president of Paragon Economics says the planned September 2008 introduction of US Mandatory Country of Origin Labelling has the potential to prompt American meat packers to discount the price of pigs with a Canadian background, writes Bruce Cochrane.
Alphamune G - Shielding, Earning
Pork Commentary: Relentless supplies continue to pressure prices
CANADA - This weeks North American Pork Commentary from Jim Long.

Western Canada Well Positioned to Recover from Low Hog Prices
CANADA - Swine producers in western Canada are being encouraged to focus on their natural competitive advantages as they plan strategies to ride out the current economic storm facing the entire Canadian livestock industry.

  European Union

EU pig prices: Still stabilising!
EU - Record-breaking slaughter quantities are being reported from Germany as well as from Spain, the Netherlands, Austria and France these days.


Focus on Core Business Brings Improved Earnings
DENMARK - Europe's leading pig meat processor, Danish Crown, has had its best result in five years - in spite of a challenging second half-year. The company said that a continuous keen focus on core business has ensured a competitive position.


Pork strong feature of new processing facility
THAILAND - Ajinomoto Frozen Foods has opened a new production facility in Thailand. It aimns to serve increasing consumer demands for variety and quality, says the company.

  Viet Nam

Retail pork prices soar VND10,000 per kilo
VIET NAM - Big enterprises like Sai Gon Agriculture Incorporated (S.A.I) and Ho Chi Minh City’s leading meat processor Vissan began raising retail prices of pork by approximately VND10,000 (US$0.6) per kilogram Saturday.
JSR Genetics - Genetics you can trust
Company news

€11 billion deal seals Schering-Plough buyout
US - Schering-Plough Corporation has completed the acquisition of Organon BioSciences from Akzo Nobel. The deal has cost the company approximately Euro 11 billion in cash and creates the world's largest animal health organisation.

Hypor International Award for Hendrix Genetics
NETHERLANDS - Hendrix Genetics has been recognized as 'Business of the Year 2007' by the Dutch-Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Zeist, the Netherlands.

ACMC Breeders Thompson's tip: Pay attention to winter ventilation
UK - There is the usual transition period of mixed cold and warm weather during the autumn and as winter approaches, producers need to take account of fluctuating temperatures and the dire effects it can have on pig health and performance.

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