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ThePigSite Newsletter - 14 July 2008
Monday 14th July 2008
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Welcome to this week's newsletter

* This Week's Feature Articles

We have 4 new features this week:

Organic Acids in Water Can Improve Performance of the Weaned Pig
One of the greatest challenges to the pig farmer is to ensure that weaned piglets get off to a good start without suffering ‘a post-weaning check’, writes Adrian R. Cox BVetMed MRCVS, British Poultry Executive.
Living with Higher Feed Costs
By John Lawrence, from the June issue of the Iowa Farm Outlook of the Department of Economics of Iowa State University. Livestock producers are well aware that feed costs are higher than they were two years ago.
Ireland: Annual Review & Outlook for Agriculture, Fisheries & Food 2007/2008
This report is an extract taken from the Annual Review & Outlook for Agriculture, Fisheries & Food 2007/2008, examining the pig market situation in Ireland. It was published by the Irish Department or Agriculture Fisheries and Food.
FarrowSure® GOLD B: Profiling Efficacy and Safety of a New, Reformulated 2-mL Dose Vaccine
By Thayer C. Hoover, DVM, Pfizer Animal Health.
Porcilis M Hyo is an inactivated vaccine for active immunisation of pigs to protect them against Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae during the whole nursery and fattening period.
* Global Pig Industry News (link to all this weeks news)

  United Kingdom

Pork Newly Perceived as "Good for You"
SCOTLAND - People’s perception of pork is improving and the new view of it as an easy, versatile and healthy meat is attracting new groups of consumers.

DEFRA: 21st Century Challenges for Food Set in the UK
UK - The Cabinet Office today publishes the results of a ten-month Strategy Unit project looking at food policy across Government – and concludes that rising demand, climate change, and trade and productivity restrictions must all be addressed.

Pig Slurry of Value to Pig Farmers
UK - According to BPEX experts, rather than just the livestock itself, it is also what the animals produce that is of immense value to pig farmers.

Ways to Avoid Rising Feed Costs
UK - The pig industry is hard-hit by rising feed and fuel cost challenges and the ever-increasing red tape burdens. Lately, a lot of producers have been reported as stepping out of the industry as a result of the many challenges that it hauls their way.

Higher Standards in UK Industry
UK - The majority of pigs in the UK, including those in Scotland, are kept to a higher welfare standard than elsewhere in the EU and other countries, these are the conclusions of a report by the Farm Animal Welfare Council.

  European Union

EU Pig Prices: Limited Supply Leads to Optimism
EU - This week seems to show either stability in pork prices or a strong increase in parts of the EU market.

  United States

Weekly Roberts Report
US - Agricultural US Commodity Market Report by Mike Roberts, Commodity Marketing Agent, Virginia Tech.

Weekly Review: Hog Slaughter Expectations High
US - Weekly review of the US hog industry, written by Glenn Grimes and Ron Plain.

Market Preview: Corn Prices Finally Pushed Lower
US - Weekly US Market Preview provided by Steve R. Meyer, Ph.D., Paragon Economics, Inc.
JSR Genetics - Genetics you can trust
Weekly Outlook: Pork Price Boom Coming!
US - Pork is cheap in the U.S., but it is “dirt cheap” for many of our foreign buyers since the strength of their currencies effectively lowers the price even more.

New International Guidelines on Food Safety
US - The Biotechnology Industry Organization has congratulated the Codex Alimentarius Commission for approving key guidelines to further promote the safety of products from agricultural plant and animal biotechnology.

The Improvement of Swine Waste Fertilizer
US - It's a known fact that swine production generates large amounts of waste.

NC Hog Legislation Aproved
NORTH CAROLINA - North Carolina hog farmers could rebuild after a natural disaster or change operations without having to follow decade-old distance requirements from homes or schools in legislation approved Tuesday by a Senate committee, reports The Charlotte Observer.

NPPC: ‘Clean’ Drug-Review Law Called for
WASHINGTON, D.C. - The National Pork Producers Council has urged Congress to reauthorize an animal-drug review law, to approve a new generic animal-drug review statute and to pass both measures without amendments that would make it more difficult to keep animals healthy.

Hog Industry Faces Crisis After a Decade
CHICAGO - Hog producers are about to face some of the worst losses after a decade this fall when a plenitude of pigs, fed high-priced feed, enters the market.

Pork Producers Should Try Marketing Lighter Pigs
US - In a university report, Purdue University Extension swine specialist Allan Schinckel says that pork producers who are feeling pinched by high feed prices should contemplate marketing lighter pigs.

CAST Evaluates Disposal of Swine Carcasses in Routine and Catastrophic Conditions
INDIANA - In swine production, as in other forms of animal agriculture, a certain number of animals will die on the farm before being marketed.

NCGA and NPPC Urge Congress to Favour Free Trade Agreements
US - At a trade symposium this week in Indianapolis, the National Corn Growers Association and the National Pork Producers Council urged participants to ask Congress to vote in favor of free trade agreements with South Korea, Colombia, and Panama.

