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ThePigSite Newsletter - 12 May 2008
Monday 12th May 2008
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Welcome to this week's newsletter

* This Week's Feature Articles

We have 4 new features this week:

Calculate, Before You Vaccinate
Jane Jordan talks to John Richardson, Pig Business Manager about Intervet's new approach to managing the Porcine Respiratory Disease Complex. ResPig combines laboratory diagnosis with results from a practical farm assessment to determine optimal control strategies and economic outcomes.
Electronic Identification in Traceable Systems
As pork chains become more diverse and with increased stringency of some export specifications, animal identification (ID) and traceability is a key component regarding assurance of customer specifications for livestock products, writes Ronald O. Bates, State Swine Specialist at Michigan State University.
Red Meat and Cancer - Fact or Fiction?
A World Cancer Research Fund report published at the end of last year concluded that people should eat less than 500 grams or 18 ounces of red meat per week, writes ThePigSite Senior Editor, Chris Harris.
Pew Commission Finds Industrial Scale Farm Animal Production Poses "Unacceptable" Risks
The current industrial farm animal production (IFAP) system often poses unacceptable risks to public health, the environment and the welfare of the animals themselves, according to an extensive 2½-year examination conducted by the Pew Commission on Industrial Farm Animal Production (PCIFAP).
Ingelvac PRRS KV is indicated for the control of Porcine Reproduction and Respiratory Syndrome (PRRS) in breeding sows and gilts.
* Global Pig Industry News (link to all this weeks news)

  United States

Weekly Roberts Report
US - Agricultural US Commodity Market Report by Mike Roberts, Commodity Marketing Agent, Virginia Tech.

Weekly Review: Pork Product Prices Go Up
US - Weekly review of the US hog industry, written by Glenn Grimes and Ron Plain.

Market Preview: Pork’s Part in the Farm Bill
US - Weekly US Market Preview provided by Steve R. Meyer, Ph.D., Paragon Economics, Inc.

Wiard Wins Checkoff's National Taste of Elegance Contest
US - Tyler Wiard, executive chef at Elway's Steakhouse in Denver, won top honors in the 19th annual national Taste of Elegance contest May 5 in San Diego, California.

AFBF Speaks Up About HSUS Livestock Auction Video
WASHINGTON, D.C. - Bob Stallman, President, American Farm Bureau Federation, speaks about the mistreatment of farm animals.

Pseudorabies Found at Saginaw County Ranch
US - The Michigan Department of Agriculture’s (MDA) Geagley Laboratory has confirmed pseudorabies virus (PRV) infection in 19 sport swine on a privately owned cervid facility in Saginaw County.

Russian Livestock Market Opens to US
WASHINGTON, US - The U.S. Department of Agriculture today announced that the United States will begin exporting breeding cattle, bovine embryos; breeding, fattening and slaughter swine; and breeding and sport horses to Russia. Russia will accept cattle born on or after implementation of the United States' 1997 ruminant-to-ruminant feed ban.
Nuflor - for long acting, broad spectrum activity
What Do Pork Industry Organisations Contribute?
WISCONSIN - It is no secret to anyone reading this column that the pork industry continues to struggle with low market prices and high input costs, writes Tammy Vaassen (Wisconsin Pork Association).

Farm Bill Blueprint Begins to Materialise
US - The US Farm Bill came close to completion this week, as the principal negotiators announced that they have reached an agreement.

Web Resources for Pork Producers Announced
MINNESOTA - University of Minnesota Extension announced today a coordinated set of web resources to help pork producers with tough financial questions.

Pork Producers Get Voice On EPA Panel
WASHINGTON, D.C. - Michael Formica, environmental counsel for the National Pork Producers Council, this week was named to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Clean Air Act Advisory Committee.

Manure Management Webcast Coming Soon
US - A live webcast for those interested in adding to the bottom line by implementing certain manure management practices will be broadcast on 16 May.

  European Union

EU Pig Prices: Slaughter Market Sees Boost
EU - The EU is seeing a considerable boost in the slaughter market this week.

