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ThePigSite Newsletter - 30th June 2008
Monday 30th June 2008
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Welcome to this week's newsletter

* This Week's Feature Articles

We have 6 new features this week:

Can We Feed Mycotoxin Contaminated Feed to Pigs?
Pigs fed with mycotoxin contaminated feed demonstrated both a drop in growth rate and feed in-take according to a report by A.D. Beaulieu, J.F. Patience and D. Gillis of the Prairie Swine Centre, Inc.
An Industry in Change
Ben Woolley of Sunterra Farms Ltd looks at where the pig industry in the US is going in a paper for the London Swine Conference in Ontario this April.
UK/EU Pig Populations - June 2008
The total pig population in the UK has fallen by 60,000 almost 1.3 per cent according to the latest UK Pig Statistics from the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, writes ThePigSite senior editor Chris Harris.
UK/EU Pig Statistics - June 2008
The numbers of clean pigs slaughtered in the UK has continued to slide according to the latest quarterly UK/EU Pig Statistics from the Department of Environment Food and Rural Affairs, writes Chris Harris, Senior Editor, ThePigSite.
USDA Quarterly Pigs and Hogs Report - June 2008
This quarter's quarterly Hogs and Pigs report from the USDA's National Agricultural Statistics Service.
Increasing Daily Feeding Occasions in Restricted Feeding Strategies Does Not Improve Performance or Well Being of Fattening Pigs
By Eva Persson, Margret Wülbers-Mindermann, Charlotte Berg and Bo Algers. Published by BioMed Central in the Acta Veterinaria Scandinavica 2008, 50:24 Journal.
* Global Pig Industry News (link to all this weeks news)


Industry Embraces Certified Livestock Transport Training
CANADA - A relatively new training program for those involved in the transportation of livestock is being well accepted by Canada’s trucking and livestock industries.

There's Hope for Feed Grain Price Relief
CANADA - A Winnipeg based grain market analyst says the bright light for livestock producers right now is the anticipated large global wheat crop expected to be harvested during 2008, writes Bruce Cochrane.

Fire Destroys Manitoba Hog Operation
MANITOBA - Due to a fire, a huge pig plant in Southern Manitoba has suffered losses where thousands of pigs have been killed.

High Fuel Cost Stimulate Interest in Composting
CANADA - The Niverville, Manitoba base Puratone Corporation reports increasing fuel costs are stimulating new interest in composting for the disposal of livestock mortalities, writes Bruce Cochrane.

Pork Commentary: Nice Hog Price Rally
CANADA - This weeks North American Pork Commentary from Jim Long.


Dietary Preferences of Pigs
SWEDEN - Pigs raised in conventional indoor pens have different feeding patterns from those raised under more natural conditions.

  United Kingdom

Conforming to Integrated Pollution Prevention And Control
UK - Are the conditions being set for Integrated Pollution Prevention And Control (IPPC) permits way off kilter? That's certainly the view of many pig producers who are bewildered by the inconsistent advice they are receiving from the Environment Agency (EA).

Cookstown Still an Integral Part of VION
UK - The Cookstown pig processing plant is to remain a key part of VION, the Dutch-based food operation.
Aurofac / Aureomycin - Justified, Reliable
QMS Offers Farmers Direct Support
SCOTLAND - Farmers who are branching out into setting up farm shops to sell their meat directly to the public are set to benefit from a new tailor made sales pack created by Quality Meat Scotland, the red meat promotion and development body.

Pig Industry View of the World
UK - Confidence levels in the British pig industry have, unsurprisingly, fallen according to the results of the latest survey by BPEX Ltd.

GM Food Benefits? Consumers Wont Swallow it
UK - Food industry leaders, alongside politicians, have begun to lobby for GM acceptance in Europe, which may help dying livestock industries thrive once more. However, there is a long way to go yet in changing consumer perceptions.

  United States

Weekly Review: Live Hog Demand Goes Up
US - Weekly review of the US hog industry, written by Glenn Grimes and Ron Plain.

Market Preview: Anxiously Awaiting Hog and Crop Forecasts
US - Weekly US Market Preview provided by Steve R. Meyer, Ph.D., Paragon Economics, Inc.

Weekly Outlook: Now is The High In?
US - Corn prices moved sharply higher in the first half of June as excessive precipitation threatened both acreage and yield. July 2008 futures rallied from about $6.00 to a high of $7.60, while December 2008 futures moved from $6.25 to a high of $7.915.

NPPC Urges RFS Waiver
WASHINGTON, D.C. - With rising pressures on this year’s corn crop, which now have been ratcheted up because of flooding in the Midwest, and the prospect of significant numbers of pork producers going out of business from the resulting higher feed costs, the National Pork Producers Council today called for the federally-mandated target for corn-based ethanol production to be cut in half.

Discovering Hormones and Their Role in Meat Quality
US - A team of scientists in Iowa studied how the release of hormones in animals of agricultural importance can lead to greater efficiency of growth and meat quality. Their results could reduce the cost of animal production and enhance profitability for farmers.
Porcilis Begonia is a AD live marker vaccine for active immunisation of pigs against Aujeszky’s disease virus infections (Psuedorabies).
Antibiotics: AVMA Put Superbug Scare Stories to Bed
US - Over the last few months new research has brought the issue of animal antibiotics into the limelight, raising a question of food safety and human superbugs, but the American Veterinary Medical Association has this week testified in favour of the antibiotics, explaining how they play a crucial role in the health of livestock.