FMD Fears Keep Argentinian Meat from US
WASHINGTON, US – National Farmers Union announced support for the Foot and Mouth Disease Prevention Act of 2008 introduced today by Sens. Tim Johnson, D-S.D. and Mike Enzi, R-Wyo., that would prevent imports of Argentinean meat products until the U.S. Department of Agriculture certifies the country Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) free.

Stores with Recalled Meat to be Listed
WASHINGTON - Secretary of Agriculture Ed Schafer today announced that beginning next month, USDA will begin listing retail stores receiving meat and poultry products involved in Class I recalls - those of the most serious concern to public health.

Ice Hockey Promotion for Pork Producers
IOWA, US - The Iowa Pork Producers Association is continually looking for innovative ways to promote pork and its latest venture may well be its most unique.

The Quest for a 'Green' Agricultural System
AUSTRALIA - CSIRO research underway in Central Queensland’s cattle country is investigating whether the integration of trees, pasture and livestock into a single agricultural system will produce greater net returns for producers and the environment.


Pork Commentary: Lean Hog Futures Break $100
CANADA - This weeks North American Pork Commentary from Jim Long.

Adjusting to the Winnipeg Assembly Yard Closure
CANADA - Manitoba Pork Marketing says the province's swine producers have adjusted exceptionally well to the closure of its Winnipeg Assembly yard, writes Bruce Cochrane.

Live Hog Prices Pressured by High US Slaughter
CANADA - The Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture reports continued high U.S. hog slaughter numbers and abundant supplies of meat in cold storage are keeping a lid on live hog prices, writes Bruce Cochrane.

KAP Members Urge Food Security and Food Safety Priority
CANADA - Manitoba farmers have called on their umbrella farm organization to put a higher priority on Canadian food security and food safety and encourage governments to do likewise.

Transport Program Welcomed in Canada
CANADA - Alberta Farm Animal Care reports the response to a new national livestock trucker training program has been exceptional, writes Bruce Cochrane.

2008 Billboard Campaign Receives Positive Feedback
CANADA - The Farm Animal Council of Saskatchewan reports its 2008 "Billboard Campaign" is attracting attention and feedback has been extremely positive and encouraging, writes Bruce Cochrane.

  Viet Nam

Domesticated Storks Kill Flies in Vietnam
VIETNAM - Animal farmers in the Cuu Long (Mekong) Delta province of Tien Giang are taking an environmentally-friendly approach to eradicating flies. They are raising storks.

Vietnam Struck Yet Again by PRRS
HANOI - PRRS (Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome), a.k.a. "blue ear" disease, has recently struck Vietnam's northern Quang Ninh province, raising the total number of affected localities in the country to six.
Draxxin - Treat em' once. Treat em' Right

Dried Chicory Root Benefitial to Organic Piglet Growth
DENMARK - Feeding dried chicory root to organic piglets can have a beneficial effect on their growth in the period immediately after weaning according to results from the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, University of Aarhus.


Indian Maize Ban Affects Kuala Lumpur
MALAYSIA - The livestock industry in Kuala Lumpur is bracing itself for a shortage of feed following the Indian Government’s decision to ban the export of maize.


Russia Buys Up Meat and Milk from Estonia
ESTONIA - Due to low purchase price Estonian farmers sell milk and meat to Latvia, Lithuania, and Russia.

  Korea, South

Chilean Pork Shipments Put on Hold
SOUTH KOREA - The Ministry for Food, Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries has reported that residue inspections found 5.4 picograms of dioxin in 6.2 tons of frozen pork imported from Chile late last month.


China Extends Financial Support to Pig Production
BEIJING - China plans on allocating 2.8 billion yuan from its central budget in support of live pig production.

Food Safety Paramount for China
CHINA - As the Summer Olympics approaches in Beijing, farms are carefully scrutinized.


IFA: WTO Deal Now Facing Government for Sure
IRELAND - Responding to the final WTO proposals published in Geneva, IFA President Padraig Walshe said the onus was now on the Government to declare a vital interest for Irish farming and the food industry in advance of the July 21st deadline.
Alphamune G - Shielding, Earning
Company news

DuPont Barriers Need to be Broken to Help Farmers
US - DuPont Group Vice President Jim Borel told a United Nations (UN) special meeting in New York yesterday that the public and private sectors must act quickly to knock down barriers and help small-scale farmers in the developing world move out of poverty.

Bug Dutchman Interest Surrounds the Big Dutchman Booth
US - A Big Dutchman booth at the World Pork Expo gathered interest with its wide range of pig equipment on display.

Hypor Hypor Presence Expands in Eastern Europe
EU - Hypor is pleased to announce that it has signed agreements in the Republics of Serbia and Croatia for the production and distribution of breeding pigs.

Topigs TOPIGS: First International Symposium a Success
THE NETHERLANDS - In June TOPIGS organised an international symposium with the title "The added value of modern genetic suppliers for global players in the pig industry".

TOPIGS: Brand New Farma Hitas in Greece
GREECE - Recently Farma Hitas, one of Greece’s newest and most modern farms, was populated with TOPIGS 40 gilts and Top Pi boars.

PIC Pig Improvement Company Goes Large in Africa
SOUTH AFRICA - PIC South Africa went the extra thousand miles in order to serve a growing enterprise in Angola.

That's all for this week!


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