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ThePigSite Newsletter - 10th March 2008
Monday 10th March 2008
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Welcome to this week's newsletter

* This Week's Feature Articles

We have 4 new features this week:

Biosecurity Know How: Ten Ways Pathogens Can Spread
By Jake Waddilove MA, VetMB, MRCVS. Here's a challenge. What do you know about the vectors and the routes by which pig disease agents can spread between and around units?
Outlook for U.S. Agricultural Trade
By the USDA Economic Research Service and Foreign Agricultural Service. The 2008 fiscal year export forecast is raised to record $101 billion while the forecast for imports has increased to $76.5 billion
US Meat Exports in 2007
By Shane Ellis, Iowa Farm Outlook. Trade data for all of 2007 has recently become available, so it is an appropriate time to look at the current US meat trade situation.
Validating the Odor Footprint Tool Using Field Data
By Richard R. Stowell, Kara R. Niemeir, Dennis D. Schulte¹. This study supports using the Odor Footprint Tool as a planning and screening tool for assessing odor impact from livestock facilities and estimating minimum separation distances to meet annoyance-free targets.
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* Global Pig Industry News (link to all this weeks news)

  European Union

EC: Simple, Clear, Modern Feed Marketing Rules
EU - The European Commission adopted today a proposal for a Regulation which considerably simplifies the existing procedures for labelling and marketing animal feed and pet food, while making the overall system more efficient and maintaining the same high level of protection of animal health, animal welfare and public health.

European Market: On The Up and Steadily Rising
EU - The European slaughter pig market made positive moves this week. An upswing in prices is welcome relief but supplies are tightening.

Private Storage Aid Increased to Three Months
EU - A proposal to increase Private Storage Aid (PSA) for pigs to a maximum period of three months was given the go ahead at the February meeting of the European pig management committee.

  United States

Weekly Outlook: Industry Faces Twin Horrors
US - Most pork producers who take the market risk are in the midst of another financial disaster. The North American industry remains on pace to suffer the most damaging financial year ever due to a period of twin horrors.

Weekly Roberts Report
US - Agricultural US Commodity Market Report by Mike Roberts, Commodity Marketing Agent, Virginia Tech.

Weekly Review: Slaughter Up From a Rear Earlier
US - Weekly review of the US hog industry, by Glenn Grimes and Ron Plain.

Livestock Slaughter 2007 Summary
By the USDA's National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS. Total red meat production for the United States totaled 48.8 billion pounds in 2007, two percent higher than the previous year. Red meat includes beef, veal, pork, and lamb and mutton. Red meat production in commercial plants totaled 48.7 billion pounds. On-farm production totaled 135 million pounds.
Porcilis Begonia is a AD live marker vaccine for active immunisation of pigs against Aujeszky’s disease virus infections (Psuedorabies).
Market Preview: Evaluating Lower Market Weights
US - In his weekly Preview of the US market Steve R. Meyer, PhD of Paragon Economics, Inc., debates the merits of reducing slaughterweights - it's not all good, he says.

New Record For Pork Exports
US - The US pork industry achieved its 16th consecutive record-setting year of exports in 2007, according to statistics compiled by the US Meat Export Federation (USMEF).

Fertiliser Frenzy Reinforces Manure Values
OHIO - Pig manure is valuable - and not only in terms of soil nutrients. With fertilizer prices rocketing this pigmeat production by-product is could be a golden asset to cash strapper livestock farmers.

Checkoff Campaign Continues to Provide Return to Producers
US - The US national pork promotion The Other White Meat.® Don't be blah™ brand campaign is still showing positive results, according to Pork Checkoff.

A Picture of Health
US - The Reference of Swine Health and Health Management Practices in the United States, 2006 provides an interesting look at swine health patterns in the United States, which are still relevant today, writes JoAnn Alumbaugh.

Feral Pigs Prove Clear of Disease
NEBRASKA - Of 69 hogs taken from the Harlan County Reservoir for testing by the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission most have proved to be free of disease.

Checkoff-funded Analysis Backs-up Export Growth
US - The analysis of data conducted by the Pork Checkoff and University of Missouri shows impressive changes in US Pork exports in the past 22 years. US Pork exports have grown from 86 million pounds carcass weight equivalent in 1986 to 3.1 billion pounds in 2007.

Smithfield Sells Beef Processing and Cattle Feeding Operations To JBS
US - Smithfield Foods, the US leading pig processor, is to sell its beef processing and cattle feeding operation, to JBS S.A. for $565.0 million in cash.

Muck an Advantage and a Money-spinner
US - Complaints about hog farms are nothing new and in Ohio Members of CARE are protesting at the opening of six large hog farms in a ten-mile area scheduled for the next few years.
  Russian Federation

Russia Extends Meat Imports Controls Deadline
RUSSIA - The Russian Federal Customs Service (Customs) has published a new order that extends the implementation date of the revised list of approved entry points authorised to handle meat imports to 17 April.


Rosderra Refuses To Give What's Due
IRELAND - Michael Maguire, Chairman of the IFA Pigs and Pigmeat Committee led a delegation to meet with the new Rosderra pigmeat company yesterday (Thursday).

Glanbia Sells Pig Meat Activities
IRELAND - Irish based international cheese and nutritional ingredients group, Glanbia plc, has sold its pigmeat activities, Glanbia Meats Ireland.