Acquisition of Hog Farm Closed by AgFeed
NEW YORK - AgFeed Industries, Inc., China's leading premix feed and hog raising industries have announced the acquisition of a producing commercial hog farm serving China's Shanghai region.

50/50 Merger Between Smithfield and Campofrio
VIRGINIA - Smithfield Foods, Inc. confirmed today that Groupe Smithfield Holdings, S.L., its 50/50 joint venture with investment funds controlled by Oaktree Capital Management LLC, is engaged in merger discussions with Campofrio Alimentacion, S.A., the largest processed meats company in Spain.

Bridge Collapse Doesn't Break Tyson
US - Tyson Foods Inc. said Wednesday it is shifting the shipping of some product to trucks after a rail spur leading to its Columbus Junction, Iowa, pork plant collapsed into the Iowa River.

Rift Between Illinois Pork and Grain Sectors
ILLINOIS - Because of the rise in grain prices, there appears to be a rift between Illinois grain farmers and pork producers.

USDA Approves of First Swine Visual Tag
MINNESOTA - Digital Angel, an advanced technology company in the field of animal identification and emergency identification solutions, announced today that its Destron Fearing unit has received approval from the U. S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) for Premises Identification Number (PIN) tags for identification of swine entering harvest channels.

Environmental Group and Livestock Producers Unite
IOWA - An Iowa Great Lakes environmental group and some of the major livestock producers have reached an agreement to help preserve the ecological uniqueness of the glacial lakes area.

U.S. Pork Exports Jump 200 Percent in 10 Years
US - Ten years ago, the United States exported 1.116 billion pounds of pork, making our nation the source of about 1 pound of every 6 pounds of pork traded globally.

Smithfield Foods Stock Declines Due to Corn Prices
US - Smithfield Foods Inc.'s stock declined to a 4.5 year low, because of soaring corn prices and the Midwest floods.

Pig Prices Take an Early Leap
AUSTRALIA - Pig prices are already starting to climb with pork rising six cents a kilogram (carcase weight) in the past week to hit 296c/kg, while bacon jumped 7c/kg to 266c/kg during the same period.

Report: Change in Farming with Climate Change
AUSTRALIA - CSIRO today released a national overview of climate change impacts and adaptation options for Australian agriculture.

  European Union

EU Pig Prices: EURO 2008 Makes No Difference!
EU - Yes, everybody loves a good barbecue, especially during the Euro 2008. BUT it appears that Europe's having a hard time maintaining pig prices, but with a few exceptions.

  New Zealand

Huge Piggery Planned in New Zealand
NEW ZEALAND - While environmentalists and animal rights activists are against the idea of the $25 million pig plant planned near Foxton, others see it as a boon as it creates employment opportunities for many.

  Russian Federation

New Labelling System Counters Canadian Pork Piracy
MOSCOW - The Canadian Food Inspection Agency has reached an agreement with Russian authorities on new pork meat certificates with enhanced security features.


Vicious Cycle of High Prices and Global Food Shortage
GLOBE - Soaring food prices could reverse the significant growth in agricultural production recorded by some of the poorest countries in Europe and Central Asia over the past 10 years, said FAO Director-General Jacques Diouf today at the opening of the 26th FAO Regional Conference for Europe.

  Viet Nam

Vietnam Strives to Produce Clean Pork
VIET NAM - Vietnam is launching a pilot project to produce clean pork by the end of 2008, in collaboration with some of the country's major livestock farms.

Vietnam Close to Becoming Free of PRRS
VIET NAM - According to the Veterinary Department under MARD (Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development), the control of PRRS (or blue-ear disease) in many Vietnamese provinces has been a success.
JSR Genetics - Genetics you can trust
  Korea, South

Pork Futures Market to be Launched on 21st July
SOUTH KOREA - The Korea Exchange (KRX) plans to open trading of pork belly futures on the stock market, thus enabling consumers to purchase pork at equalised rates.


Free Trade Helps US Producers and Chinese Consumers
CHINA - Free trade and modern transport will mean that Chinese consumers do not have to change diet while they are rebuilding their pork production.

Chinese Practices Putting Millions at Risk
CHINA - The top vet in China has claimed that the illicit practices used in many agricultural farms is putting the health of millions of consumers at risk.

Company news

Schick Enterprises Open House to View Automated Sorting System
US - The Horsehoe Hog Enterprises will be holding an open house at the Jeff Schilley Farm in Bristoll South Dakota this Sunday.

Topigs Peter van Kemenade Manager TOPIGS International for North America, Mexico and Italy
MEXICO - TOPIGS is pleased to announce the appointment of Peter van Kemenade as regional manager for TOPIGS International. He will be the regional manager for North America, Mexico and Italy.

Rémi Maguer New Manager of TOPIGS France
FRANCE - TOPIGS is pleased to announce the appointment of Rémi Maguer (48) as manager for TOPIGS France.

Nedap Velos French Pig Producers Make Use of Electronic Sow Feeding
FRANCE - Last May, a new facility for 250 pregnant sows was brought into operation in Sergent, Brittany, France.

International Dealer Visits US
US - A tour of newly converted gestation stalls was one of the features for a visit to the US by Schick Enterprises dealer Marcus Jones, Director of sales for Stockyard Industries and his customer Neil Ferguson from Australia.

EfferSan Disinfectant and Sanitiser for Livestock Operations
US - For the livestock industry, maintaining a healthy and sanitary environment is crucial in sustaining a prosperous operation.

That's all for this week!


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