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ThePigSite Newsletter - 15th September 2008
Monday 15th September 2008
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Welcome to this week's newsletter

* This Week's Feature Articles

We have 6 new features this week:

The Effect of Biofilms in Pig Production
From DuPont Animal Health Solutions. Jake Waddilove, MA, VetMB, MRCVS, explains why the removal of biofilms is a vital stage in biosecurity for healthy pigs.
UK Pig Disease Surveillance Report (July 2008)
The latest UK Veterinary Laboratories Agency (VLA) Surveillance Report for Pigs. Highlights include three reports of swine influenza due to different virus strains, indicating a changing seasonality for this pathogen; swine dysentery; rotavirus; meningitis and bracken poisoning.
High-Oil Oat Groats for Weaned Pigs
Report of a study by Pascal Leterme, Brian Rossnagel and John F. Patience (Prairie Swine Centre, Canada).
USDA Livestock and Products Annual Reports 2008
This article provides pork industry data from the USDA FAS Livestock and Products Annual 2008 reports. Within each article is a link to the full report which includes all the tabular data which we have omitted from these articles. The latest reports cover Brazil, Russian Federation and Ukraine.
World Meat Congress 2008
This provides links to reports from the World Meat Congress held in Cape Town, South Africa, last week. Within each article listed below is a link to the full report written by ThePigSite Senior Editor, Chris Harris.
What’s New With Swine Flu?
By Michael Kuhn, DVM, Pfizer Animal Health.
Circovac - The first and only
PCV2 vaccine.
* Company News

Intervet/Schering-Plough: New Vaccine, High Payback
UK - Porcilis® COLI 6C, a sow vaccine developed to protect piglets against E. coli and Clostridium perfringens via antibodies in the colostrum, has been added to Intervet / Schering Plough's range of pig vaccines.
ACMC: Surge in Pig-breeding Stock Exports to Spain
UK - Yorkshire-based international pig-breeding company ACMC reports a surge in exports to Spain, since the foot-and-mouth disease restrictions were lifted.
Pfizer: Former Schering-Plough Products Added
FRANCE - Pfizer Animal Health has announced that its acquisition of multiple product franchises in Europe from the Schering-Plough Corporation has been completed and approved by the European Commission. Pfizer has acquired these assets for approximately €116 million in cash.
Nedap Technology to Boost Pork Production
CHINA - As Beijing Olympic Games started in August 2008, Taifeng Livestock, the Chinese dealer of Nedap Velos Electronic Sow Feeding (ESF), finished China’s first installation in Chenzhou, Hunan Province. This is a project of 1,200 sow unit which includes 15 sow feed stations and 12 heat detection units.
* Global Pig Industry News

   South Africa


 » Pork Commentary: Pork Powerhouse
 » Minister Releases Statement on US COOL Rule
 » Low Stress Livestock Handling Video Launched
 » Investigation of Listeriosis Outbreak Announced
 » Determination of Fourth Quarter Hog Prices Expected
 » Wheat Producers Advised to Test for Fusarium
 » U of M Research on Improved Fusarium Resistance

   United States

 » Pioneer Hi-Bred: Tips to Maximize Feedstock Quality
 » Study Predicts Taste of Tomorrow's Consumer
 » `Wet Tare' Method Not Included in FSIS Final Rule
 » EDF Works Towards Cleaner Hog Farms in NC
 » International Distillers Grains Conference & Trade Show
 » Three September COOL Meetings Set
 » Dramatic Increase in Iowa Pork Exports
 » Lessons that Record-High Hog Prices Teach
 » COOL Recordkeeping Now a Necessity in Marketing
 » Kentucky Improves Livestock Disease Center
 » Market Preview: Markets' Ebbs and Flows Remain Baffling
 » Weekly Review: Q4 Slaughter Expected to Rise
 » Weekly Roberts Report
 » Weekly Outlook: Corn and Soybean Export Prospects


 » MoU with Singapore Lays Milestone for Ag Industry
Never Stop Improving
   United Kingdom

 » BPEX: Ready For A Challenge?
 » QMS: Sustainable Councils Nominated
 » BPEX: Targeting Pork Quality
 » Significant Lift in Coming Weeks a Possibility
 » Defra Releases Farm Health Planning Model

   European Union

 » EU Pig Prices: High Level Price Stability
 » Pig Profitability Returning to Europe
 » Europa Clarify EU Animal Health Strategy


 » First Batch of Restocking Piglets Received


 » Pigs with Swine Fever-Resistant Gene Cloned
 » AgFeed: Acquisition of Hog Farms Complete
 » Pork Prices Likely to Fluctuate
 » Zhongpin Receives Grant From Henan Government
Mycoplasma Hyopneumoniae information centre

 » Import of Yorkshire Breeding Pigs to be Funded

   Hong Kong

 » Fat Flies on Hong Kong's Pork Prices


 » Pigs in Pain: Castration Hurts


 » New Aspects of Boar Semen Freezing Strategies
 » Berlin and China Strike Pork Products Deal


 » Hungarian Price Index Drops Again


 » Govt. Urged to Look into 'Unprecedented Crunch'


 » Constraints and Opportunities in the Pork Industry
M+Rhusigen - A First In Erysipelas

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