EU/Russia Meat Row Erupts
EU - The European Union's executive arm yesterday said that a Russian ban on European meat was disproportionate and should therefor be alleviated.
Get more Value out of the Pork Value Chain

Welcome News for Canadian Agriculture
CANADA - Farm Credit Canada says, overall, the recent softening of the value of the Canadian dollar is welcome news for Canadian farmers competing on the international market, writes Bruce Cochrane.

Canada's June Food Labelling Regulations - Some Recommendations
CANADA - The House of Commons Standing Committee on Agriculture and Agri-Food expects to present its recomendations early next month for improvements to Canada's food labelling regulations, writes Bruce Cochrane.

APAS Calls for Change to Better Reflect Origin of Food Labelled "Product of Canada"
CANADA - The Agricultural Producers Association of Saskatchewan is calling for changes to the definition, "Product of Canada" when labelling food to better reflect the origin of the food actually contained in the package, writes Bruce Cochrane.


Finnish Pork Market Faces Tough Times
FINLAND - Finland's pig meat industry has had a difficult start to the year, largely due to high feed prices and difficult market conditions.


Cyclone Hits Pig Industry
MYANMAR - The recent cyclone in Myanmar (Burma) is expected to severely hit the country's agriculture and aquaculture industries.

Help Needed for Surviving Livestock of Cyclone
MYANMAR - An emergency veterinary team from the World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) is on stand-by in Thailand awaiting authority to enter cyclone struck Myanmar to assess and then relieve the suffering of thousands of animals that human survivors depend on for food and their livelihoods.
Circovac - The first and only
PCV2 vaccine.

An Insatiable Global Hunger for Grain
GLOBAL - Wheat is by far the most traded grain as it is so adaptable to many uses, but production for the world market has so far been the privilege of a handful of countries.

  Tanzania, United Republic of

Tanzania: ASF Hits Three Other Regions
TANZANIA - The African Swine Fever (ASF) has now spread to three Tanzania mainland regions, latest reports show.

  United Kingdom

EU Poultry Feed Plan Rejected
UK - According to a North East scientist, the EU's plan to allow the use of pig remains as poultry feed could stir up another BSE-style crisis.

Pig Crisis Puts Government Under Interrogation
SCOTLAND - The Scottish Government is being questioned about the situation of the existing pig industry. It had been criticised by a north-east MSP for issuing a series of holding replies yesterday.

NFU Start Countdown to Pig and Poultry Fair
UK - The pig and poultry calendar's flagship event takes place at Stoneleigh Park in Warwickshire next Tuesday and Wednesday.

Contributing to Global Warming?
UK - While ruminants can be blamed for significant emissions of methane and nitrous oxide into the earth's atmosphere, vegetable and cereal production also contribute to global warming.

Rapid On-farm FMD Test Available
UK - A rapid on-farm ("pen-side") test for foot-and-mouth disease virus (FMDV) have now become commercially available.

  New Zealand

Cheaper Pork Prices to Drive Greater Demand
NEW ZEALAND - Pig producers need to wait until cheap pork serves as beneficial to them, according to Scoop,
  Viet Nam

PRRS: South Vietnam Takes Precaution
VIET NAM - Vietnam's southern regions are now taking precaution, seeing as to how PRRS has already broken out in 10 northern and central provinces. This was decided on Tuesday, at a meeting in HCM City.


Government Helps China Feed Itself
CHINA - The government of China have declared a new initiative giving support to farmers around the country in the latest bid to meet the population's ever increasing food demand.

Fujian Boosts Quality Inspection
CHINA - The quality of farm produce in Fujian province has been sharply improved in recent years to now rank among the best in the world.


RSPCA Takes Pig Action into the Classroom
AUSTRALIA - The RSPCA in Australia took its activism into primary school class rooms in Brisbane, where pupils played pigs to demonstrate what it was like for sows to be kept in stalls.

Company news

BPEX EPP Congress 2008
UK - This year the English branch of European Pig Producers will host the 2008 congress in Norwich from 5-8 June.

Intervet Sponsored Walk and Climb
John Richardson from Intervet will be one of a group of eight people, who are doing a sponsored 73 mile walk in June, from Inverness to Fort William, and then climbing Ben Nevis.

That's all for this week!


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