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Newsletter - 7th January 2008
Monday 7th January 2008
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Welcome to this week's newsletter

* This Week's Feature Articles

We have 4 new features this week:

Rising Pork Prices Having a Negative Impact on Food Consumption in China
By Cheng FANG of FAO from GIEWS/FAO Crop Prospects and Food Situation No 6 December 2007.
The Impact of Added Diet Fat on Carcass Fat Quality
By Heather M. White and Mickey A. Latour, Department of Animal Sciences, Purdue University. Added dietary fat is very common in swine diets and there are many types available to nutritionist.
The Changing Economics of US Hog Production
By Nigel Key and William McBride USDA Economic Research Service. The increasing size and specialization of hog operations reflect significant structural change in US swine production during the past two decades.
UK Pig Disease Quarterly Surveillance Report (to September 2007)
By Veterinary Laboratories Agency - This report monitors trends in the major endemic pig diseases and utilises the farmfile and VIDA (Veterinary Investigation Disease Analysis) databases. The report is compiled using disease data gathered by the network of 15 VLA regional laboratories which carry out disease investigation in the field.
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* Global Pig Industry News (link to all this weeks news)

  United States

Grimes & Plain on the Hogs and Pigs Report
US - USDA's December Hogs and Pigs inventory report was a little more bearish than the average of the trade estimates. It showed the total herd up 4.2% (Table 1) while the trade estimates averaged a 3.4% increase.

Market Preview: Production Adjustments Will Come
US - Weekly US Market Preview for the week ending 4th January 2008, provided by Steve R. Meyer, PhD, Paragon Economics, Inc.

Hog Outlook: Slaughter Under Federal Inspection Was Estimated At 2009 Thousand Head
US - Weekly review of the US hog industry, written by Glenn Grimes and Ron Plain.

CTB Acquires Uniqfill
MILFORD – US pig and poultry production systems manufacturer, CTB Inc, completed the acquisition of Dutch based Uniqfill International B.V. on 2 January.

2008 - An Ugly Ride for Pork Producers
US - Following nearly four years of profitable margins, the good news has come to an end for US pork producers, writes Marlys Miller.

Breed Of Hog Being Used For Medical Research
US - Researchers at Purdue University say one breed of pig is helping them find cures for common human diseases.

US Hog Inventory shows expansion
US - US inventory of all hogs and pigs on 1 December 2007 was 65.1 million head. This was an increase of four percent from 1 December 2006, but down a percentage point from 1 September this year.

Rare Pigs are Born in South Dakato
US - Seven American mulefoot hogs were born at a farm in Dell Rapids, South Dakota between midnight and 1am on New Year’s Day.

Farrowing Crates: Welfare Expert Calls for More Consumer Outreach
US - The Colorado Pork Producers Association late last month decided to voluntarily phase-out sow gestation crates over the next decade. The group joins Smithfield Foods, the nation's largest pork producer, in taking such a step.

Lactose Brings Benefits to Older Weaners
US - Trial work to assess the value of lactose in the mid to late-nursery phase has shown significant benefits to weaned pig performance.
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Genetic Selection Offers One Option for Reducing Impact of PCVAD
CANADA - A Morden, Manitoba based swine veterinarian expects genetic selection to play a future role in the control of Porcine Circovirus Associated Diseases, writes Bruce Cochrane.

Be Aware of Quality when Including Ethanol By-products in Rations
CANADA - Researchers with the University of Alberta are encouraging swine producers include as much of the byproducts of ethanol production in as possible when formulating rations but to keep a close watch on the quality of those ingredients, Bruce Cochrane.

University Recommends Strategies to Reduce Phosphorus Levels in Swine Manure
CANADA - The University of Manitoba is encouraging swine producers to consider a combination of strategies to ease the transition from nitrogen livestock manure application limits to phosphorus based limits, Bruce Cochrane.

Pork Commentary: The US breeding herd is up 70,000 from a year ago
CANADA - This weeks North American Pork Commentary from Jim Long.

Genetic Selection Plays Key Role in Success of Group Sow Housing
CANADA - An Embro, Ontario based swine producer reports genetic selection will play a key role in the level of aggression displayed by sows housed in group based production systems, writes Bruce Cochrane.

Tips to Tap This Valuable Resource
CANADA - Water is an essential nutrient in pork production. Research reveals how we can manage this resource for best results and minimal cost. Here the Prairie Swine Centre in Saskathchewan, offers some tips on how to manage and make the most of this valuable resource.
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Kabankalan hog raisers get feeds, gilts from PVO
PHILIPPINES - Hog raisers associations in the 12 barangays of Kabankalan City are beneficiaries of the Feeds for Pig Project and Pig Improvement Company gilts of the Negros Occidental Provincial Government under the Provincial Veterinary Office.

Guide to Backyard Swine Feeding
PHILIPPINES - For most Filipinos, pork is a rich source of protein. An average-sized porkchop provides 45 per cent of the daily protein needs of a person.


Productivity Commission Findings Under Attack
AUSTRALIA - Australian pork producers have hit out at the Productivity Commission findings into the Safeguards Inquiry into the Import of Pigmeat.

Pig Shooting Now More Profitable Than Pig Farming
AUSTRALIA - The "Gone Shooting" signs could start appearing on Queensland piggeries as game hunting becomes more profitable than mainstream pork production.
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  United Kingdom

NFU - World's Food Supply Balance on a Knife Edge
UK - National Farmers' Union (NFU) president Peter Kendall has warned that the world's food supply is balanced on a knife edge between sufficiency and shortage.

Will pig sector see recovery in 2008?
NORTHERN IRELAND - Pig production remains an important component without our intensive livestock sectors. But, the recent hike in cereal prices, combined with a general slump across Europe's pork and bacon markets have combine to put both processer and farmer returns spiralling into the red, wried Richard Halleron.

Report Highlights Successes over PMWS
UK - The careful use of alternative boars and crosses are lessening the clinical effects of PMWS, according to the UK Pig Disease Quarterly Surveillance Report.

What are we eating?
UK - So you only eat free-range eggs, and spend the extra on organic sausages. But what's life really like for the animals that end up on your plate? And how can you be sure that the meat in your shopping bag is cruelty-free, asks Rob Sharp.


Polish Meat Exporters Given Russian Go-ahead
POLAND - Poland is expected to start exporting meat to Russia again following the approval of 29 meat producers by the Russian food safety agency, Rosselkhoznador.
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  European Union

EU Pig Prices: Steady at the Beginning of the Year!
EU - A new year and the situation continues to be extraordinarily calm on the European finished pig market.

  South Africa

Food riots of the 21st century
SOUTH AFRICA - The risks of food riots and malnutrition will surge in the next two years as the global supply of grain comes under more pressure than at any time in 50 years, according to one of the world’s leading agricultural researchers.


Export Mission to Russia
BRAZIL - A mission from Brazil is in Russia this week to thrash out a deal over health and hygiene controls for meat exports.

That's all for this week!


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