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ThePigSite Newsletter - 22nd September 2008
Monday 22nd September 2008
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Welcome to this week's newsletter

Some Recent Book Publications

Welfare of Pigs - From Birth to Slaughter
Author(s): Edited by: Luigi Faucitano and Allan L. Schaefer

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Gut Efficiency; the Key Ingredient in Pig and Poultry Production
Author(s): J.A. Taylor-Pickard and P. Spring

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Trace Elements in Animal Production Systems
Author(s): Edited by P. Schlegel, S. Durosoy and A.W. Jongbloed

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* This Week's Feature Articles

We have 4 new features and 5 market reports this week:

Emerging Animal Diseases and International Trade
Infectious animal and zoonotic diseases are becoming more and more important in the changing farming and trading systems of the industrialised and developing world, writes ThePigSite Senior Editor, Chris Harris.
The SIV Challenge
From Pfizer Animal Health. The evolving nature of the swine influenza virus (SIV) makes it hard to control, especially in show pigs.
NADIS Health Bulletin - August 2008
NADIS Health Bulletins are designed to improve farm income, animal health and welfare by promoting disease control and prevention. This issue is by Mark White, BVSc DPM MRCVS, and covers porcine ringworm.
Banff Pork Seminar 2008 Proceedings
This article lists the presentations given at the 2008 Banff Pork Seminar and provides links to the respective articles.
US Pork Outlook Report - September 2008
US Feed Outlook Report - September 2008
World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates
World Agricultural Production - September 2008
USDA Livestock and Products Annual Reports 2008
* Company News

DuPont Eyes Emerging Markets
NEW YORK, US - DuPont is well-positioned for accelerated growth, particularly in emerging markets, Executive Vice-President Ellen J. Kullman told investors on 17 September.
Genus Profits in Times of Trouble
UK - Pig genetics company Genus Plc reported a forty percent rise in profits this year, despite continuing struggle within much of the industry.
Genus Advances its Porcine Strategy for China
CHINA - Genus' porcine genetics subsidiary, PIC China, has signed an agreement to add more nucleus herd (great-grandparent) capacity to its nationwide network of breeding stock production.
Pfizer Trials Compare Injectable and Oral Anti-Infectives
EU - Injectable, long-acting antibiotic therapy is a commercially viable alternative to antibiotics given in feed or in water.
Pfizer's Haemophilius Parasius and Swine Production
GLOBE - Haemophilus parasuis is a bacterial pathogen which is found in pig herds worldwide and is an important cause of disease and economic losses.
Nedap: Dynamic Group Housing for Sows
FRANCE - Mr. and Mrs. Sergaent will be opening their farm's doors to the public on Friday, September the 19th.

JSR Genetics - Genetics you can trust
* Global Pig Industry News

   United States

 » CTB: Acquisition of German Firm Announced
 » USDA's Adjustments to Pork Forecasts
 » Joint Effort to Improve Nutritional Efficiency of Swine
 » USMEF: Pork Exports Move at Torrid Pace
 » NFU Concerned over COOL Loophole
 » Model Farm for Emissions Studies
 » Reaction to S. Korea's Ban on Feed Antibiotics
 » Expert Advice on Livestock Care After Hurricanes
 » Pork Board Condemns Cruelty
 » USDA Reserves '840' as Animal ID Prefix Code
 » FDA Draft: GM Animals Under the Microscope
 » 2008 Pork Industry Environmental Stewards Selected
 » NPPC Condemns Hog Mistreatment On Iowa Farm
 » AVMA Envisions Potential of a GM Future
 » SowBridge Breeding Herd Education Starts Nov.
 » DDGS May Help Pork Producers Save Money
 » Weekly Review: Rise and Decline of Pork Exports
 » Market Preview: Pork Economics 101
 » Weekly Roberts Report
 » Weekly Outlook: Corn and Soybean Production
Pfizer Animal Health
    European Union

 » EU Pig Prices: Temporary Seasonal Weakness
 » EU Proposes Greater Welfare in Slaughterhouses


 » Pork Commentary: The Most Volatile Time Ever?
 » Zero Percent Solution Rejected by Minister
 » Maple Leaf Bartor Road Plant Resumes Production
 » Changes to Environment Amendment Act Endorsed
 » Expectations of Manitoba Ban on Swine Expansion

   Solomon Islands

 » MAL and TTM Renew Agricultural Agreement


 » Danish Pigs and the Environment

   Viet Nam

 » MARD Proposes Higher Import Tariffs


 » China Increasing Pig Numbers
 » AgFeed: Acquisition of 2 Commercial Hog Farms
Novartis Animal Health
   United Kingdom

 » Scientists Working to Protect NI from ASF
 » 'Sainsbury's Freedom Food Endorsed Pork' Launched
 » Liz Hurley Produces Britain's Finest Quality Pork
 » United Kingdom Slaughter Statistics - September 2008
 » Producers to Be Consulted on Levy Restoration
 » Orchid First to Stock Jimmy's Sausages
 » DAPP Nudged By a Mere Fraction
 » FSA Urge Comments on Meat Charges


 » Almost 40 Tonnes of Pork Seized


 » Authorities Pledge to Step Up Pork Shipments
Porcilis PRRS - The PRRS vaccine that pays off

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