Manitoba Bans Expansion to Protect Waterways
CANADA - A temporary ban on new or expanded hog barns has been enforced across Manitoba. The government says it is to protect the quality of the province's lakes and rivers.

Drinker Design Does Effect in Newly Weaned Piglet
CANADA - During the first few days after weaning, pigs often experience body weight loss as they adapt to eating solid food. During this time period, they are also observed to drink excessively and develop abnormal oral behaviour such as belly nosing.

Manitoba Clean Environment Commission Recommendations Expected to Improve Environmental Sustainability of Hog Production
CANADA - The chair of the Manitoba Clean Environment Commission is confident the province's hog industry can move into the future in an environmentally sustainable manner, writes Bruce Cochrane.

GM Livestock - A Market Reality and an Advantage
ONTARIO - Behind locked doors, past a shower, where humans are required to rinse, more than 25 pink pigs crowd into hay-covered pens at the University of Guelph in Ontario, Canada. They look like regular Yorkshire pigs, however, these pigs have been modified to carry a gene from an innocuous strain of E. coli that has been spliced with a protein from a mouse, writes Rebecca Clarren.

Pork Commentary: Canada's Sow Cull and the Misplaced Promotion of Ethanol Production
CANADA - There has, and will be, liquidation in Canada, says Jim Long. In the time the United States increased their breeding herd by 150,000 sows, Canada declined 85,000 sows and we expect that Canada's industry will decline further.
  United Kingdom

We're Worth A Fair Deal, Says Mass Rally
UK - Hundreds of pig farmers from across the country today brought their campaign for fairer prices for their pigs to Downing Street.

National Standing Committee Launched For Farm Animal Genetics
UK - Defra on Tuesday launched the National Standing Committee designed to encourage the sustainable use and protection of the nation’s rich diversity of livestock breeds.

Fair Trade Rally Call as Industry Stands Up for its Future
UK - The NPA's 1000-strong London rally was a triumph. Farmers descended on the Capital from across the UK and succeeded in raising the profile of the UK's crisis stricken industry and the fact that consumers will have to pay more for their food. Jane Jordan, The PigSite Editor, rounds up the news.

First Biogas Plant on Cornish Pig Farm
UK - Although planning permission and finance have yet to be finalised, it's likely that pig producers EH & B Dymond & Son will be the first EnviTec biogas plant in the UK.

CIWF Back Higher Welfare to Save British Pig Producers
UK - Compassion in World Farming has called on British pig producers to see free-range and higher welfare as the way to save their British bacon.

NFU Livestock Board Gets a New Chairman
UK - Alistair Mackintosh has been elected chairman of the NFU's national livestock board.

Scottish Pig Numbers Fall
SCOTLAND - Scotland's Chief Statistician today published results from the December 2007 Agricultural Survey, which gives a picture of agricultural activity in Scotland.

Icy Reception to Levy Board Criticism
UK - The NFU has expressed its deep disappointment at the livestock associations who have criticised its stance on the role of the Agricultural and Horticultural Development Board, accusing them of misrepresenting its position and creating unnecessary and potentially damaging controversy.

Alphamune G - Shielding, Earning

Animals and the Next Great Social Justice Movement
AUSTRALIA - Increasing concern for animal welfare and consumer demand for organic and free range products— backed up with stricter food labelling requirements—is, according to this story, likely to trigger the next great social justice movement in Australia, according to the latest edition of the Australian Law Reform Commission’s journal Reform, launched in Sydney today.

Environment and Livestock Find a Single Voice
AUSTRALIA - With climate change and greenhouse gas emissions two of the biggest issues facing agriculture Meat & Livestock Australia has bolstered its ‘green’ credentials by employing one of Australia’s leading experts in the field.

Price Relief Forecast for Pork Producers
AUSTRALIA - Pork producers will get some welcome relief from low returns and competition from imports in 2008-09 with prices tipped to rise by 7 per cent, the ABARE Outlook '08 conference in Canberra has heard today.

Stirling Products Signs Licensing Rights For Omega-3 Meat Enhancement Technology
PERTH - Stirling Products North America Inc and PEI Pork Plus Inc have signed an Memorandum of Understanding which provides Stirling with the opportunity to become the exclusive sales and distribution partner for PEI Pork’s Omega-3 Meat Enhancement Technology in Australia.


MRSA Contaminates 11 Per Cent of Meat
NETHERLANDS - The Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (VWA) says it has found that 11 per cent of meat products in the retail sector are contaminated with the hospital bacteria MRSA. The statement is based on a recent study carried out by the authority.


Thai Retail Pork Prices Cut by 18%
THAILAND - Pork producers and retailers in Thailand are cutting retail prices by 18 per cent to 98 baht per kilogramme from 120 baht for two months.


Fewer Than 300 Traditional Vets in France
FRANCE - The shortage of vets is a European problem, but France has a very specific set of problems. Like every other French professional body, the Ordre des Veterinaires (OV), sets a quota for the number of students that can go forward for training.

France Promotes National Welfare Debate
FRANCE - French farm minister Michel Barnier has nominated three working group chairmen for France's national animal welfare plan Animals et Société.


Singapore's Exports Sanctioned
PHILIPPINES - Singapore's Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority has given the go ahead for pork processor Matutum Meat Packing Corporation to export cuts to the island state.

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